Artmobile Bucks County Community Colleges traveling art museum

Artmobile Bucks County Community Colleges traveling art museum

Artmobile Bucks County Community Colleges traveling art museum Horse-power Treadmill Model 11 x 6 x 20 Models of large farm machines were often used as salesmen's samples as well as in patent applications. This horse-power model, given by H.D. Ruos, owner of the Doylestown Agricultural Company in 1921, was made by Jacob Sharp, foreman of their woodworking shop, and patented by the company. From the Collection of the Mercer Museum

of the Bucks County Historical Society Dukno Yoon Suspended Wings Argentium silver, stainless steel, feathers 2019 7" x 5" x 5 A full-finger double ring, Suspended Wings uses a fulcrum and lever to transfer the work done by the wearer. As the

wearer extends and then closes the adorned finger, the wings on either side of the piece are raised and lowered. Will Tinsman Humming wrought steel, class, stone, found objects, rice paper 2019 10" x 12" x 20 Created especially for Artmobile, Humming is

largely comprised of found objects, a notable characteristic of Tinsmans work. Here, needle nose pliers form the head of a mechanical hummingbird and utensil handles have become the plumage. At the center of the body are two small metal plates that can be wound with a key, giving life to the hummingbird's wings. The direct connection between turning the key and consequential movement of the plates on a wheel and axle uses familiar machines to for an enchanting effect. Jennifer Townley

LIft Wood, metal, electric motor, mechanical parts 2009 39 x 35 x 70 Lift will be among a handful of large scale works that will be presented via video. Townleys work explores the physics of pulleys and relies on electrical energy rather than human touch to activate.

Jeff Kahn Magic Metronome Aluminum 36 x 8 x 36 Kahn is a Pennsylvania artist who creates kinetic art on large and small scale. This work uses levers and balance to move. It illustrates important physics and geometry lessons and explores one of the less mechanical looking of the six simple machines. Rube Goldberg, Professor Butts' Idea for a Self-Operating Napkin

Reproduction of original illustration, 1931, 36 x 13 Brad Litwin Greater Strum-u-lator Wood, metal, plastic 17 x 19.5 x 4 Litwins MechaniCards are miniature (6 x 6 x 1) handoperated kinetic sculptures, designed and produced in limited edition. The artist was commissioned to create a larger-scale version in wood for Artmobile visitors to

manipulate. Arthur Ganson My Little Fiddle Steel, fiddle, feather 2019 10 x 10 x 24 The feather dances against the bottom of the violin, moved around by a gear set within a controlled ring. The violin is soundless as the feather needlessly rotates beneath it. Ganson is a self-taught engineer who creates whimsical, often interactive,

sculptures. His work has been displayed continuously at the MIT Museum since 1995. Katie Wynne Centipediatrics motorized tie rack, sequins, metallic basket filler, costume satin, wood 2010-11 20" x 7" x 43 Originally part of a larger installation, Centipediatrics offers

commentary on the way people, Americans in particular, tend to overuse and overvalue machines. Wynnes additions do not change the movement of the tie rack, but they do remove the function of it, replacing it with a constant parade of glittering colors and textures. Norman Tuck Flipper Engraved phenolic, stainless steel

1977 24 x 24 x 24 Flipper is designed as a simple wheel and axle which visitors can activate. The rotating image mimics the actions of the viewer, making a little visual joke Tucks work, built to demonstrate the physics of motion, has been widely displayed in art and science museums throughout Europe and the world.

John Douglas Powers Machine Made Drawing Ink on Rives BFK 22 x 30 Powers Machine Made Drawing explores the utility of simple and complex machines in making art. Wheels and axles can be used in everyday machines, but here they are also used in innovative ways to make art with the help of computer science. These works by their design invite visitors to contemplate the roles of artist and

machine in the creative process. John Douglas Powers Machine-made Drawing Apparatus Powers combines low tech components of ball point pens, cardboard tubes and duct tape with a computer-programmed ball to create his drawings. Chris Eckert, Babel, video An installation of twenty writing machines, each scouring the internet for a specific term and writing the results, in different friends handwriting and in different languages, explores the common insecurities of our global society.

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