e Dharawal calend The Dharawal people lived around

e Dharawal calend  The Dharawal people lived around

e Dharawal calend The Dharawal people lived around where Sydney is now. Through their traditions and Dreaming the Dharawal people knew the signs to look for in nature They believed there that told them the were 6 seasons in season. the year. Gadalung Marool Months: January February This is a time when the weetjellan (acacia Weather: hot and implexa) blooms and dry the Burra (kangaroos) start having babies. Eating kangaroo meat is not allowed and the people eat only fruits and seeds. This was to stop them getting sick, as the meat went off in the hot

and could give weather When they saw the them food poisoning if wheetjellan bloom, the they ate it. people knew to only light fires in the sandy areas away from the with far It was also a time bushland. lots of storms, so it was not a good idea to camp near rivers or creeks. Banamurrai yung Months: March - May This is the time when Weather: the fruit ofwet, the lillipilli becoming cooler (syzygium spp) ripen and sound of the marraigang (tiger quoll) looks for a mate. In the rainforest, the lillipilli fruit ripens and the people eat the fruit as they travel from the the to coast

mountains This a goodto time mend where it is not as or make cloaks to cold. keep warm when it gets even colder The sounds of the marraigang can be heard in the forests as they search for mates. They are usually nocturnal and hidden. The babies live in the mothers pouch and when the weather gets colder, they leave the The barrugin (echidna) usually keep to themselves, but at this Months: June - July time of year can be seen Weather: cold, frosty, in the daytime. The young This days is the time when short puggles (baby echidna) burringoa (eucalyptus live in insulated burrows tereticornis) flowers and ready to until Therethey

is a are lot of nectar the barrugin (echidna) forage food on their from allfor the flowers, and begin their gatherings. own. dont like there Echidnas are a lot of gliders, the heat. pygmy possums and flying foxes, lorikeets and honeyeaters around. The people collect nectar and they store flowers They dowhich not eat shellfish to use when the until the bookerrikin ceremonies begin. blooms.

Tugarah Tuli Tugarah Gunyamarri When the marraiuo flowers, it is a sign there are a lot of fish in the Months: August rivers. It also means the The time when the Weather: andbuilds end of the cold, windy wiritjibin cold (lyrebird) windy andbegin the their nests, the boogul weather The people beginning gentle (marsupial mouse) has journey to of thethe highlands, spring rains. babies and the along the rivers and build marraiuo (acacia theirwiritjirbin shelter facing the The (lyrebird) floribunda) flowers.

rising sun. builds mounds for nests in sunny spots in the forest. According to the dreamtime, the wiritjirbin taught the Dharawal people to dance. Murraiyungg oray The time when the ngoonuni (flying foxes) Months: September gather and the red October flower of the miwa Weather: cool, getting gawaian (telopia warmer peciosissima) can be seen. The ngoonuni (flying foxes) fly back to the Sydney area and can be seen in the evenings before they fly south to feed. There are a lot of celebrations and ceremonies at this time of year. As the weather gets hotter there are lots of blooms which the people eat.

Gooraymurrai Parradowee (the great Months: November eel spirit) calls to his The time when the parra children, they move down December (freshwater eels) begin the river and towards the Weather: warm and to change and the deep ocean near Fiji and wet kaiarrewan (acacia Vanuatu. This is also binervia) bloom. the older eelscamp die when The people do not and eggs hatch.are neartheir rivers, as there thunderstorms and a lot rain.the people see the of When kaiarrewan (acaia binervia) bloom, it tells them there are a lot of fish in the bays.

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