BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014 Low Voltage Products

BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014 Low Voltage Products

BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014 Low Voltage Products BU Breakers and Switches ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 1 Index Products & Service overview Available material, training and software tools Market segments that we serve Global footprint ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 2 BU Breakers and Switches Products & Service overview BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 3 Low Voltage Products Breakers and Switches Circuit Breakers Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) Switches Switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, cam switches, change-over and transfer switches

Enclosed / safety switches Fusegear and Cable Distribution Cabinets Switch fuses, fuse switch disconnectors, fuse links, fuse monitors and enclosures with busbar system and apparatus Safely break and switch power. All over the world ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 4 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Circuit Breakers Product range: Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB's)

SACE Tmax up to 3200A New SACE Tmax XT up to 250A Air Circuit Breakers (ACB's) Emax Emax 2 Special performance apparatuses Tailor-made CBs for mining, shipping and severe applications Air Circuit-Breakers up to 6300A Moulded Case Circuit-Breakers up to 3200A ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 5

For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Switches Product range: Manually operated switch-disconnectors, 164000 A Motorized switch-disconnectors, 160-2500 A Manually operated change-over switches, 162500 A Motorized change-over switches, 160-2500 A Automatic Transfer Switches, 160-1600 A Cam switches, 10-315 A

Manually operated and motorized switch fuses, 16-1250 A Switches for making, breaking, isolation and short circuit protection. ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 6 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Enclosed Switches Product range: Enclosed front operated switches, 16-1600 A. Enclosed side operated switchdisconnectors (Sidex), 25-40 A. Enclosed safety switches, 161250 A.

Heavy duty safety switches designed for NAM region. The range contains fusible and nonfusible HD safety switches from 30 up to 1250 Amperes Switch-disconnectors, switch fuses and change-over switches in plastic, steel sheet and aluminium enclosures. ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 7 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Fusegear Products for all installations: Switch fuses

Fuse switches Covers all fusetypes DIN, BS, NFC, UL, CSA Range up to: 1200A, 690V - 2, 3 or 4 pole Range up to: 1200A, 690 V 2,3 or 4 pole. ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 8 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Cable Distribution Cabinets For distribution networks from substations to subscribers in urban and rual network.

Product range: Screen protected busbar system 400-1600 A, with a broad range of switching devices and connections. Wide range of enclosures. Complete system IP 2x. Enclosures: hot-dip galvanized, IP 34D IEC 60439-5 - passes arctic climate tests. ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 9 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Under the spotlight Tmax T7 PV-E (1500 VDC) is the first low voltage switch to adopt a hybrid technology to realize the quenching of the electric arc generated while breaking currents. Innovation mindset

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 10 - The new switch has been named T7D PV-E, and the denomination openly refers to Solar PV (Photovoltaic) , the market segment where this innovative product will find most of its applications. - In order to grant a reliable breaking in every situation, a hybrid solution has been defined and engineered. Hybrid is the most appropriate term to define this technology, since it combines the traditional mechanical provision with the latest resources of the modern Power Electronics. - Thanks to this technology advancement, Tmax range now reaches the 1.5 kV voltage limit for Low Voltage switching equipment in DC in the smallest size - The spirit that lead us in developing the first hybrid moulded-case switch was our continuous innovation mindset: Power Electronics advancements at the service of our compact Tmax T7 said Lucio Azzola, Breakers&Switches

Business Unit R&D Manager. For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Under the spotlight InLine II InLine II is the new Fuse Switch Disconnector designed for the future 1. Personal safety : - Robust, reliable and safe operation ( ON / OFF ) - Safe and simple replacement of the NH fuse links 2. Technical features : ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 11 - Variants with integrated V-clamps - Available in two main variants (ZLBM and ZHBM)

- Universal terminal bolts offering standing bolt or fixed nut for high flexibility of cable connections - Padlocking in open and closed position at the 3 - pole version - Padlocking in closed position at the 1 - pole version - Park position with possible padlocking at the 1 - pole version - Variants with non corrosive steel materials (stainless steel ) For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Under the spotlight SACE Emax 2 - SACE Emax 2 is the evolution of the Circuit-Breaker into the Power Manager

- Control: power flow optimization - Connectivity: integration in the systems - Performance: all requirements in the right size - Ease of use: to make efficiency available Lets visit the SACE Emax 2 webpage ! Heavy duty safety switches designed for NAM region. The range contains fusible and non-fusible HD safety switches from 30 up to 1250 Amperers. - High performnce - Userfriendly design features

- A safe choice Lets visit the Heavy duty safety switches page ! ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 12 For internal use only BU Breakers and Switches Service Categories ABB Group Month DD, Year | Slide 13 Definition Details Service Agreements Service agreements are at least one year contract. Training

Man Course http://www.abb.com/abbuniversity Spares & Consumables To supply original and guaranteed spare parts. Maintenance Life Expectancy Analisys Program (LEAP) Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) Repairs Proper workshops to repair and overhaul Engineering & Consulting Local development of retrofit kits Extensions Upgrades & Retrofits Hard bus Retrofill (RF) Cradle in Cradle (CiC) Direct Replacement (DR) Replacement

Classic, Limited, Obsolete products BU Breakers and Switches Service Life Cycle Management Breakers & Switches products are designed for continuous evolution. It is a goal to protect our customers investment beyond the life-cycles of the platform products. The manufatured products has been divided in four phases Active (normal production, sales and development phase) Classic (product maintenance phase) Limited (service organization responsibility) Obsolete (service organization responsibility) ~ 10 years ~ 5years Active Last buy and Manufacturing End Limited Classic ~12 months Released for Sale

~ 5years ~12 months Removal from active sales announcement Notices will be announced during Limited Phase. Obsolete ~6 months Removal from Classic phase announcement Removal from Limited phase announcement BU Breakers and Switches Available material, training and software tools BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 15 Available material You can find marketing and technical material online Contact details for additonal information Select which kind of material you are looking for Popular material is highlighted You can find brochures, catalogues, animations, drawings, installation instructions, apps and much more on our product web pages on abb.com Circuit-breakers Switches and enclosed switches

Fusegear and CDCs ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 16 Training Training offering Comprehensive training catalogue for products, systems and tools, coordinated with the whole ABB product portfolio. How? ABB e-learning: web based trainings webinars: virtual classroom trainings classroom: instruction led training

Customized trainings about applications and strategic segments (Wind Power, Photovoltaic, Data Centers) Dedicated training on new products (SACE Emax 2) Local training activities Training E-learning ABB Available in different languages Cost effective, with no need to travel

Flexible according student needs Spread training out over extended periods of time (even months) Bookmark progress Access requiring only a web connection Prerequisite (before) and refresher (after) for classroom activities Training Webinar ABB

Smart and easy tool Interactive and flexible Cost effective Targets specific topics Access requiring only a web connection Always available in podcast Training Classroom courses and factory visits

ABB Tailored to customer needs Production lines guided tour Products Standards and basic applications Hands-on

Marketing tools Training Service training Training programs to give the know-how needed to achieve operating independence to personnel in charge of managing/maintaining the installation. A team of capable and skilled people, always ready to listen , understand and solve problems. ABB Month DD, Year | Slide 21 Software tools PC tools for customers and consultants A wide range of tools for Consultants, Panel Builders and OEMs delivering valued services in application engineering and product selection and configuration. Useful and efficiency tools for the daily activity of ABB people active in Technical Promotion and Sales. DOC Electrical installation calculation and dimensioning DOC Solar

Design your PhotoVoltaic installation. (Italian market only) CAT ABB Rapidity and flexibility for your quotations! FrontCAD CAD application for drawing devices and switchboards OTC Switchboard temperature-rise assessment Curves Setting of protective devices and tripping characteristics Software tools Web tools for customers and consultants SOC Coordination tables for motor protection Switches and Fusegear Selection Tools

Tools for selecting switches, switch fuses, enclosed switches and cam switches ABB Software Tools Mobile APPs for Customers and Consultants Slide Rules Low voltage cables dimensioning OTDC Wizard Mobile App for selection of DC rated switch-disconnectors EOT Wizard Mobile App for selection of Enclosed switches ABB BU Breakers and Switches Market segments BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014 ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 25 Critical Power Segment Overview

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 26 Critical applications, such as hospitals, airports, communications systems and data centers, require a constant and reliable power supply to keep fundamental services running and prevent serious consequences due to power interruption. In order to ensure end to end reliability, the system must include diesel, gas tubine generators and static, rotary UPS which ensure the power supply to the critical loads in case of outages from the grid. ABB can offer OEMs specialized applications a complete range components for on board installation systems, which provide reliability, efficiency in Critical power

of products, from to power distribution safety and energy Critical Power Want to know more about ABBs offering? LP Division Critical Power brochure ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 27 Solutions for OEMs, GEN SET and UPS manufacturers Product brochures ATS021, ATS022 - Automatic Transfer Switches

Switches - Automatic Transfer Switch Data Center brochure, technical paper for switches in Critical Power Solar Power Segment Overview ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 28 Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly with concentrating solar power (CSP), which normally focuses the sun's energy to boil water. Photovoltaics were initially used to power small and medium-sized applications, from the calculator powered by a single solar cell to off-grid homes powered by a photovoltaic array.

Developing countries have started to build solar power plants, replacing other sources of energy generation. Since solar radiation is intermittent, solar power generation is usually combined either with storage or other energy sources to provide continuous power, although for small distributed producer/consumers, net metering makes this transparent to the consumer. Solar Power Want to know more about ABBs offering? ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 29 Photovoltaic plant Application Paper Switches - DC rated switch-disconnectors - OTDC 16...32 Amperes Switches for PV applications Switch Disconnectors OTDC, OT and OTDCP Wind Segment Overview

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 30 The wind turbine is basically a system that converts the kinetic energy in the wind, via rotation, into electric energy. The generated power can be low voltage or medium voltage. Most common is still today low voltage (690V). Wind turbines are composed of various sub-systems such as electrical drive train, pitch & yaw systems and other auxiliary circuits which are using various low voltage products. Therefore almost the complete portfolio of Breakers & Switches, Control products, Enclosure & DIN-rail products and Control & Wiring Management is used in Wind power segment! Beside products & solutions, also a wide part of our service portfolio can be offered to the Wind industry Wind Want to know more about ABBs offering?

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 31 LP Division Brochure i. LP Wind Portfolio brochure ii. ABB Wind economy, video BU Product Guides i. SACE Tmax VF and Emax VF variable frequency application ii. Technical Application Paper N.13 Wind Power Presentations i. ABB Wind Presentation - External Marine Segment Overview ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 32

Marine is about the Shipbuilding Market. A ship is a large vessel designed to move across water entertainment, commerce or military missions. Local law and regulation define the exact size which distinguishes a ship from a boat. Ship typically is large oceangoing vessel. Instead, boat is smaller and travel most often on inland or coastal waters. ABB product range for marine application, in particular the LPBS portfolio, have received innumerable international certifications and approval by the major shipping registers RINA ABS

Det Norske Veritas Bureau Veritas Lloyds register of shipping Germanischer Lloyd Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for Marine Want to know more about ABBs offering?

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 33 LP Division Marine Brochure i. Products for Marine Applications: Performance and Reliability in demanding conditions BU Product Guides i. White Paper PR223EF Zone selectivity with Early Fault Detection and Prevention Technology ii. Technical Application Paper N.12 Generalities on Naval Systems and installations on board Presentations i. ABB Marine Presentation - External Utility Segment Overview This market includes: ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 34

Prefabricated Secondary Substations: in accordance with IEC 62271-202, they are defined as substations with typetested equipment comprising distribution transformer, medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchboard, connections and associated equipment in an enclosed unit. Utilities: local and/or global electric power company engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Utility Want to know more about ABBs offering? ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 35 ABB as manufacturer and supplier has been working for many years to offer products and solutions to support Utilities to improve their performance and reduce the environmental impact of energy systems,

With a large experience in Automation & Distribution Products, ABB offers a range of products, systems and services to help customers increase power capacity enhance grid reliability, improve energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. Find more on the Breakers, Switches and Fusegears for utility, brochure HVAC Segment Overview Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (& Refrigeration) Comfort applications providing indoor environment preferred by humans by controlling temperature, humidity and air velocity Process applications providing a suitable environment for a process such as

hospitals, clean rooms, data centers, laboratories, industrial processes, food processing, etc. Focus Applications ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 36 HVAC Want to know more about ABBs offering? Tmax XT moulded-case circuit-breakers feature high performance level and an increasingly smaller size, while being easy to install and able to provide improved safety guarantees for the operator. These products have been created with the most advanced design engineering and simulation tools. For more information, please visit http://www.abb.com/lowvoltage ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 37 Mining Segment Overview

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually (but not always) from an ore body, vein or (coal) seam. The choice of mining method is largely determined by the geology of the mineral deposit: ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 38 Surface or Open pit mining Underground mining After extraction, soils or rocks are processed in order to select the minerals. Refining processes could be different according to the ore or mineral. Mining Want to know more about ABBs offering?

ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 39 Brochure: LV Mining Circuit Breakers and Switches Brochure: ABB in Mining & Mineral Processing Product Presentation: Mining Products 1000V Traction Segment Overview ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 40 Traction is about the Rail Transport Rail Transport is the conveyance of passengers and goods by means of wheeled vehicles running along railways. It is capable of high capacity and is energy efficient, but lacks flexibility and is capital intensive.

It consists of trains running along a permanent way, consisting of steel track on ties and ballast. Alongside is a signaling system and sometimes an electrification system. The operation is carried out by a railway company, providing transport between train stations. Traction means: Rolling Stock Rail Infrastructure (Fixed Stock) Rail Control (SCADA or others) Service

Traction Want to know more about ABBs offering? ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 41 Nuclear Segment Overview ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 42 Nuclear is the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity. In 2012 about 5.7% of the world's energy and 13% of the world's electricity was provided by nuclear source. Main nuclear facilities are nuclear power plants; other facilities to be considered are: Nuclear fuel manufacturing plants

Uranium enrichment plants Uranium conversion/treatment plants Nuclear waste treatment plants Spent nuclear fuel storages Research reactors Installations where fissile material is not able to generate a nuclear reaction are not considered nuclear facilities (e.g. medical field). BU Breakers and Switches Global footprint

BU LPBS Presentation, July 2014 ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 43 Global footprint 12 main production units and 3 assembly centers Europe Bulgaria (Plovdiv) Czech Republic (Jablonec) Denmark (Fredericia) Asia China (Xinhui and Xiamen) India (Bangalore) Singapore (Assembly Center) Americas USA (Southaven assembly center) Brazil (Sorocaba assembly center) Africa Egypt (10th Ramadan) ABB Group 2/10/20 | Slide 44

Finland (Vaasa) Italy (Frosinone and Dalmine) Sweden (Alingss, Nykping)

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