Emerging Concepts to Address SP21 Threats Colonel Robert

Emerging Concepts to Address SP21 Threats Colonel Robert Rooster Schmidle Director, Expeditionary Force Development Center (EFDC) Agenda Assured Access Operational Reach Fires Sustaining STOM

Assured Access Sea Power 21 identified the threat of anti-access strategies OIF showed that we cannot assume availability of forward staging bases for a variety of reasons Turkey Kuwait Reinforces the value of Sea Basing Leverages our asymmetric naval advantage

Depth of operations Kuwait to Tikrit Operational Reach Persistence, sustainment, and depth Riverine operations from the sea base Rivers traditionally seen as obstacles Rivers can be seen as opportunities, as alternate avenues of approach For operational maneuver and logistics

Over-the-Horizon (OTH), On-the-Move (OTM) communications Irridium? ISR to support maneuver commanders / decision makers Fires Depth of OIF operation is relevant to envisioned STOM operations STOM envisions persistent indirect fires throughout the battlespace At extreme depth of both OIF and STOM capability gaps exist particularly counter-battery fire

Capability gap partially bridged by EFSS and future NSFS Remaining gap at extreme operational distances may be bridged by development of loitering munitions Sustaining STOM STOM Quick Fuels Concept OEF use of heavy-lift, rotary aircraft specially configured with fuel handling systems that can download fuel from fixed-wing tanker, then return to the ground and refuel ground vehicles and other rotary-wing aircraft

OIF use of FARPs/FOBs Ground forces advanced and secured areas for C-130s and tanker trucks for the refuel of both ground and aviation assets Use of VSTOL

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