Relatively Large Middle School Math Classes Presenters: Krystal

Relatively Large Middle School Math Classes Presenters: Krystal

Relatively Large Middle School Math Classes Presenters: Krystal Reeves & Linda Law Goals of this Session

To share with you our stories of teaching large middle school math classes Give you practical and research based tools and strategies of how to maintain active student engagement in relatively large middle school math classes

Lets begin with an engaging activity Math Musical Chairs Directions

Choose a Partner. Determine who will battle in musical chairs (you must switch out between rounds). When the music begins, walk around the perimeter of the chairs.

When the music stops, you must sit in a chair. Answer the given question. If you are eliminated from the game, you still must answer the questions. Anyone can win. The last team to remain standing will receive 20 extra points. Question 1

Factor x2 + 7x + 12. Question 2 How many faces does a pyramid have? Question 3 What is the name of this mathematical symbol?

Question 4 Given the graph, determine the roots to following quadratic equation. Question 5 Solve the inequality.

y > 10 -6 Question 6 Is it a function? A.

B. Question 7 What is the solution set for 6z + 5 > 35

? Question 8 Simplify. 42 43 35

35 24 22 Question 9 Which property is illustrated by (2+3) + 4 = 2 + (3+4) ? Question 10

Solve the following factorial. 4! 3! (4 3)! Bonus Round Question Solve the system of linear equations. -2x + 3y = 8 3x y = -5

What constitutes a Relatively Large Class? Table Talk 1 minute Discuss with your neighbor(s) your perception of a relatively large class? What is considered a large class size is different for everyone. Research

Large classes are often perceived as one of the major obstacles to ensuring quality education. They are a reality in many schools and many countries, often as a direct result of inadequate funding and the absence of political will to provide a sufficient number of teachers and classrooms that would ensure a quality education. --UNESCO

Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau of Education Our Stories I was given a class of 36 seventh grade students. (1st Period of every day) There werent enough desks. I stood the entire class period. I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained by the end of the day. My students parents had strong concerns.

I needed help. What will Teaching Large Classes Force You to Do? Improve your organization and managerial skills Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Improve your Teaching and Presentation skills Improve Your Evaluation of Student Learning Organizational and Managerial Skills for Large Math Classes

Effective on-going student engagement CANNOT take place where rules and procedures have NOT been established. Organizational and Managerial Stress to students the value of cooperation

and consideration Be Consistent with your Class Rules Establish Procedures for: Distributing Materials Students Turning in Papers Grading Papers (Procedural vs. Correct Answer Grading)

What are the Non-Negotiables? You must show work Transitions Administrative Support Engagement Lets take a look at some engaging interactive techniques. Scenario 1 - Activity

Your 1 - 3 period classes each have 35 students. Your classroom can only hold 30 desks with a teacher desk. Part I How would you structure your classroom to: 1. Maximize Space 2. Facilitate Movement 3. Ensure that all learners are comfortable Create a model for your solution. Be prepared to share out. Scenario 1 -Activity

Part II Establish a routine for distributing and turning in assignments. Teaching and Presentation Skills for Large Math Classes Lesson Planning

Effective on-going student engagement CANNOT take place without proper planning. Lesson Planning When planning Consider these things: Most middle school students struggle with computation and basic math skills. Diagnose where your students are and help them get to where they need to be.

Dont just lecture. Expose students to a variety of teaching and assessment methods. Use technology to support your strategies. Something to think about: What equipment/technology is available for everyday

use in your class? ( Please include the technology you refuse to use.) Lesson Planning Establish Thematic Days Monday - Independent Practice (Procedural) Walking around with ink stamps, grade book, and rubric . Its based more on procedure than the correct answer. Tuesday Independent practice (procedural and correct answer) technology Wednesday Center Day - Work with students individually based on

needs Thursday - Center Day & Review Friday Formal/Summative Assessment (Individual Not Group) Examples of a 45 minute class period Warm Up 10 Minutes Start to Finish Mini Lecture 15 minutes 5 minute Rotations: Math Center Independent Work

Teacher Station OR Independent Work - Answers reported using Clickers or other technology on your campus Independent Work ( 5 problems) Incorporate Think

Pair Share and whole group to discuss answers . OR Engaging Group Activity Ideas Pre-recorded videos teaching absent students or

students in ISS (work with your department to help produce videos) Jing Super Teacher Tools

Collaborize classroom Ideas Math Centers

Outside Learning Activities Assessment every Friday Syllabus

Teach Students to Teach themselves Math Binder with a Summary of Notes Live Scribe Smart Pens

Math Mystery Series (Tom Snyder) Questions Thank You Linda Law Executive Master Teacher - Houston [email protected] 901.406.8877

Krystal Reeves Executive Master Teacher DFW Metroplex [email protected] 817.688.8057

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