Welcome! Drafting 2345: Advanced Pipe Drafting Andrew Amini

Welcome! Drafting 2345: Advanced Pipe Drafting Andrew Amini

Welcome! Drafting 2345: Advanced Pipe Drafting Andrew Amini Full Time Instructor, HCC Valves Gate Valve-Mechanical valve that can be designed to be closed and opened with a metal to metal seal to hold the pressure down. It is a cheap and effective valve the

workforce of the industry valve. The valve can be operated in a fully opened or fully closed position 2 Nominal Size What is nominal size? OD or ID? What is the double and the single line for the spool?

3 Globe Valve

What is a globe valve? How does is it better for throttling? Describe Linear, Radial, and Turbulent Flow PVT for Compression and Expansion?? Changes in the shape of metals Why are compression stations used? 4 Check Valves

Check valves-Are designed to allow ONE way flow. This is to prevent any backflow from occurring. In a tool what would be the problem of having all check valves? 5 Mechanical Ball Valves Is used to hold pressure from above and below the ball. This allows two way operation of the valve.

Is the ball valve used as a barrier? How does one upgrade the rating of the ball valve? Is mechanical cheaper than a hydraulic ball valve? Ball valves allows easier throttling to occur How does not operated a mechanical ball valve 6 Hydraulic Ball Valve More expensive than the mechanical ball valve

Can be remotely operated with the use of the hydraulic line and the fluid Lines must always be clean and purged before operation of the ball valve Describe the trunnion of the ball valve? Can a hydraulic valve be operated mechanically? What do you do when the hydraulic ball valve fails? Describe the trunnion? Describe lock out and tag out

7 Relief Valve Describe the importance of the relief valve. For safety reasons this will be installed to not energize the system 8 Chapter 2-Steel Pipe

Piping Materials: Most common material is carbon steel pipe Pipe is used to transport liquids, gases, vapors, liquefied solids 9 Chapter 2-Steel Pipe Manufacturing Methods: Carbon steel pipe is manufactured based on pipe strength, wall thickness, corrosion resistance,

temperature, and pressure Common manufacturing methods are for seamless, buttwelded, and spiral welded pipe Seamless Pipe-piercing a billet with a mandrel to produce a pipe that has no seams or joints Butt-welded Pipe-Feeding a hot steel plates through shapers to obtain a hollow circular shape. Spiral-Welded pipe-Formed by twisting strips of metal into a spiral shape 10

Chapter 2-Steel Pipe Nominal Pipe Size-Refers to the OD of the pipe. X<12 OD is greater than Nominal, X>12 OD is equal to the nominal size ID-Inside Diameter OD-Outside Diameter 11

Wall Thickness Wall Thickness is the thickness of the metal that the pipe is made from. The weight system is the most common used methods. ID=OD-(2 x Wall Thickness) Pipe must be designed for the job specification 12 Methods of Joining Pipe

Joining pipe is necessary to form the connections needed Butt-welded pipe is made by welding the beveled ends of the pipe together. During the welding process the root gap is about 1/16 inches to separate the two pieces to be welded then they are joined together. Screwed or Thread Connections- There are male and female threads that must make-up in order for the connection to be made. When the connections are made-up then the piper must take into account the lost length from

the make-up 13 Methods of Joining Pipe Socket Welded Connections- Joined by welding the socket into the fitting 14 Cast Iron Pipe

Cast iron does corrode. It is used for gravity flow, storm/sewer systems. Gravity flow systems are for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities Joining Cast Iron PipeHub/Bell or Spigot JointThe hub end has a large diameter to resemble a bell. The spigot has a plain or flat ended joint. 15 Plastic Pipe

Plastic is used since it is cost effective. What part of the Up, Mid, Down stream process does plastic come from? The plastic piping comes from Fluoroplastics and Thermoplatics. Fluoroplastics-perform well in aggressive chemical temperatures at -328F to 500F Thermoplastics-require melting during the manufacturing process. The plastics are welded or injection molded into shapes for machining piping system components.

16 Joining Plastic Pipe Plastic pipe is joined via threading, solvent cement, or fusion Threading plastic pipe is not realistic since it is expensive and a heavy wall must be made in order to maintain the high pressures. Solvent cement is more reliable since it is more resistant to chemical and high pressure commodities. They have

multiple fittings and do not need threads. 17 Drawing Pipe Single or Double lines are used Pipe 12 and smaller is using a single line and the pipe 14 and large is using the double line. Look on page 11 18

Chapter 3-Pipe Fittings Fittings connect various pieces of pipe together. They come in changes made to the physical structure with the Elbow, Tee, or Reducer. 19 90 degree Elbow The elbow is used when the pipe will change direction. The

types of elbows are long-radius elbow, short-radius elbow, reducing elbow, or mitered elbow. The long radius elbow: 8 x 1.5=12 To find the elbow first go to the Nominal Pipe size page 14 Drawing the long radius elbow is shown in page 17 with the three step procedure 20 Reducing elbows

Reducing elbows have been discontinued since the fitting made it more difficult to install and remove bolts when welded to flanges 21 Mitered Elbows It is used on large pipe 24 or greater. The mitered elbow is made by making angular cuts through the straight run of pipe and then welding pipe back together after the cut sections

have been rolled 22 23

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