750-54 Reign of al-Saffah 754-75 Reign of al-Mansur

750-54 Reign of al-Saffah 754-75 Reign of al-Mansur

750-54 Reign of al-Saffah 754-75 Reign of al-Mansur 762 Start of construction of Baghdad Abu Nuwas (poet, d. c. 815) Harun al-Rashid (caliph, 786-809) Sibawayh (grammarian, d. c. 793) Ibn Ishaq (biographer, d. 767)

al-Jahiz (prose essayist, d. 869) al-Tabari (historian, d. 923) Map Link: Abbasid Caliphate, c. 800: Khurasan mamluks

(owned ones) i.e. slavesoldiers 802 Harun al-Rashid splits inheritance 809-13 Reign of al-Amin 811-13 Civil war

813-33 Reign of al-Mamun 833-42 Reign of al-Mutasim 836 Al-Mutasim moves capital to Samarra 861 Al-Mutawakkil killed by Turkish soldiers 869-83 Revolt of the zanj in southern Iraq 892 Al-Mutadid (r. 892-902) moves

capital back to Baghdad 936 Al-Radi (r. 934-40) hands power over to deputy Ibn Raiq Map Link: Regional Dynasties, 9th, 10th Century: 932 Ali ibn Buya takes Fars, makes capital

at Shiraz 945 Ahmad ibn Buya takes Baghdad, becomes caliphal deputy (amir al-umara) of al-Mustakfi (r. 944-46) 946 Al-Hasan ibn Buya takes much of Persia 991-1031 Reign of caliph al-Qadir, who tried to codify Sunni ritual and doctrine

Abu Yusuf (d. 798) Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari al-Kufi Arab descent. Studied religious law and traditions under Abu Hanifa (d. 767) and Malik ibn Anas (d. 795) Became qadi in Baghdad. Favoured by Harun al-Rashid (r. 786-809), who awarded

him title qadi al-qudat Abu Yusuf (d. 798) Wrote various works, incl. Kitab al-Kharaj (book on taxation, public finance, justice etc.), written at request of Harun al-Rashid

Al-Farabi (d. Damascus 950) Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tarkhan ibn Awzalagh Very famous Muslim philosopher, but little known of life. Of Turkish origin. Lived quiet life until invited in 942 by Sayf al-Dawla, ruler of Aleppo, to his court. Lived there until just before death.

Al-Farabi (d. Damascus 950) Learned philosophy from a Nestorian Christian of Greek school. Credited with over 100 works, incl. Fi Mabadi Ara Ahl al-Madina al-Fadila (book on perfect state, presenting Islamic version of Platos Republic)

Abu Nuwas (747 or 762-c. 815 ) Abu Nuwas al-Hasan ibn Hani al-Hakami Studied Quran, hadith, grammer, and with Bedouin Initially unsuccessful at court of Baghdad, but gained favour of Harun al-Rashid and al-Amin

Best known for poems on wine and pederasty

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