Department of Medicine December 18, 2015 Welcome New

Department of Medicine December 18, 2015 Welcome New

Department of Medicine December 18, 2015 Welcome New Faculty New Faculty since June, 2015 Michael LatreilleGIM 6/1/15 Kat Cheung Nephrology 7/1/15 Scott Legunn Rheumatology 7/20/15 Sree Garapati Endocrinology 8/17/15 Lindsay SmithID 8/17/15 Roger Ishac Cardiology 8/17/15 MaryEllen Antkowiak Pulmonary9/7/15 Marios Prikis Nephrology 9/14/15 Kathryn Huggett Pulmonary 9/1/15 Eswar Tipirneni Hem/Onc 12/14/15 Faculty Who Will be Joining our Department Mario Velez

GI 7/1/16 Gordon Jensen GI 1/1/16 Elvira Umyarova Hem/Onc 7/18/16 Krystine Spiess ID 6/15/16 Michael LaMantia GIM/Geriatrics 6/13/16 Congratulations: UVMMG Awardees CME Teacher of the Year Winner: Finalists: Glen Goldman Jim Hebert, Bill Charash GME Teacher of the Year

Winner: Finalists: Rebecca Wilcox Gino Trevisani Junior Investigator of the Year Winners: Niki Sidoropoulos, Charlotte Tenebeck Finalists: Andy Solomon, Josh Nickerson Senior Investigator of the Year Winner: Philip Ades Finalists: Mort Wasserman, Magdelena Naylor, Sally Herschorn UVMMG Research Grant Awards Prema Menon and Margaret Tandoh: Improving Communication for Mechanically Ventilated Patients Peter Moses and Jessica Crothers: Fecal Microbiota Transplant and Oral Bacteriotherapy in Ulcerative Colitis

PCIM + Medicine=Department of Medicine Goals To unite all faculty in the Department of Medicine in a single health care service To increase the opportunities in clinical care, education and research through collaboration and a unified vision Education New Members of the Teaching Academy Distinguished Educator: Kathryn Huggett, PhD., Professor, Medicine Member: Lynn Blevins, PhD., Assistant Professor, Medicine Isaura Menzies, M.D., Assistant Professor, Medicine Halle Sobel, M.D., Associate Professor, Medicine Protg: Rachel McEntee, M.D., Chief Resident, Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency Update Mark E. Pasanen, MD, FACP December 18, 2015 Recent successes Board pass rate: 2-year: 92% 3-year: 89% Fellowship Match: o Jake Enser Infectious Disease at UVM o Jon Halevy Cardiology at UVM o Sherrie Khadanga Cardiology at UVM o Katie Menson Pulmonary/Critical Care at UVM o Ben Solomon Hematology/Oncology at University of Utah o Mathias Wacker Nephrology at Tufts o Excellent fellowship match here at UVMMC 12

ACP Poster Winners 2015 ACP Clinical Vignette Winners: A Novel Kidney-sparing Treatment for Oxalate Nephropathy in a Patient Status-post Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. Jonathan B Wilfong, MD; Varun Agrawal, MD ACP Research Winner: What is the Impact of a Community Health Team on Diabetes Management in a Resident Clinic? Edward Dunbar, M.D., Sherrie Khadanga, M.D., Alan Howard, Halle Sobel, M.D. 13 Recruitment Nationally: 1.51 PGY1 positions for each US Senior 78% of US allopathic students get top 3 choice Internal Medicine: Categorical: 429 programs, 6770 positions

98.9% filled 49% US allopathic seniors 41% Foreign-Trained 7.5% Osteopathic graduates Primary Care: 60 programs, 341 positions 99.4% filled 60% filled with US allopathic seniors Applicants apply to ~ 30+ programs UVMMC: Weve interviewed 233 applicants thus far, 3 more days to go Strong interest from UVM students 14 Thanks to all our Interviewers !!! Kemper Alston Mireille Anawati Molly Barry Jason Bartsch

Maria Burnett Ryan Clouser Shaden Eldakar Nick Ferrentino Floh Foerg Eric Ganguly Garth Garrison Steve Grant Jon Halevy Mia Hockett Bill Hopkins Bob Lobel Carrie Lyon Rachel McEntee Prema Menon Cindy Noyes Kristin Pierce Rich Pinckney Mary Ramundo

Allen Repp Halle Sobel Renee Stapleton Amy Teleron Joe Winget Polly Parsons Dave Schneider 15 Research Department of Medicine Research Funding Summary UVM Research Funding (direct & indirect), FY09-FY15 Clinical Trials Funding (direct & indirect), FY12-FY15 $23,638,391 $23,254,365 $22,070,470

$19,276,712 $18,811,095 $18,155,894 $15,283,026 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 Department of Medicine Research Funding, FY11-FY15 DOM:COM & DOM:COM&UVM Proportions of the Research Pie

FY DOM $ COM $ FY11 $ 23,638,391 $ 77,601,740 FY12 $ 19,276,712 $68,690,607 FY13 $ 18,811,095 $ 67,788,912 FY14 $ 15,283,026 $ 81,444,231 FY15 $ 18,155,894 $ 81,098,981 $ $ DOM/COM % UVM $ $

30% 128,865,240 $ 28% 129,439,813 $ 28% 106,186,887 $ 19% 128,095,848 $ 22% 132,292,800 DOM/UVM % DOM; $19,033,024 18% DOM; $19,033,024 15% 18% 12%

14% COM; $75,324,894 UVM; $124,976,118 COM; $75,324,894 UVM Research Proposals Submitted by Department of Medicine Faculty in FY2015 (7/1/14-6/30/15) Total Proposals Submitted by Type, n=182 Proposal Status as of 12/1/15 New & Competitive Renewal Only, n=145 84 48 33% 13

Awarded Pending Unfunded Proposal Categories, n=84 42 33 50% 9 Scored Reviewed Not Reviewed Unfunded New Research Funding Announcements

PI Bates & Dixon Budd Budd Project Title R01: Non-Allergic Late-Onset Asthma of Obesity: Pathophysiology and Therapy Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases R21: Structure and Ligand(s) for Human Synovial TCR-Gamma/Delta # Years 5 $ 5 $ 2 $ Total Award 2,900,000 5,836,252

435,667 Huston Gates FDN: Using pharmacokinetic and efficacy studies of nitazoxanide and azithromycin to standardize the calf clinical model of cryptosporidiosis 2 $ 806,449 Kirkpatrick Gates FDN: Improving Rotavirus Vaccination: Refining Correlates of Protection and Evaluating Durability 4 $

3,300,000 Littenberg Menon Menon Moses Rincon Rincon & Wu Spees PCORI: Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care for Comorbid Behavioral and Medical Problems UVMMG Research Award UVM OVPR FISAR Award UVMMG Research Award R25: Fostering entrepreneurship in biomedical research UVM OVPR FISAR Award R01: Vascular Protection by HGF/IgG Protein Complexes That Activate RYK 5

1 1.5 1 5 1.5 4 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 18,500,000 50,000 40,000 50,000 2,530,000 39,427

1,619,374 Stapleton R01: Improving Palliative Care for Older Seriously Hospitalized Patients and Their Families: A Randomized Trial of an Informed Assent Communication Intervention about CPR 5 $ 3,200,000 Toth R21: Alternative exercise modalities to improve skeletal muscle function in cancer patients 2 $

426,094 Total $ 39,733,263 DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Distinguished Research Mentor Awards Graduate Students & Post Doctoral Fellows Residents & Clinical Fellows

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