Bell ringer Summarize the Battle of Ideas that

Bell ringer Summarize the Battle of Ideas that

Bell ringer Summarize the Battle of Ideas that impacted the UK economy beginning after WWII. Government Capitalism Intervention Who? Principles? Strengths/benefits? Problems? Supporters?

Party? Who? Principles? Strengths/benefits? Problems? Supporters? Party?

UK Parties Conservative represents the upper class Tories Margaret Thatcher Liberal for free trade, democratization Labour represents working class Started as alliance of trade unions & socialist groups Today we will Objectives Agenda Trace political and 1. Making of Modern

economic change in Britain from the end of WWII to present day. Collective Consensus Thatchers Neoliberal Revolution Blairs New Labour & the Third Way

2010 Coalition Governemtn Britain slide/notes 2. Pair/Share 3. Coalition 2010 articles 4. Closure United Kingdom I. MAKING OF THE MODERN BRITISH S T AT E II.

POLITICAL ECONOMY AND DEVELOPMENT Sources of Legitimacy Role of the monarchy Hereditary ruling family had right to rule (divine right) Head of the Anglican Church Tradition Widely agreed-on rules of conduct (vs. formal checks and balances) set the limits of governmental power

The British Constitution What gives a government the authority to rule? Common Law vs. Statutory Law Statutory Law (Acts of Parliament) Magna Carta 1215 Basis of a limited gov. that restricts the power of monarch English Bill of Rights 1689 Rights of Parliament (not individual citizens!) Common Law: Use of precedents to guide legal decisions Eventually form a comprehensive set of

Unitary Government Unitary No constitutional separation of power between the central and regional governments Devolution: decentralization of national/central power to local units of government, decentralization of power from the central to local units. Examples Scottish Parliament National Assembly for Wales

Northern Ireland Assembly Mayor of London PAIR/SHARE Compare the first page of your reading notes (chart) with your partner. Help each other fill in missing info. Brainstorm Major Policy Considerations section. Think about what we saw in the video what were some of the issues? What else do you know about the UK?

British Political Culture Liberal Democracy Regular elections Open Civil Society The civic culture ss Noble ge e Obli

Legitimacy Duty of upper classes to take responsibility for welfare of lower classes (Empire & Welfare State) Tolerance of diversity Nationalism pride in being English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish British Civility Heckling and PM Question Time (C2) Collectivism Beveridge Report -->Welfare State In a crisis, be revolutionary Fight the 5 Giant Evils of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor & Idleness

Collective Consensus: Significant majority agreed that the state should take responsibility for economic governance & provide for the social welfare in the broadest terms Nationalization of industries: Electricity, Gas, Railways, Coal Steel, Aerospace, Shipbuilding Communication Welfare State A state with a set of public policies designed to provide for citizens needs through direct or indirect provision of pensions, healthcare, unemployment insurance, and assistance to the poor

Welfare states have governmental policies that provide citizens with a social safety net Other examples of social welfare policy National Health Service - free, universal health care Poverty relief Maternity/paternity benefits, family leave Subsidized housing

Education - extended or enhanced Free job training Disability insurance Subsidized university tuition (D3) Thatchers Neo-Liberalism Economic liberalization Policies of conviction Privatized national industries Rolled back the welfare state the squeeze Cut taxes & reduced some social services 1. 2. 3.

Overall not a huge decrease in spending but less regulation on business Was Thatchers Revolution a Success? Supporters say she saved the British economy by bringing both inflation & unemployment under control and by creating a more dynamic private sector. Detractors say she created new problems & exacerbated existing ones by widening the gap between rich and poor and by allowing public services to deteriorate. Check for understanding

Describe neo - liberalism. What makes it liberal? What makes it neo or new? Tony Blairs New Labour 1997 Tony Blair promised to create a new Labour party & a third way Old Labour Party Conservative Party Centrist Alternative

Blair continued privatization but w/greater emphasis on regulation & fairness Was Blairs New Labour a Success? Blairs supporters say he created the Third Way combining the best aspects of the socialist goals commitment to equality with a market economy. Blairs detractors say he sold out the left & created Thatcher lite.

Government spending as a percentage of GNP shrank Welfare that gives recipients skills to find jobs rather than just benefits Tuition increase London drivers pay tolls to reduce traffic congestion Continuity in foreign policy Check for understanding Explain how Blairs ideas were a third way. 2010 - Coalition Government Third way was in trouble A hung parliament resulted in a Coalition Government

Labour was defeated but Conservatives could not get a majority Conservatives Free markets Low taxes Privatization PM : David Ca meron Liberal Democrats Liberals & Social Democrats

merged Small gov/ DPM: Nick decentralization Clegg In December 2011, in a speech to the Demos think tank and the Open Society Foundation Clegg put forward his definition of the three main political traditions in Britain, saying: "Socialists support the idea of the good society, typically judged in terms of equality of income. In order to bring about this end they use the state quite aggressively in terms of labour market regulation, centralised public services and through tax and benefits. Conservatives support the idea of a big society, with responsibility shared

throughout societypeople are responsible both for themselves and each other. The emphasis is naturally on non-state institutions such as marriage, the family, churches and voluntary organisations. The liberal ideal is of the open society, where power is vested in people, not in the state or other institutions. This means that individuals need the capabilities and opportunities to chart their own course through life, and to hold institutions to account. So while the good society needs a strong state, and the big society needs strong social institutions, the open society needs strong citizens." PAIR/SHARE Partner 1: Skim Coalition Plans article. Partner 2:

Skim Divided they fall article. Together - make a prediction about the future of the coalition. Will it succeed or fail? What policy issues do you think threaten the coalition the most? National Heath Service (NHS) Provides comprehensive and universal medical care

Nationalized (state directed) health care system Disagreements btwn. Conservatives & Liberal Dems about how to reform NHS Meanwhile the age structure in Britain is getting older. How does an aging population further impact the NHS? An aging population leads to Increased demand Increased costs Need more providers Less tax revenue coming in to pay for health care

Increased tax burden on working age population Closure Identify the two parties that formed the coalition government in Great Britain following the 2010 parliamentary elections. Explain one reason why they formed a coalition. Describe a domestic policy issue that has threatened the coalition. HW: II A-D & III A-B (new questions) Quiz on I & II next block

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