Global Service Team 1 Envisioning a day when

Global Service Team 1 Envisioning a day when

Global Service Team 1 Envisioning a day when every need in the world can be served by a Lion or Leo 2 2 Global Action Team Vision Envisioning a day when every need in the world can be served by a Lion or Leo. Mission Passionate volunteers. Dynamic leaders. Innovative service.

The Global Action Team will champion the vision of LCI and reignite the passion of our Lions and Leos through service. Goal To ensure that Lions Clubs International impacts 200 million lives through service with 1.7 million Lion and Leo members and provides learning opportunities to 500,000 members by the year 2020. 3 Global Action Team and LCIF Campaign Structures Executive Officers LCIF LCIF Board of Trustees Ambassadors Past International Presidents International Board of Directors Past International Directors

Capital Campaign Chairperson Campaign Vice Chairperson Global Action Team Chairperson & Vice Chairpersons GLT Constitutional Area Leaders GMT Constitutional Area Leaders GST Constitutional Area Leaders GLT Vice Constitutional Area Leaders GMT Vice Constitutional Area Leaders GST

Vice Constitutional Area Leaders GLT Area Leaders GMT Area Leaders GST Area Leaders Multiple District Global Action Team Chairperson (Council Chairperson) GLT Multiple District Coordinator GMT Multiple District Coordinator GMT District Coordinator Special Committees

LCIF Constitutional Area Leaders (International Committee) LCIF Area Leaders GST Multiple District Coordinator District Global Action Team Chairperson (District Governor) GLT District Coordinator Past International Presidents Campaign Ambassadors GST District Coordinator LCIF Multiple District Coordinator

LCIF District Coordinator Club Global Action Team Chairperson (Club President) GLT First Vice President/Leadership Chairperson GMT Membership Chairperson GST Service Chairperson Club LCIF Coordinator 2 GLT Key Responsibilities

Promote leadership development and learning opportunities for all members Increase the total number of Lions participating in leadership development and learning events Identify and prepare new leaders Ensure the following training occurs at the MD or district level: Club officer training Zone chairperson training 1st and 2nd vice district governors training 5 2 GMT Key Responsibilities

Decrease membership drops by increasing member engagement Charter new clubs in new locations Charter special interest clubs Invite prospective members to participate in service projects Conduct membership drives Treat every member like family Ensure new members are properly oriented, and in a timely manner 6 2 GST Key Responsibilities Inspire and motivate service by supporting the development and

implementation of service projects that: Align with LCIs global causes & overall mission and vision Create a sense of belonging and pride to Lions and Leos Attract multi-generational participants to implement impactful service Help raise visibility of Lions service impact in local communities Seek out and share information on service project successes, opportunities, and challenges 7 2 GST MD GST Coordinator Ensure districts achieve their goals Educate, coach and mentor your district coordinators while removing barriers that

impede progress Inspire and empower districts to be successful in maximizing beneficiaries served 8 2 GST District GST Coordinator Drives the clubs to implement impactful service projects that are aligned with our global causes with focus on diabetes Holds clubs accountable to their service goals, ensures regular reporting in MyLion web, and encourages utilization of MyLion App to increase engagement in service projects

Supports local community service projects Promotes service projects that attract multi-generational participants, including the integration and leadership development of Leos Gathers clubs and district feedback related to service challenges, opportunities, and successes; shares with multiple district coordinator to remove barriers impeding the successful implementation of service programs 9 2 The GST Objective Putting service at the forefront of Lions Clubs International

10 2 Our Global Causes The footprint of our second century DIABETES ENVIRONMENT HUNGER VISION CHILDHOOD CANCER Honoring our history and meeting emerging needs And giving young people new opportunities to serve with us 11

2 The GST Goals and Strategy 12 2 GST Goals Hands-on service project implementation Diabetes project implementation MyLion web reporting MyLion app utilization In development: Youth engagement Lion and Leo collaboration Partnerships with global and local organizations

Help us Build the GST that you need 13 2 The Service Journey Learn Discover Act Celebrate Educate and build awareness among Lions and Leos. Connect clubs to one another and inspire them through sharing

project ideas, best practices, and success stories. Provide Lions and Leos with turn-key projects, grant opportunities, and other initiatives to increase their level of community engagement and impact. Assess the project, recognize efforts and share Lions and Leos stories of success. 14 2 Resources Whats available Service Initiatives Presentation

Educational Material Customized to all leadership levels Service Project Ideas (Click the image) DIABETES ENVIRONMENT HUNGER VISION CHILDHOOD CANCER 15 2 Resources Service Toolkit

Service Project Planners Club & Community Needs Assessment Developing Local Partnerships Guide to Fundraising Reporting Guide / Why Service Reporting Matters Ongoing communication between LCI and GST Leaders is crucial for regionally appropriate resource development 16 2 Global Service Funds available to ALL MDs and Districts to support training: GST-MD Coordinator Operating Budget

(US$600) District Funding Zone Chairperson Training GST-D Coordinator Operating Budget (US$250) MD Funding 1st & 2nd Vice District Governor Training 17 2

Operating Budget: to Receive Funds Yearly Plan Operating Budget Disbursemen t form Two Online Courses 18 2 Takeaways Value of service Reporting Efficient Project Planning

Collaboration with GMT and GLT Build the GST WE need Utilize Regional Specialists as a resource 19 It is time for Action 2018 Lions Clubs International 2018 03/12 EN 20

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