TOLL NZ D&A Oral Fluids Testing Carl Stent

TOLL NZ  D&A Oral Fluids Testing Carl Stent

TOLL NZ D&A Oral Fluids Testing Carl Stent 19 August 2019 1 Overview Multi National Logistics Company Japan Post owned, 42,000+ global network (Australia 50%), $9.5 billion. Toll NZ Capability Total Supply chain capability across all sectors, with 40+ business sites and a team of 950+ people linked through a nationwide IT platform . Toll Freight Forwarding Nationwide Road and Rail distribution network and for break bulk, pallets, loose freight. Toll Parcels Nationwide domestic parcel service fully integrated through Toll Freight Forwarding. Toll Logistics Customised Solutions 120,000 + squ/m of warehousing specialised 3PL and point of sale linked to the transport network. Toll Global Forwarding Global reach in Air and Sea freight, customs and specialised distribution. Toll Auto Express Nationwide motor vehicle transportation. Toll Priority Time sensitive national and international movements.

Toll Specialised Transport Fuel, relocations, forestry, dedicated and daily bulk operations 2 Before Oral Fluid Testing After Oral Fluid Testing Pre-employment Pre-employment Single supplier, urine sample only, all employees and More the one supplier, urine sample only but confident contract drivers to move to oral, all employees and contract drivers Reasonable Cause Reasonable Cause Very little done with this to date Very little done with this still Post incident Post incident Mandatory for critical, significant incidents

Still mandatory for critical and significant incidents, Random however standard requires oral Agreed at high level with one union, not put to in place Random Rehabilitation Fully in place with only oral no urine at all Stood down from work until urine negative, then allowed Rehabilitation back into the workplace for rehab with random urine Stood down from work until urine same negative still in effect however oral sample allows back to work earlier so rehab can start currently still random urine Role of the Union however very confident to introduce oral More than consultation business partner in introduction of Oral Fluid Testing 3

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