Youtube Tuesday!!! #LTD Is High School really all

Youtube Tuesday!!! #LTD Is High School really all

Youtube Tuesday!!! #LTD Is High School really all that bad? wlQ What is greatness? http:// Re-Opener: Comma Rules!! Please fix the sentences at the top

of the page, based on the comma rules sheet. Some may need other forms of punctuation addedsome may be correct!! News Large Quiz Friday: The following will be on the quiz: 1. Core standards work (read standard, decide the strand) 2. Terms (expository text, narrative text, genre) 3. Expository text reading strategies (ABK, Previewing,

Comprehension) 4. Topic sentence (term: thesis statement) 5. Fact/Opinion/Expert Opinion 6. Style/Tone (All terms/vocabulary associated with them subjective, objective, formal, informal, conventions) 7. Expository paragraphs: Organizational patterns Todays Objectives Identify and describe the following organizational patterns of expository writing: 1)cause-effect; 2)compare-contrast;

3)definition/description 4)categorization/classification; 5)sequence-includes chronology, process, listing, etc.; 6)problem-solution Explain and utilize four major comma rules. Review of previous concepts 1. Genre (definition and examples) 2. Expository text (definitions and examples) 3. Expository text features (four) 4. Previewing strategies, activating background knowledge,

comprehension strategies 5. Topic sentences 6. Statements of fact, opinion, and expert opinion 7. Style vs. Tone Today Expository Paragraph Organizational Patterns 1. Definition (Description) 2. Chronology (Sequence) 3. Process (Sequence)

4. Cause and Effect 5. Classification 6. Compare and Contrast GROUP WORK: Match the description of each expository organizational pattern to the correct graphic organizer and example. Then, in your learning log, briefly summarize the pattern and copy its organizational chart. You will want this chart in your notes. Definition (Description)

Chronology (sequence) Process (sequence) Cause and effect Classification Compare and Contrast Group work in Mr. Fielders class 1.Quiet

2.Focused 3.Shared responsibilities 4.No sub-groups 5.At least quietly watching/listening/writing notes. Closure: Skill Application Based on the topic sentence, what is the organizational pattern? 1.The Enlightenment celebrated the power of reason; however, an opposite reaction,

Romanticism, soon followed. 2.The GNP (gross national product) is an economic measure that considers the total value of goods and services that a country produces during a given year. 3.Large numbers of European immigrants first began to arrive in the United States in the 1920s.

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