Week 8 Acuity Action To Do List Main

Week 8 Acuity Action To Do List  Main

Week 8 Acuity Action To Do List Main Idea http:// www.internet4classrooms.com/skill_builders/m ain_idea_theme_language_arts_third_3rd_grad e.htm Number Sense http:// www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/tens.cgi?A1=s& A2=2 http://

www.dositey.com/2008/muldiv/NewMyster yPicture2.htm So that's a start. Put down the Twinkie and start researching your investing options. The bottom line: If you save and invest your money today, you'll have more money tomorrow. At WeSeed, we believe the world would be in better shape if all Americans (of investing age) bought at least one share of stock. Speaking of savings, the US savings rate was negative for years. But in 2008, it crept up into the black. All told, this means that 46 percent of Americans have less than $5,000 to float them in bad times. So that means we're well fed, caffeinated, and driving sensible cars. But while Twinkies might be good in the short term, they do very little to buffer us from hard economic times. One third of Americans who earn more than $75,000 spend all their discretionary income on cakes, cars, coffee, and other material goods. Of those who earn less than $30,000 a year, almost nine of 10 spend every penny, leaving little or no money to save. 35 million cans of Bud Light 150,000 pounds of Starbucks (SBUX) beans

628 Toyota (TM) Camrys While Americans have the option to spend, save, or invest their money, most people spend their money right away and Twinkies aren't all they are buying. Every day, Americans purchase: In the face of hard economic times, what do Americans do? They eat cake yellow cakes with cream filling, to be exact. Every day, Americans buy 500,000 Twinkies. Americans seem to have taken those words to heart. Legend tells us that Marie Antoinette, the one-time queen of France, uttered these memorable words about the impoverished Parisian populace: "So let them eat cake!" Saving Is Hard, Spending Is Cake MARKET MASTERS Literacy Connection: Comprehension Materials Needed:

Laptop Article Pencil Graphic Organizer Journal Voice Level 1 Social Studies Standard 5.4.7 Predict the effect of changes in supply and demand on price. Math 5.3.1 Explain which types of displays are appropriate for various sets of data. Project Connection: Becoming an Entrepreneur. 1. Gather all needed materials. 2. Begin this station by reading with a partner the article, Saving is Hard, Spending is Cake .

3. On the post-it notes, write any words you do not understand. 4. Now login to Weseed.com and click on the Learn tab at the top of the home page. See LEVEL 1 # 2 The Uses of money Click on the link and watch the short video. 5. With your group fill in the graphic organizer and turn in. 6. Check out your stocks, how are they doing? 7. Chart your results. Extension Activity: On the same page as the video read the Wow your Friends section . In journal write down the fact that you were most amazed by. Tell me why. Your Spending Practices Group Members: _________________ __________________ _________________ ____________________ __________________ 1. List ways you can invest 1.

2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. List things you spend money on Give two reasons you should invest . 1. ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Standard EL 5.6.7 Spell roots or bases of words with prefixes, suffixes, contractions, and syllable constructions correctly. Directions: 1. Listen to the leader read the task sheet. 2. Go to Spelling City and watch the syllables video. 3. As a group play the Word call game to practice opened and closed words. 4. NEXT, Use the template to make a pocket folder. Once you have finished, cut out the spelling list cards and separate the words into open and closed groups. THEN , check your answers using the answer key. 5. Practice your spelling words on spelling city with the remaining time. 6. Clean your rotation table and return all materials to the basket. PBL Connection: Becoming an Entrepreneur

NOISE LEVEL 1 Materials v/cv vc/v cards Open Closed Chart Computer Students should note that the syllable division determines the vowel sound and thus the spelling. Short vowels are found in closed syllable words (ending in a consonant) and long vowel sounds are found in open syllables (ending in a vowel). Therefore, VC/V is closed and V/CV is opened. Word Call Game Materials: Timer and Deck of cards with the spelling words written on each card. Procedure: Leaders will lay stack of cards in the center of the table. Players take turns flipping over one card at a time from the deck. The first player to correctly writes out "open, "closed or neither on the white board gets to keep the card. The player with the most

cards wins the game. Tyrant Minus Linen Decent Fugitive profile Comet recent Cavern fifteen

Humor Punish Culture Smoky Loser Closet Local Legal Vacant Shiver

Valley Fatigue Student panic Open v/cv Closed vc/v Fold Lines Americas Beginning Noise Level 1 1. Listen to manager read the task sheet before beginning. 2. Use your textbook and the website links to fill in the chart.

3. Each box is worth 2 points (not including extra credit). 4. Once you have filled in the chart play the games on the website. Extension activity: Read Lesson 6 in your Social Studies textbook. Materials List Textbook Laptop Chart Other reference items SS.5.1.7 2007 Colonization and Settlements: 1607 to 1763. Identify and locate the 13 British colonies that became the United States and describe daily life (political, social, and economic organization and structure). SS.5.1.8 2007 Colonization and Settlements: 1607 to 1763. Identify the early founders of colonial settlements and describe early colonial resistance to British rule. The 13 Colonies and their leaders during ratification

Became a state 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th State name Leader(s)

Main resource Extra Credit Fraction Attraction! Directions: 1. Listen to the leader read the task sheet. 2. As a group, use the fraction pieces to make the shapes one whole. 3. Determine by the number of pieces in each whole, what fraction each piece is equal to. 4. Find all of the equivalent fractions you can and list them on the worksheet. 5. When you are done, go to Mrs. Spears website and choose the Fraction Attraction link to practice finding equivalent fractions. Materials Fraction pieces Pencil Worksheet

NOISE LEVEL 1 Standard PBL Connection Becoming an Entrepreneur 5.1.5 Explain different interpretations of fractions: as parts of a whole, parts of a set, and division of whole numbers by whole numbers. Name ____________________________ List all of the equivalent fractions you can find using the fraction pieces. Example: 1/7 = 2/14, 3/21, 4/28, 5/35, etc. Fraction 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5

1/6 1/8 1/10 1/12 Equivalent Fractions

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