Childrens Chronicle A Monthly Parent Newsletter of LSUHSC

Childrens Chronicle A Monthly Parent Newsletter of LSUHSC

Childrens Chronicle A Monthly Parent Newsletter of LSUHSC Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership - October 2018: Volume 4, Issue 3 Safety and Injury Prevention ACTIVE PLAY Tips for Families from the Head Start National Center on Health. Healthy Habits Start Early. Good activity habits begin early in your childs life. As early as infancy, you can help your child grow lifelong healthy play habits. Your child learns from you, so while you help him be active, try to do the same activities! Play Time Can Be Active Time! For Your Infant: Keep your baby active with tummy time and time spent out of the swing or bouncy chair. This will give him plenty of chances to stretch, reach, and kick so he can reach important milestones like crawling and sitting up. Avoid putting a TV in your babys room. The more YOU talk to and play with your baby, the more likely he is to be healthy as he grows. For Your Toddler: Even very active toddlers need physical activity. Keep moving by dancing, jumping, and walking together. Try to limit TV watching to 2 hours or less a day. Children who have lots of active play time outside and indoors are more likely to stay healthy and active as they grow up. For Your Preschooler: Help your child to stay active and learn at the same time by spending time outdoors. Try to limit TV, video games, and computer time to 2 hours or less a day. Children who watch more than 2 hours of TV a day are more likely to be overweight as they get older. For Yourself and Your Family: When you spend time being active, your child learns healthy habits from you. Set playtime, mealtime, and bedtime routines to make daily life easier to handle. Tips for Families from the Head Start National Center on Health. Safety and Injury Prevention for Young Children Is: Making sure children have safe places to grow and learn Protecting children from danger. Teaching children what to do to be safe. Why Is It Important? children like to explore but need: Safe places to play. Adults who watch and listen so they can prevent an injury before it happens. Opportunities to practice new skills safely. When children are safe, they are more likely to: Be injury-free. Focus on learning. Explore new situations with Upcoming Events confidence. October 26 Early Dismissal at 1:30 PM October is Parent Teacher Conference be on the look out for scheduling from your childs primary teacher.. Lead Prevention Week October 22-28, 2018 is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. This is a call to bring together individuals, organizations, industry, and state and local governments to help increase lead awareness by using their efforts and collaborations to reduce childhood exposure to lead. Q: What never asks questions but is often answered? Breast Cancer Awareness Month Halloween Safety Tips Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. Put electronic devices down and keep heads up and walk, dont run, across the street. Children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and dont obstruct a childs vision. Have children carry glow sticks or

flashlights Check candy and treats before letting children eat anything Hurricane Preparedness 2018 Preparation is the key in any kind of emergencyespecially one involving an approaching hurricane. Advance planning and preparation are the keys to weathering the storm safely. Did you know they pre-name all the storms for the year? Here are a few points for parents and centers to remember during this hurricane season: *Ensure your center has an emergency kit per classroom. *Ensure all parent information and phone numbers are up to date. *Bring all toys from the playground inside. *Have your documents and computer equipment in a secure & dry location if possible. A:A*Have Doorbell, a list LOL of all emergency numbers and local agencies. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. LSU Health Science Center Child Care Partnership and many others recognize the importance of breast cancer research and the fight many women battle each and every day. LSU Health Science Center Child Care Partnership will be wearing pink in recognition of those women who have beaten, are Learning your their senses!lives battling or through have lost to breast cancer. Lets in join Children learn through everything their together This month inHere thearefight world (most importantly YOU!). some against breast cancer. ideas you can do with them to Parents help them experience learning in theirto everyday life. are encouraged coordinate and support Patterning: Using youryour hands orchilds another daycare center monthly events. object, make clapping patterns together. Take turns having the adult lead, followed by the child leading a pattern, and vice versa. Play: I Spy: While reading a book or while taking part in everyday activities, play I spy with the child about things he/she sees on different pages of the book, throughout the house, or out and about. Scratch and Sniff: Collect some flowers, spices, or herbs that have a strong smell. Glue some of these items on cardboard or index cards. Make a Salad: As you add different vegetables or other ingredients, ask the child what he/she sees in the bowl. Pick out different ingredients and allow the child to take a bite of each. Make a Mess: Let the child play with materials like clay, water, sand, rice, playdough, and gelatin. Let the child explore the feel of these items and describe how they feel. Make sure to find an outdoor area or an indoor area where it's safe to get messy!

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