To some, animals have no rights and are

To some, animals have no rights and are

To some, animals have no rights and are merely a form of property that exists only to fulfill human needs. To others, they are creatures that can be used or owned by people, but which also have feelings and are not to be subjected to needless suffering or pain. Many nations also have organizations that are interested in protecting the welfare of animals. Some see it as a group of do-gooders who are interfering with their right to treat or use their property as they wish. Others believe that the movement (or at least a part of it) consists of extremists who threaten the economic, political, and religious institutions in our

country. Why is this social movement occurring? One form of animal cruelty is overt, intentional abuse, which occurs when a person purposely causes physical harm, injury or the death of an animal. Another form of animal cruelty is neglect. Failing to provide an animal with the basic necessities of food, water, adequate shelter and appropriate veterinary care are all examples of neglect. The neglect of an animal by an individual is often (though not always) the result of a lack

of education and awareness about proper animal care, and can be remedied through education and by requiring the owner to provide these basic life sustaining elements. Larger institutions or businesses that involve animals are also often perpetrators of animal cruelty. For example, the violent training and culling methods used by organized, large scale dog fighters are an example of intentional cruelty and abuse. Canned hunting preserves, of which there are over 4,000 locations in the United States, where exotic

animals are penned, sometimes drugged and shot or speared by hunters is another form of outright animal abuse. Conversely, the conditions in which many animals are found during a bust of a mass breeding facility, or puppy mill is an example of gross animal neglect. What are the people involved not happy about? Some people believe it is not acceptable to use animals for any human purpose at all. They believe animals have moral rights to life, liberty,

and other privileges that should be upheld by society and the rule of law. These are the hard-core believers in animal rights, the fundamentalists of the animal rights movement. Other people believe some animals have (or should have) moral and/or legal rights under certain circumstances. They may rescue abandoned pets, lobby for legislation against animal abuse, feed pigeons in the park, or do any number of other things on behalf of animals. These people are broadly categorized as animal welfarists. Their adherence to the idea of animal rights generally depends on the circumstances. For example, a welfarist might defend the rights of pet

dogs and cats but eat chicken, steak, or pork for dinner. What are people doing to try and make a change? aEKHw People are debating on animal rights, hundreds of animal charity sites this website is a animal charity which is a non profit organisation. Most websites like these missions are to help promote effective ways to help animals. Not only that it is all over social media, face book pages, newsletters, news on TV

seeing people trying to make a change on helping animals. Who is involved? - Animal activist Animal organisation groups Society News Government

Animal abusers What happened as a result? Animal cruelty is still occurring all around the world, people are still trying to reach there voice out on trying to stop this animal cruelty. Has there been any change around the world? Australia? Not much has changed around the world or

Australia, there are thousands of charity organisations around the world still trying to stop this. Was there a change in legislation, attitudes? etc. Legislation news DEDJTR investigation into animal welfare and cruelty in the Victorian greyhound industry final report gislation-and-permits/domestic-animal-legislatio n-and-latest-news Bibliography ial-justice /

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