Production Trainee Scheme 2015 Get In! Applications open

Production Trainee Scheme 2015 Get In! Applications open

Production Trainee Scheme 2015 Get In! Applications open 8 Dec 2014 5 Jan 2015 @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn Contents Whats the scheme all about? What are we looking for? How to apply Other opportunities

Q&A @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn Production Trainee Scheme 1 year from Autumn 2015 3 work placements - Radio, TV and Digital Training programme 6 weeks across the year Londonbased - but at least one placement outside London Senior BBC manager as a mentor

@BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn What are we looking for? Creativity - lots of fresh programme ideas

Passion - a desire to make great TV, Radio and Online content Desire to make a difference - what have you got to say? A great team player - be happy to muck in and work in a team Audience awareness - who is watching and why? Opinions about the BBC's and other media output - what are you watching? Great organisational skills Flexibility - ability to work in different BBC bases Some experience - ideally outside of college/school/uni One place reserved for someone with a disability This is an entry level scheme: not for people with more than 12 months continuous production experience!

@BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn How the Selection Process works 1. Complete Online: Application form & Situational Judgement Test 2. If successful you go through toOnline Verbal Reasoning Test 3. If successful go through to .Shortlisting 4. If successful go through to .Assessment Centre Day 5. If successful go through toFinal Interview @BBCTrainees

#BBCGetIn Before you apply Create a profile on Click on the right scheme on Click on the application form link @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn Tips for Completing your Application Form

Examples. Give the best example to answer the question and show your ability. Do repeat info from your Careers Hub profile as necessary. Shortlisters will only look at the application form. Attention to detail. Read each question carefully and make sure you understand it before you write. You. We are interested in YOU. Tell us your story. Make your role/contribution clear in any example. @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn

The Application Form Word limit. Each question has a 300 word limit use it! Be careful to track spelling and word count. Save as you go. Internet connections can be unpredictable, so wed recommend using Word/Pages etc to draft your answers. Submit. Once you press submit, you will not be able to make any changes. Contact [email protected] if you have any [email protected] if you have @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn

Verbal Reasoning Test We use a verbal reasoning test because it assesses your ability to understand written passages and to evaluate the logic of different types of question. Youll be asked to register and will be emailed a username and password. Make a note of them. Its a timed test - you can take it once only so make sure you practice beforehand on practice tests found online (NB let us know if you normally get extra time for such activities). The questions have right or wrong answers - work quickly and accurately. You cannot go back once you have started. @BBCTrainees

#BBCGetIn Key Dates Applications open: 8 Dec - 5 Jan Assessment Days from March onwards Welcome Day: late July Start Date: autumn 2015 @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn

What Else? If the PTS is not for you, take a look at the following: Production Apprenticeship Apprenticeships in Salford, Scotland, Cardiff and Bristol Schemes with partners e.g. Mama Youth, Stephen Lawrence, Creative Access Journalism Apprenticeship and Trainee Scheme Technology Apprenticeship and Trainee Scheme Extend

Work Experience @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn GOOD LUCK!! @BBCTrainees #BBCGetIn

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