Production Records in Child Nutrition Programs Together We

Production Records in Child Nutrition Programs Together We

Production Records in Child Nutrition Programs Together We Can CDE Vision All students in Colorado will become educated and productive citizens capable of succeeding in society, the workforce, and life.

CDE Office of School Nutrition Mission The Office of School Nutrition is committed to ensuring all schoolaged children have equal access to healthy meals by supporting, training, and connecting Colorados child nutrition community. Learning Objectives Determine what a production record is and why it is used

Review minimum requirements of the production record Review how to complete a production record Discuss best practices with the production record Discuss common errors observed when completing the production record 3

What is a Production Record? Production records are a tool that indicate all food items of your menu, how much was prepared, how much was served, and how many leftovers you had They are justification for how many reimbursable meals you plan to claim and are required for school nutrition programs

They are used as planning, forecasting, and communication tools Minimum Requirements of a Production Record Production record minimum requirements:

School name Date meal is serve Indication of meal served (breakfast or lunch) Actual number of reimbursable meals (by grade level) and adult meals List of all menu items, including condiments

Recipe number or brand name and code number of processed food Planned portion size for each menu item and grade level Planned number of servings for each menu item and grade level Planned number of servings for adults (program and non-program) and a la carte Actual amount of food prepared Leftovers

Production Records- Optional Requirements Optional requirements of the production record:

HACCP process Time and temperatures Meal pattern contribution Production notes Signature of person responsible for preparing the production record How to Complete a Production Record

Complete your site specific information such as school name, date, prepared by, and which meal service the production record is for. Completing a Production Record continued List all menu items that you will serve on your menu, including condiments

Enter specific menu item information such as HACCP process, recipe number, portion size, planned number of servings, and component contribution R Completing the Production Record During & After

Meal Service Complete the portion of the production record that will need to be filled out during and after meal service such as amounts prepared, leftover and total amounts of reimbursable meals Best Practices

Complete required elements that will not change before hand to save time Your menu for the day and recipe number for example can be completed ahead of time Fill out production records as the steps are completed

This saves time from recording items separately then having to transfer on to the production records Specify food items the way you will serve them Using deli meat as an example, write 3 slices instead of 2 oz. Only keep production records for the required time frame

3 years plus the current year Important! Do Not Confuse Weight and Volume Measure Weight is ounces, lbs, etc. for meats, cheese, grains, breads Tool: scale

Volume is fluid ounces for milk, juice and portion sizes of fruit and vegetables Tool: measuring cup

What Do You Want To Serve? The Production Record Says 4oz 2 Cups (volume) = 4 oz (weight) cup (volume) = 1 oz (weight) = 2 leaves

Common Errors in the Production Record Incomplete production records Non-specific information Example: Apple- portion size 1 vs. 1 each Information that is not accurate to meal service

Example: Deli meat- 2 oz. vs. 4 slices Salad Bar On Your Production Record Salad bar recipe Ingredients are documented in your recipe and Salad Bar is documented on your production record If there are additions to the salad bar recipe, these items must be

documented on the production record If an item is omitted from the salad bar recipe, you cannot use the recipe and must document each item on the production record Document each item served on the salad bar on the production record Daily production record or Salad bar production record

Salad Bar Production Record Production Record Summary More than a requirement, production records are a tool for planning, forecasting, and communicating Ensure the required elements of the production record are completed accurately

Save your staff time by incorporating best practices with the production record Avoid common errors seen with the production records Resources For more information, please visit the following

resources: CDE OSN Menu Planning Webpage Menu Planning Tools, USDA Team Nutrition Healthy Meals Resource S ystem Panelists Theresa Espinosa

Assistant Operations Manager/Nutrition Services, Widefield School District Susan L Hart Food Service Director, South Routt School District RE-3 Jamie Humphrey, Administrative Dietitian, Colorado Springs School District 11

Widefield School District Widefield School District Widefield School District South Routt School District

South Routt School District Colorado Springs School District 11 ActivityProduction Records With your neighbor, discuss:

What is wrong with this production record? Why are production records important to your staff? Do you have any difficulties with staff completing production records? 27

What is wrong with this production record? Thank You! 29

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