GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Geography: Beaches, Mountains, Desert, Farmland, Forests,

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Geography: Beaches, Mountains, Desert, Farmland, Forests,

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Geography: Beaches, Mountains, Desert, Farmland, Forests, Natural Resources: Oil, Farmable land, Gold, Fishing, Lumber, Climate: North has 2 semi-arctic seasons South has 2 semi-tropical seasons, and the Middle has 4 temperate seasons GPS: North: Juneau Alaska- 58N , 134W South: Cabo San Lukas- 22N ,

109W East: Granby Colorado- 40N , 105W GEO. CONTINUED Physical Boundaries: Rocky Mountains in the North and East, Pacific Ocean in the West, Colorado River in the South Political Boundaries: Invictus is broken up into 5 districts each with Ocean and Mountain access. Type of Civilization: Empire

1 Tsar with 5 Senate advisors (1 senator for each district elected by the people and accepted by the Tsar) GOVERNMENT Limited Constitutional Monarchy: Tsar has the final say in matters of government, but his power can be limited by the Senate with a unanimous vote. 2 senators make up the Legislative Branch and 2 the Judicial Branch 5th Senator acts as Tsars personal advisor making up the Executive Branch Tsar succession is recorded by the Tsar himself in the presence of a trusted

confidant. This document is hidden from public view in an undisclosed safety deposit box until the passing of the Tsar- Empire seal must not be broken to be official If Seal is broken confidant becomes interim Tsar and must choose a successor within two weeks time INVICTUS LAWS Tsars actions can be vetoed by Senate, but ONLY with unanimous vote The Senate Advisors make up the 3 branch system 2 senators make up the Legislative Branch and 2 the Judicial Branch 5th Senator acts as Tsars personal advisor making up the Executive Branch

Eye for an eye court system. Use Fear to control the populous. Option to choose Colosseum vs. Court and jury Pursuing gentlemanly means Undisclosed Succession of Rule to curb assassination attempts (Think launch codes) Everyone is taxed equally (including the Tsar) If you make a lot, youre taxed a lot / If you make little, youre taxed little 3-6% across the board If you are caught hiding your earnings = Automatic trip to the Colosseum

GOV. RATIONALE Some of the longest lasting and most productive civilizations throughout history have been Monarch/Emperor in concept. Rome Sparta Greece Macedonia To avoid decline in government participation a powerful ruler must reign or a flawless checks and balance system must be implemented: Powerful Ruler is much more likely to find and much easier to monitor Modern freedoms and democratic policies (USA) have led to an unbelievably rapid decline in populous participation in government which, in turn, has caused widespread corruption leading to populous discord.

ECONOMY Invictus will have a pure market economy model People will guide how the market looks based upon their purchasing power There will be no government bailouts If the economy stalls or skyrockets government may intervene ONLY with

unanimous vote from Tsar and Senate, and only for a maximum of 6 months. Governmental spending will be based on a command economy model All gov spending must be signed off on by the Tsar or minimum two senate advisors ECON. CONTINUED Invictus will be a mixed economy using Import/export, circular flow, as well as an agricultural base to maximize the

resources of the empire while still providing for the populous. Natural Resources: Lumber, Oil, Fish, Farm, Mineral and precious metal deposits Exports: Oil, Lumber, Wine, Minerals Imports: Coffee, Chocolate, Cotton, Cheese, Rubber, Sugar ECON. RATIONALE Invictus economy is based on a scaled down version of the modern United States economy but without the government bail out and the restrictive government regulation. The people are empowered to decide what is right for them instead of the

government. Disputes will be settled in court or colosseum. Trade: South America: Coffee, Chocolate, Sugar, Rubber Eastern United States: Cotton, Corn, Natural Gas Europe: Cheese, Wine Asia: Tea,

FLAG AND SYMBOLS Invictus Flag Symbology: Colors: Olive Green and Black Olive = Land, home, rebirth/renew, peace Olive green: Although the traditional color for peace, 'offering an olive branch', the color olive suggests deceit and treachery. However there is also a strength of character with it that can overcome adversity. Black = Night sky, stealth, Mystery: Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its

real feelings. Power and Control: Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation. Skull = Fear, Intimidation The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality. ADDITIONAL SYMBOLS Empire Seal/

Coat of Arms Senate Patch ADDITIONAL SYMBOLS Army Special Forces Air Force

Navy ADDITIONAL SYMBOLS Tattoo of colosseum survivor Branded over when survivor becomes gladiator/champi on

CRITIQUE Geography: Fault lines such as the San Andreas run the length of my Empire- these could spell disaster in the long run much like Pompeii Fix: Rebuild, No skyscrapers, Island life if California breaks off into ocean Government: Sparta had a government built on military supremacy and it became a major target for would be conquerors. Fix: Intelligent empire placement. Strategic terrain features provide good defensible positions. Technological superiority due to high tax

CRITIQUE CONTINUED Economy: US free market economy beginning to falter but had a good 200 year run. Still the most prosperous economic system in recorded history Fix: People will back a system that makes them happy regardless of its faults and what makes people happy in an economy is choice (choice=happy=continuing economic prosperity) High Tax rate could lead to revolution Fix: Fear of Eye for an Eye court system / Colosseum consequences

will keep populous in check CRITIQUE CONTINUED Symbols: Taking styling cues from militant, anarchist, and dictator architypes may lead to the attracting of an undesirable element in the populous. Fix: Emphasis placed on Honor as the key to a successful society Court/Colosseum is the only way to challenge authority of the Tsar Within one generation the populous will know there is no grey area in Invictus. You are either a part of the empire or you are an enemy who may or may not serve a purpose.

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