Welcome I would like to welcome you to

Welcome I would like to welcome you to

Welcome I would like to welcome you to Aditya National Public School (ANPS) and thank you for your interest to know about us. Hope you gain understanding of our school through this short presentation guide. I strongly encourage you to visit our website to know more about us At ANPS, we are unique breed , very different in all aspects. We dream , dare and do. We are packed with powerful and dedicated team of academic scholars and caregivers, trying our level best to make your child grow and shine. Everything about ANPS is truly fascinating , from the multilateral talents of our students to the aesthetics of our infrastructure. Our institution always pioneer in setting benchmarks for every school in our neighborhood.

From Chairman Desk Life is a progression from darkness to light, and knowledge is the beacon of light which illuminates our path to selfrealization. Education trains one to act and think independently to produce individuals who consider services before self. With this motivation, a dedicated band of Philanthropists planted the seedlings of the present Aditya Institutions. We value access to education and embrace opportunities to utilize advanced technology, innovation and creativity to provide highest quality education. On behalf of the faculty, students, administration and staff, we welcome Vision and Mission

Motto - Lighting the lamp of Knowledge to serve the society in the noblest of the ways Our vision is to be the premier educational institution, and of a natural, whole and learner centered platform that creates the leaders & responsible citizens through academic excellence To fulfill our vision, We provide a learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative and ,leaders in a fast changing society. At ANPS , we care about everyone. We aim for a better living and better way of life for everyone. We value every person with equal opportunity Our School ANPS has had good development in the last 6 years. The catalyst for this phenomenal growth is definitely the trust and confidence that the parents have gained in our institution.

ANPS is pioneer in the field of education in North Bangalore sub-urban area introducing new generation education High academic standards are symbolic of its ideology and commitment to academic excellence. Within the curriculum options offered, good opportunities are provided to develop and assess the creative thinking skills, flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others. A spectrum of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the institution, for the ANPS Product confident and active learners with a strong individuality Our Values At Aditya national public school, we work hard to ensure that all children enjoy learning. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged, motivated and interested and when they are given the correct support and challenge in order to reach their potential.

At the ANPS seven skills lie at the heart of our school and our curriculum. They were written by staff and children together: Happy and confident with self belief Imaginative Active thinkers (enquiring, questioning, challenging) Respectful and tolerant. Working together as a team Good communicators and listeners Confident to take risks meet challenges and always try their best Able to take ownership and responsibility for their learning

Academics Aditya National Public School, is an English Medium, offers ICSE syllabus based , Co-educational , Nursery, primary , Middle and High school programme. At ANPS, we adapt play-way method for children aged 2 to 6 years. It helps children build confidence and make learning easy and fun filled. US based child friendly class room teaching method is adapted for 1st and 2nd standard programme. Singapore based creative class room teaching method is adapted for 3rd and 4th standard programme. Continuous and structural evaluation model is followed for higher standard programme.

Play way Method KG At ANPS, we follow play-way method for children who aged 2 to 6 years . The play room is stocked with special toys that enhances childrens five senses , touch , hearing, sight, taste and smell which are gateway to knowledge and intelligence . Activities that include brushing, washing , dressing ,social etiquettes, walking on the line and table manners. Skill development in concentration, imagination, eye and hand co-ordination,

memory , language , leadership and etc. Child Friendly Class 1st & 2nd Child friendly classroom is a US based concept, In this concept where the child learns Child develops inner confidence. Personal achievement. Develops self esteem. Develops social skills.

Develops team building skills. Experiences new and exciting activities. Learns respect for others. Creative Class Room - 3rd & 4th Creative classroom is a Singapore based concept, where the children are put . into a conceptual learning method Strengths Makes a particular concept clear. Student develop actual interest to learn concepts. Creates long lasting Innovative tools I hear and I forget, I see and I believe, I do and I understand

Infrastructure & Facilities Information technology center that adequately equipped for junior and senior students have the latest facility to familiarize students in using computers Preparation and Remedial classes Special classes is conducted for the slow learners by teachers during the remedial hours designed according to the needs of these learners. Spacious and state of art Indoor stadium that provides sporting infrastructure for table tennis, volley ball and badminton games. State of art multi-story building and campus filled with range of facilities Best laboratories for physics , chemistry and biology that provide platform for students to nurture the budding scientists

Learning resource center that contains wide range of fiction and non-fiction books , folk and fairytales, magazines , periodicals and reference materials for students and staffs. Infrastructure & Facilities Auditorium is the prominent piece of the schools art center. With 600 seats, state-of-the art lighting and sound systems, being used every day of the week for assemblies, drama , dance and music practices, cultural activities , crafts , yoga and thykondo practices and much more. Swimming pool which is portable and designed for KG students Infirmary is employed with qualified medical and nursing staffs to provide first aid for the emergencies In-house counseling service is extended to the children who are suffered with physiological stress due to peer academic pressure etc. School campus is safe and secure for the students with

CCTV cameras to monitor all entrance and exit gates ,and activities in the campus. In addition, security guards to deployed at strategic spots to ensure safety for the students Quick and convenient transportation service is provided to the students with fleet of school buses and well planned routing, GPS based tracking and control systems for the safety of the students, operated by background and medically verified drivers. School plans to have CCTV cameras in school buses shortly. House System Students are grouped into four houses (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) that focus on most of the activities outside the class room that serve to promote sprit of friendly and healthy competition

in sporting ,literary and cultural activities. It also helps to promote a feeling of belongingness among the members of the school who are from different background. Our teaching staffs are experienced and have worked in leading national schools. In addition, they had received their training in India and overseas Staff participate in training sessions every three months at school and also attend workshops. Professional training are held prior to and at the end of each academic year, during which all teachers review and develop their teaching practice under the

guidance of the Principal Campus Extra Aditya national public School offers a range of activities which vary throughout the school year. Some of the activities we offer are : netball, badminton, karate, yoga ,football, chess, music, dance, both western and . classical, drama, art, and computer club. Children and parents are advised by letter of the activities available and their times

We have a good record of success in competitions against local schools. These are usually organised through the sports partnership and are aimed at different age groups through the course of the year. Applications are invited for the admission into classes from pre-nursery to Middle years programme. Application forms can be had from the school office starting from month of December. Formal application will be followed by written test and interview. Contact us Aditya National Public School 12, Behind Annaburneshwari Temple,

Kogilu Main Road, Maruthi Nagar, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064 Email [email protected] 080 -65471969 , 9741445821, 9620839000 www.adityanps.in

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