Connecting the Essence of our Professional Practice through

Connecting the Essence of our Professional Practice through

Connecting the Essence of our
Professional Practice through
Caring Science

Nursing theory guided practice leads to
improved patient care and quality
Since 2010, KP Northern California
Patient Care Services (PCS) adopted Dr.
Jean Watsons theory of Human Caring
for all 21 medical centers
Caring Science aligns with the KP
National Nursing model by:
1.Framework for building trust
relationships between people
2.Supports genuine caring, healing,
collaborative work environments.
3.Assists with shifting our nursing staff
from task masters to nurses that
create authentic caring healing
The Professional Practice model is
designed to:
Provide shared approach to deliver
extraordinary nursing care for every
patient, every time, and everywhere
for professional practice


Priscilla Javed, DNP, RN, FACHE
Linda Ackerman, MSN, RN
[email protected]
[email protected]
N. California, Patient Care Services



Regional Leaders adopted Voice of
Nursing 1.0 Framework to spread

Start with an assessment and remember that
culture trumps strategy so keep a pulse on the

The Caring Connection
Foundation to Caritas

Spread VON1.0 to 6 hospitals in NCAL
Small work group was formed to assess
current status of Caring Science education
content and co-create a consistent
approach to educate staff and leaders
theory-guided caring healing practices

Roll out of VON 1.0 needs to occur at the
remaining medical centers to create a culture
of clinical excellence

Being and Becoming
Taking care of self
and others

The Improvement Advisor process was
used to assess, sort, and arrange education
content into a progressive series of four

Turnover and transitions with nursing leader
positions has negatively impacted ongoing
education and structural processes
Collaboration and teamwork is critical

The Healing
Providing care to our
patients and members

Caring Coach Leader program will be
offered to all 21 medical centers to
support assistant nurse managers, nurse
managers, and directors

The Caring Science standardized education
modules will initially be implemented in
spring 2017 at KP NCAL innovation sites,
Redwood City and Vallejo

Caritas Consciousness
Evolving our care

Customized caring science question scores from inpatient member discharge surveys attached to HCHAPS survey

Be a framework within which a
nursing theory, such as Caring
Sciences, can be practiced.

Nursing Management and Leadership
Turnover data will be evaluated for impact
to caring science scores moving forward
and compared to baseline data.

Describes how nurses practice,
collaborate, communicate and develop
These attributes are core tenants of
Magnet recognized organizations

Development of a roll out plan with
Caritas Coaches for the 3 Caring Science
modules for remaining NCAL medical
centers will be competed by end of Q3















Northern California Medical Centers






19 20


Roll out VON at remaining NCAL medical
centers in 2017 and 2018

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