Castle View Elementary October 31, 2017 Castle View

Castle View Elementary October 31, 2017 Castle View

Castle View Elementary October 31, 2017 Castle View Elementary 6201 Shaker Dr., Riverside, CA 92506 Approximately 609 Students 24 Full Time Teachers K-6

Castle View Elementary Suspect Luvelle Kennon 27 years old Timeline

1112: The original call is received by dispatch. 1116: Kennon leaves the office and goes into the classroom with teacher. 1116: The school is placed on lockdown. 1117: Good samaritan tries to intervene and is assaulted by Kennon. 1119: Dispatch received multiple calls that a teacher was taken hostage in room A1.

1123: The first officers start arriving at the school. 1130: Kennon started barricading the doors and turned the lights off in the classroom. Timeline 1134: Officers can see Kennon covering the windows with paper. 1137: Officers report hearing furniture being moved inside

the classroom. 1139: Officers start evacuating the locked down classrooms. 1141: The classrooms adjacent to A-1 are evacuated. 1153: A negotiator from the Hostage Negotiating Team (HNT) makes contact with Kennon. 1227: A full SWAT callout is initiated. 1255: The students are fully evacuated from the school. Timeline

1336: HNT can hear talking inside the classroom through the school phone telecom system. 1406: Perimeter officers can see movement inside the classroom, but can not determine who is moving. 1418: The throw phone was deployed to the outside of the front door to the classroom. 1423: Sergeant Wilson used an under-door camera in an attempt to see into the classroom.

1501: Officers attempt to use a thermal imaging camera from the adjacent classroom, but it is unsuccessful due to the thickness of the walls. Timeline 1514: HNT reports hearing voices in the classroom. HNT believes one of the voices is the hostage. 1650: Kennon stopped communicating with HNT.

1651: HNT reports the last sign of life from the hostage was at 1514 hours. 1655: HNT advised that negotiations had broken down, but they were trying to get Kennon back on the phone. 1745: Hostage rescue operation is initiated.

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