Letters Home: What I Learned at Camp NIH

Letters Home: What I Learned at Camp NIH

Letters Home: What I Learned at Camp NIH About Application Submission & eRA Commons Sheri Cummins & Joe Schumaker August 2016 1 Stuff Worth Writing Home About s n o i t a r t s i Reg , n Applicatio on i s s i m b u S Options & n

o i t a c i l p p A Process , e l i b o M A eR Account t, n e m e g a Man , s n o i

t a g Dele RPPR for & , s n o i t a c Publi R P P R l a n Fi 2 Letter Home , Dear Mom ister g e r o t

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g u o thr ood. t s r e d n u we all here. g n i h t y r e of e v k n i h t y e Th Love, Richard d cash! n

e s e s a P.S. Ple 3 Organization Registration 4 Your organization must be registered in multiple systems to submit. Start early can take 6 weeks! DUNS provides unique organization identifier SAM (System for Award Management) needed to do business with government Requires annual renewal Grants.gov required to submit grant applications eRA Commons required to do business with NIH SBA (Small Business Administration) required for SBIR/STTR applications http://grants.nih.gov/grants/how-to-apply-application-guide/prepare-to-apply-and-register/registration/org-representative-registration.htm Visibility of SAM Registration Status in ASSIST SAM registration expiration date & details visible in Initiate Application screen. Coming This Summer

5 SAM registration expiration date always visible in FOA Information screen. Pending SAM Expiration Validation 6 eRA will provide a Warning if your SAM registration is within 14 days of expiration Pre-submission Visible when you use the Validate Application action in ASSIST Post-submission Included in list of errors/warnings in eRA Commons upon submission through Grants.gov using any submission Coming This Fall method Error if your SAM registration has expired. ASSIST Pop-up For Expired SAM Registration

7 ASSIST pop-up will appear if you try to submit and your SAM registration has expired Informational only - does not prevent submission Coming This Fall Active SAM registration will be required to submit using ASSIST. Visibility of SAM Registration Status in eRA Commons 8 Individual Registrations 9 Grants.gov At least one Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) eRA Commons At least one Signing Official (SO) Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) and any multiple-PD/PIs Component leads on a multi-project application Sponsor on a fellowship application (NOT-OD-14-129 August 2014) Candidates for diversity and re-entry supplements Primary mentor identified on individual mentored career

development applications (NOT-OD-16-082 March 2016) http://grants.nih.gov/grants/how-to-apply-application-guide/prepare-to-apply-and-register/registration/investigators-and-other-users/eracommons-user-registration.htm D a d, & m o M Dear Im . t a e r g s IH i ff. u t s Camp N f o s t all sor g n i n r a le

how e v e i l e n t b d l u o w u re to Yo a e r e h t ays ation c i l m a ny w p p a t gran a t

i m b u s ys . a d e s e th ven E . e t i r o y fav m all s e i d i T v S I o r S

p S A v e to a h u o ols y o t h t g a u e o n h t , the ff u t s e ch u m o the sam s s

roces p e h t e m ak easier. Love, Faith colate! o h c f o s send lot e s a le P P.S. 10 Application Submission Options 11 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/how-to-apply-application-guide/prepare-to-apply-and-register/choose-a-submission-option.htm ASSIST 12

Managed by NIH Features Multi-user access Pre-population from eRA Commons profile information Pre-submission validations Pre-submission preview in agency format Tracking in a single system NIH support personnel can (securely) see what you see when troubleshooting issues Ability to copy application data to another opportunity or to a different application package for the same opportunity Super handy feature during form updates! System-to-system (S2S) Solution 13 Managed by institution or service provider Features vary by solution Examples of potential features

Secure, on-line data entry Concurrent user support Integration with institutional databases and grant systems to reduce data entry Pre-submission verification of some NIH business rules Pre-submission preview of assembled application image in generic or agency format Visibility to eRA Commons application status information Grants.gov Downloadable Forms 14 Managed by Grants.gov No registration required until submission Offline data entry Good when internet connectivity is unavailable or unreliable No visibility to agency errors/warnings or application image prior to submission Must track in multiple systems Grants.gov Workspace

15 Managed by Grants.gov Hybrid of online application management and downloadable forms Allows forms to be completed individually by different users No visibility to agency errors/warnings or application image prior to submission Must login to multiple systems to track application status (Grants.gov & eRA Commons) Available Options for Application Types 16 Type ASSIST SystemtoSystem Solution1 Grants.gov Downloadable Forms Grants.gov Workspace Single-project (SP) Competing Applications

Multi-Project (MP) Competing Applications Administrative Supplement (Admin Type 3) Successor-in-Interest (Type 6) (SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) Change of Institution (Type 7)

(SP) (SP) (SP) (SP) Availability varies by applicant organization and S2S solution 1 eRA Common s (SP) Paper (SP, MP) (SP, MP) Relinquishin g Statement (SP, MP) What Submission Option Are Applicants Using? 17 More and more Grants.gov Downloadable Forms/Workspace users switching to ASSIST Your Application will be 18

Subject to the same registration requirements Completed with the same data items Routed through Grants.gov Validated against the same NIH business rules Assembled in a consistent format for review consideration Tracked in eRA Commons regardless of submission option used. , Dear Dad lication p p a e h t We ran course e l c a t s b no t submissio team was the firs My Monday. submit.

y ll u f s s e cc one to su te it, e l p m o c week to l l a d a h y. Boy l r a We e t r a t ed to s d

i c e d t u b we did. d a l g e w were he last t il t n u d s waite k l o f e as e b m ld o u S

o w inking it h t one g t n u i n h i t e m m ering so d r o s a y eas snt! a w t I . e n li

icee k a m o t ers got h s i n fi e h All t yum! s e a d n cream su Nancy 19 Ready to Submit? 20 You are ready to submit once you have: Verified all required registrations Identified a funding opportunity announcement and due date Chosen a submission method

Prepared your application forms per the announcement and application guide instructions Routed your application to the person authorized to submit (i.e. Grants.gov user with the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role) Application Process Submit AOR submits application to Grants.gov Grants.gov checks application and records status AOR checks status in Grants.gov Validated (No errors) Rejected with Errors Applicant corrects application errors 21 Application queued for agency retrieval Application Process Track

eRA system downloads application eRA checks application and puts status in eRA Commons Applicant checks status in eRA Commons AOR submits changed/correct application to Grants.gov and begins process again Errors found Applicant makes corrections before deadline 22 Application image generated Warnings OK in eRA Commons No errors, Application Process View Happy with image in eRA Commons? Looks good

Change desired Before deadline? AOR submits to Grants.gov and begins process again After 2 business days the application automatically moves forward to Receipt & Referral Let application move forward without change No SO rejects Which application in option? Apply for eRA Commons later due date Yes SO rejects app in eRA Commons (w/in viewing window) or withdraws app (after) & prepares changed/correct application Make change

and be subject to late policy 23 ty, Dear Bet ons m m o C A lay eR p o t t o g I t us in u p y e h T ay. trivia tod ne d a g i s s

a d n teams a am. e t h c a e r to counselo ma e t y m as on w o h w s s Gue Joe! fu n n y d n a e t u ooo c

ing h t y r He is soo e v e k no w s e k i l e h Tracy and . n o w e rse w so of cou . It was s u o l a e j y was reall

! awesome Miss you! Sherri 24 dad, d n a m o Dear m t o ne e g e W nes. great. o s i h p p r m u Ca us e o o t y a

d hour a obile M A R e e ne w h t o t l e to s b a s a w Thank sign, I e d y l d frien ant. r g y m n check o re is

e h t s i st issue e g g i b The on t h e e c a l p e ets a g only on t a h t ou n d r g p m a c signal.

illy Love, B 25 eRA Mobile Executive Summary 26 D E V E L O P A N E R A M O B I L E S T R AT E G Y DEVELOP CORRESPONDING POLICIES FOR USE IDENTIFY NEEDS BASED ON CURRENT MOBILE TRAFFIC F O C U S O N A M O B I L E C A PA B L E W E B S I T E V S . A T R A D I T I O N A L P L AT F O R M S P E C I F I C A P P L I C AT I O N GET FEEDBACK AND CUSTOMER INPUT Purpose of eRA Mobile Development Initiative 27 Better support a diverse user community Ensures that eRA provides efficient solutions for mobile platforms Ensures a positive end user experience while using a variety of devices (i.e., iPhone, androids, tablets)

Commons Mobile Features 28 Track grant application status through the submission process View Basic Info Status Score/percentile SRG View grant image View summary statements Commons Mobile 29 Mobile devices access Status through a dedicated URL: https://m.era.nih.gov/cmb

, Dear Mom times e m o s t u un. B f s i p m a C ll the e t o t d r a h it is kinda m th e o r f s r e

p cam rs counselo e ts u s l S M A w he ne Luckily, t ho w s o t s t r o run rep re. e h e l o r s everyone n. o o s

u o y Se e ies! k o o c d n Se ne Love Joan 30 Account Management Redesign 31 U P D AT E D T H E CU R R E N T A C CO U N T M AN A G E M E N T S Y S T EM ( A M S ) F UN C T I O N S T O SU P P O RT EX T ER N A L , N I H , A N D O T H E R A G EN C Y A C CO U N T S I N A S I N G L E S Y S T EM E N H A N C E D U S AB I L I T Y O F A M S F UN C T I O N AL I T Y What Changed? 32 New Look and Feel

eRA User Interface Standard Create Account Process 33 Search screen remains the AMS landing page Can create account without searching Based on data statistics, most users are searching without criteria to get to the Create Account screen Same validations will be provided to prevent duplicate account creation After account creation is completed, user is able to Manage the newly created account Create another account Create Account Process (Contd) 34 Checks User ID as you type it Add user roles

when you create the account or manage the account after it is created Create Account Process (Contd) 35 Manage Account Process 36 You can: Update email address Add and remove roles easily Reset Password Assign Roles Process 37 System provides: A clear indication of assigned user roles Ability to select several roles at the same time Capability to easily remove the selected roles Search 38 Defaults to search inside AND outside your organization Capability to view funding history

Reports 39 1. All Users Report - List of accounts with role(s) selection 2. List of accounts with incomplete profiles (future) All User Report Screen 40 All User Report Results Screen 41 ts i n U l a t n e r Dear Pa you m r o f n i

o t d I am please he t o t t n a t s i s s that as an a en e b e v a h I , s Counselor rous e m u n d e

t delega s. e ti i l i b i s n o resp nn e V e h t n o ased b , r e v e w o H not m a

I , d e h c a Diagram att for e c i o h c e l b a vi sure I am a the job. ck i R , y l g n i v o L PS: Ple

unde n a le c d n e ase s rwear 42 Delegations 43 ER A C OM M O N S A L L O W S U S ER S T O G I VE O T H E R P E R M I SS I O N T O D O SP E C I F I C A C T I O N S O N T H EI R B EH A L F Delegations 44 Status Any PI can delegate the ability to check for application errors/warnings and to view the PIs assembled application image Ability to view application summary statements and scores is specifically withheld New Feature!

If several PIs delegate Status to the same assistant, the PI selection for whom the assistant is working on will remain throughout their connection to Commons unless they specifically change the selection Delegations 45 PPF Any user can delegate to any other user at their institution the ability to edit their Personal Profile information Submit SOs and BOs can delegate to a PI the ability to submit their own progress reports to agency The PI will be listed as the authorized submitter on the submission Delegations 46 Progress Report Any SO or a PI can delegate the ability to complete progress report information for the PIs grants Remember: SOs register assistants in Commons Ability to Route and Submit is specifically withheld This now includes the ability to update inclusion data for Progress Reports and in the Inclusion

Management System (IMS) Delegations 47 xTrain A PI can delegate authority to perform most actions within xTrain on their behalf Ability to Submit appointments to agency is specifically withheld Sponsor A SO or Sponsor can delegate to any user at their institution the ability to initiate and facilitate termination of a fellow Ability to Submit a termination is specifically withheld d Pops! n a s m o Yo M at the n i n e

p p is h a Like what nt? home fro day! o t w e n umpin Learned s cks, lo e i ld o G now, Did you k ld locks o g d n a , cks golden lo ings? h

t t n e r e are all diff Wild yea? gave a e w , e t a r To celeb do w e n a k chipmun Stylin! la Love, Bel 48 RPPR for Publications 49 N E W F EAT U R E! I DE N T I F Y I N G P U B L I CAT I O N S T H AT

C A N N OT B E R E M OV ED F R O M A N R P P R RPPR for Publications 50 New Feature! When selecting/deselecting publications for Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) submissions, users will see a gold lock icon next to those publications which cannot be removed from the RPPR To remove the grant affiliation from the publication with a gold lock, users will need to contact the NIHMS (NIH Manuscript System) help desk through their web form, which is accessible at http://www.nihms.nih.gov/ Cool Resource: http://publicaccess.nih.gov/my-bibliography-faq.htm#I .4.Deletingunwantedcitations RPPR for Publications 51 , Dear Mom at?! h w

s s e u G come o t y d a e LLY r I am FINA ic). p e e s ( e hom y m e b l l i w This NCE FINAL A

M R O F R H PE RESEARC S PROGRES k me REPORT c i p u o y fore to you be u p. Jerry , e v o L h t Wi els) w o t g n

i r (please b 52 FINAL RPPR 53 C O M I N G SO O N ! F I N A L R E S E A R C H P R OG R ESS R EP O RT ( F R PP R ) { F ER P E R ? } FINAL RPPR 54 ** This is work in progress, details may change ** Similar format and process as the current RPPR FRPPR link will appear in Closeout for Signing Officials This will replace the current Final Progress Report in the Closeout Process

Final RPPR will be integrated with the Inclusion Management System for Closeout FINAL RPPR (contd) 55 ** This is work in progress, details may change ** Three sections of RPPR will NOT be part of the FRPPR: Section D: Participants Section F: Changes Section H: Budget The Final RPPR will be due 120 days after project period end date Once the final RPPR is submitted it will no longer be accessible to be edited Support NIH eRA Service Desk

Web: http://grants.nih.gov/support/ Toll-free: 1-866-504-9552 Phone: 301-402-7469 Hours: Mon-Fri, 7a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time (Except for Federal holidays) Get Connected Subscribe to eRA listservs at: http://era.nih.gov/about_era/get_connected.cfm 56

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