Write a geographic question about this picture, remember

Write a geographic question about this picture, remember

Write a geographic question about this picture, remember WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHERE, WHEN. AIMS: o Explain why rates of erosion differ o Investigate the effect of this on a local case study The Holderness Coastline Location Holderness is a lowland region of England that lies between the chalk hills of the Wolds and the North Sea. It is part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The Holderness Coast is one of Europe's

fastest eroding coastlines. The average annual rate of erosion is around 2 metres per year. The main reason for this is because the bedrock is made up of till. This material was deposited by glaciers around 12,000 years ago. Information source: The University of Hull Holderness Coastline past & present Geology of Holderness Coast Geology Map of Holderness

Altitude Map of Holderness Boulder Clay is a very very soft rock. It is basically made up of the debris scrapped along at the bottom of glaciers thousands of years ago. It has little structure, and when wet can be broken up by hand quite easily. Wind and Fetch The Holderness Coast is very exposed, approaching waves have a long fetch over the North Sea.

The waves are mainly destructive eroding the base of the cliffs (hydraulic action etc.). Most of the Material eroded from the cliffs is washed out to sea, the rest is moved by longshore drift - the beaches are therefore narrow and do little to protect the coastline.

Land use Holderness Coast I am worried about coastal erosion as I may lose my home. I cannot insure my property. Local resident at Mappleton Spending on flood and coastal erosion risk is at record levels. We have agreed plans with local

communities to protect where it is practical. However me must make sure tax payers money is spent wisely. Government Official The views of interested parties I have a farm near Mappleton and the government is not helping me, my

livelihood is disappearing. Local resident at Aldborough Erosion of the coastline is a worry because it is constantly on your mind. I worry that people wont want to live here Local business owner at Withernsea

My surgery is full of people reporting erosion related stress, sleeplessness and depression Local GP The cliff line is retreating at an alarming rate - greater than 1m / yr (fastest rate in Europe) - 4km of land have been lost since Roman Times, including many villages and farm buildings. Easington Gas Station (a North Sea Gas terminal) is situated on the cliffs

top and its position is under threat The village of Mappleton is greatly underthreat by coastal erosion along the coastline and by 1998, the main road running through the village was only 500m from the cliff top and in places it is now only 50m.

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