Book Bags Please leave book bags on the

Book Bags Please leave book bags on the

Book Bags Please leave book bags on the shelf at the entrance to the Library. But DONT leave your purse or wallet!

Book Drop Located at the entrance to the Library. Return Library materials here. Return Textbooks and Calculators to

the Librarians. Circulation Desk This is the Business area of the Library. You can ask questions, check out books, sign in with passes, pick up your printing, and various other procedures. Sign-in

Book In order to come to the Library independently you must get a pass before or after school from a librarian. Passes are ONLY issued so you can work on school assignments.

When coming to the Library with a pass to work independently, place your pass on the spindle, and sign in for the hour. Check Out You can check out materials from any of the

computers at the Circulation Desk. We appreciate it if you bring your ID card, but you can still check out by giving us your ID number. Books check out for 2 weeks and can be renewed. Overdue notices are sent to your PAWS class. There are NO FINES for overdue materials, but please return in a timely manner. Carry your ID with you so you can

quickly check out books, and use the back of the card for User Name and Password for accessing your By now you should all have your ID cards.

If not, check with Ms. Kochis this week and take care of any missing paperwork for your Internet License. Student

Printers In the Library you will print to Napoleon or Dynamite. Dont forget to check your print monitor window to be sure you are sending your

documents to the printer in your area. Student Supplies Next to the Printers at the Circulation Desk you will find a collection of office supplies that you may use as you complete your projects: scissors, tape, stapler, pencil sharpener, etc. Just return them

when you are finished. Copy Machine Copies cost 15 for black and white, 50 for color. This is where you can make

multiple copies of a document but not on the printer. Dictionar y There are several dictionaries

in the Library for you to use, including foreign language dictionaries which are located in the Reference section.

Books There are many types of books for you to enjoy. If you have any recommendations of books or authors you would like to read, turn your request in to the Librarian to be considered for purchase then you will be the first one to read them. Graphic Novels Reference

The materials in this section CAN be checked out for overnight, or you can request an extended due date. Books in this section are labeled with REF in the catalog. Encyclopedias There are print as well as online Encyclopedias. This set may be checked out as

needed. Non-fiction These materials are arranged along the West wall of the Library, and are organized by Dewey Decimal numbers. Each subject area has a unique number; Sports 796, Vietnam 959.794, etc. Fiction

Is found on the East side of the Library, and is arranged alphabetically according to the authors last name. Fiction Genre In response to student requests, Science Fiction and Fantasy titles have been

shelved in separate sections at the end of the fiction section. You will find your favorite series here. Emergent Readers In this area students will find materials

that are written at an easier reading level. Students who are attending an American school for the first time find this helpful as they learn English.

Current Magazines We subscribe to over 60 magazine titles. The newest issues on display do not check out, but 2 years of back issues can be checked out. You will notice that most of the titles are for recreational reading, and we encourage you to recommend a title you would like to

read if we dont already subscribe. Magazine Back Issues Arranged alphabetically by title, next to the current magazines on display, and may be checked out. Newspapers We subscribe to the Star Tribune and

the Pioneer Press. Papers are delivered every day that school is in session. Back issues are under the printer counter at the Circulation Desk for students to use

for current events or other projects. Multi-Media Area Here you will find 3 extra student computers, a scanner, and 2 monitors for viewing VHS or DVDs. Student Computers There are 40 student computers in

the Library, all fully networked to the programs and applications you need. REMEMBER student stations are monitored throughout the day. Study/Class Seating Beyond the student computers there are 2 Study Areas East and West. Pay attention to the information on the white board to see which area

of the Library your class has been assigned. Lounge Area You are always welcome to come in and read and relax, or just enjoy some quiet time in our comfortable seating areas. Library

Tour Now its time to get a Library map from your teacher, head to the Library, and locate all the resources you have just seen. This is an independent

activity not a group project. Turn in your map at the end of the hour. Good Luck

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