Annotate this infographic in your packet: 1. What

Annotate this infographic in your packet: 1. What

Annotate this infographic in your packet: 1. What do the arrows represent? 2. What do the rings represent? 3. Next to each of the 3 pictures, make a note describing each scenario.

4. What is the National Institutes for Healths Claim? Activity A How does this infographic relate to Eula Bisss explanation of herd immunity? Quote 1 sentence

from her work that emphasizes the idea that these two works share. Activity B With each picture write a brief response: What do you see? Observations

What do you assume? Interpretations What do you wonder? Questions Activity C: Respond to Questions 1. How is Gillrays picture The Cow Pockorthe Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation satirical? 2. How does Gillrays use of irony contrast the cartoons image and

its title? 3. How does Gillray use exaggeration to make his point? What do you notice about the physical features of the people? Satire= The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices Activity D: Prompt Write a paragraph analyzing

Gillrays claim in his satirical cartoon Start with a claim Gillrays cartoon The Cow Pock is presenting a satirical argument that ridicules _____________ and ____________ by using (humor, exaggeration, and/or irony). Include visual observations that support your claim: describe 2 visual details, infer their meaning, and explain how they are satirical and ridiculing one or more groups of people. Blend a quotation from the research source SmallpoxThe Speckled Monster to further support your analysis of Gillrays cartoon. Explain its connection to the cartoon. End with

So it is clear that Gillrays purpose was to ___________________________. Measles: A Dangerous Illness by Roald Dahl pg. 35-38 Underline and label the claim What rhetorical tactic comes directly before the claim? Paraphrase the 3 main points that support the claim in the margin Rhetorical Devices: Highlight and make notes for the persuasive rhetorical appeals:

Logos: the main points are logos; now highlight evidence (facts, stats, & numbers) Ethos: pinpoint the 3 uses of ethos and explain how Dahl builds credibility and trust pathos: find multiple examples; include the feeling Dahl wants the audience to experience Find and make a note about the 2 uses of repetition & why Dahl uses it? Find and make a note about the uses of a rhetorical question Label the Call to Action! Details:

Find and label the allusion What is structurally significant about the first paragraph/opener? Where is there imagery? Circle diction that defines the tone. Note the 2 tone words on page. 38

Mandatory Vaccination Is Not the Answer to Measles by Bob Sears Underline the claim Annotate the factual evidence Highlight and annotate persuasive techniques Place boxes around statements that are in direct opposition to Dahls points. Last page: What would Sears say to Dahl? Write 2-3 sentences.

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