Dressage for Gaited Horse & Rider A Journey

Dressage for Gaited Horse & Rider A Journey

Dressage for Gaited Horse & Rider A Journey For Sound Horses Dont Be Scared it just means Training! Training with Relaxation

Master Clinicians now teaching these ancient principals Xenophon wrote our earliest surviving text on Dressage in the time of Socrates Dressage for the Trail

It was All About the Music Builds Horse & Rider connection Ten Minutes on the Rail Prepares for Hours on the Trail

Prepares for an INFINITE number of things to go wrong in an INFINITE space Gaited Tests & Training Pyramid Friends Of Sound Horses: IJA Basic - First Level

NWHA Intro - Third Level Western Dressage Assoc: Intro - Basic Test These Programs Adhere to: Elements of Training Pyramid Tack, Attire and Shoeing to USDF & USEF Standards The Tests An Overview

Introductory Walk Med Gait Free Walk 20 Meter Circle Training Canter 20 Meter Cir First Level Stretching Circle -Lengthened Canter on 5 Meter Circle Second Level Shoulder In, Renvers, Simple Change of Lead, Rein-back

Third Level Half Pass, Rein-Back, Turn on Haunches, Flying Changes Collected & Extended Canter It All Begins At Intro Square Quiet Halt Medium Walk Intermediate Gait Free Walk on Loose Rein

Canter Introduced Levi Training Level: Canter Confirmed Regular Walk - Free Walk - Medium Gait Canter Medium Gait & Canter on 20 Meter Circle More Impulsion and Use of Hind End

Poll & Jaw are Soft Balance and Forwardness at all Gaits Our Walk Across America Prince Jester First Level : Collection Begins

Lengthenings at Canter & Medium Gait More Thrust from Behind Introduces Leg Yield Simple Change of Lead

Second & Third Level Second Level Third Level Increased Suppling of Rib Cage Half Pass, Rein-Back Shoulder-In, Haunches-In

Turn on Haunches Walk - Collected Canter Transitions Flying ChangesExtended Canter Canter Circle - 10 Meters Engagement of Hind More Weight Carried by Hind

End Lightness of Forehand Brings Us Closer to Collection Horse In Self-Carriage When You Go to the ShowRelax & Enjoy the Day! You A

are What You AreBe Proud! Snapshot of Accomplishment Undivided Your Attention of the Judge test is a Written Report of a Comprehensive Riding Lesson!

Dressage Develops Your Horses Best Gait A New Arena for Our Gaited Community Gaited Horse Riders can participate in Dressage Studies and Competition

Non-Gaited Horse Riders on Gaited Horses and can continue Study, Schooling and Competition. Dressage for Gaited Horse & Rider An Educational Journey

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