Rhetoric The art of speaking, writing and communicating

Rhetoric  The art of speaking, writing and communicating

Rhetoric The art of speaking, writing and communicating effectively. Rhetoric is a tool writers and speakers use in order to influence the judgment or feelings of the readers and listeners. Def: Extending a metaphor through an

entire narrative so that objects, persons, and actions in the text are equated with meanings that lie outside the text. Ex: Avatar, Pilgrims Progress, Lord of the Flies Def: REPETITION of similar sounds

at the beginning of a phrase (usually CONSONANTS) Ex: She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Def: literary, historical, religious, or mythological REFERENCE

Ex: Now, if you dont win, I dont want to hear any sour grape remarks. (This refers to one of Aesops fables.) Ex: For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under

heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck upwhat is planted Def: REPITION of the same WORDS/PHRASES at

the beginning of clauses Def: CONTRASTING ideas presented in balanced grammatical structure Ex: one SMALL STEP for man, one GIANT LEAP for mankind.

Def: short, witty life lesson OR of statement designed to

make a point a commonly held belief Ex: Children should be seen, not heard. Def: Speaking to

someone NOT present, or to an OBJECT Ex: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall Who is the fairest of them all? Def: REPETITION of similar

VOWEL sounds in the middle of words Ex: Tilting at the windmills . NOT with conjunctions Def: CONJUNCTIONS are OMITTED

Ex. I came, I saw, I conquered Def: figure of speech where first half of terms are REVERSED in the second half.

Ex: He thinks I am but a fool. A fool, perhaps I am. Def: SLANG in a certain region, or informal/ unprofessional diction. Ex: YALL Things

Stuff Def: IMPLIED, underlying meaning of a word Def: DICTIONARY DEFINITION of a

word Def: REPETITION of CONSONANT SOUNDS at the end of words Ex: pitter-patter splish-splash

Def: WORD CHOICE High level, low level, emotional, vehement, etc. Def: KINDER way of

expressing something UNPLEASANT I need to poop! OR

I need to use the bathroom! Def: EXTREME EXAGGERATION Look, theres an allusion too!

Def: SENSORY DETAIL to evoke feeling or emotion or to describe; the 5 senses Ex: Her cheeks were rosy and so was my love bursting with fragrance and softness.

AN IMPLIED DIFFERENCE. VERBAL: Difference between what is said and what is meant SITUATIONAL: Difference between what you are led to expect and what actually happens DRAMATIC: Difference between what one character knows and what the audience knows (We know something the character does not know.)

Clarification: If I say, Gee, I really wish it would snow, and it starts snowing immediately, that is apropos (too perfect). It is NOT ironic. (There is no DIFFERENCE between what I wanted and what happened.) Def: UNDERSTATEMENT by negating the

opposite. I am not a tiny man. Your temperature is not quite normal. LOGOS:

PATHOS: logic ETHOS: authority/ shared emotion values Def: comparison WITHOUT USING LIKE

OR AS Direct: A sea of troubles. OR Indirect: His depression was vast, swelled by troubles that perpetually crested and fell.

Def: A CLOSELY ASSOCIATED object represents something Instead of king of fast food, CROWN of fast food.

Way info. is presented: Narration Description Exposition (cause/effect) (comparison/contrast) Argumentation

Def: sounds! Def: CONTRADICTING description Pitiful privilege Jumbo shrimp Mighty

weakness Cold heat Def: statement that SEEMS completely contradictory but really is TRUE Ex: Standing is more tiring than walking Differs from oxymoron:

Oxymoron is descriptive phrase peaceful war Paradox is whole idea War is peace. Ex: As the turtle retreated into her shell, she cried.

Def: giving object/animal some HUMAN features (She still acts like a turtle, but she has human features too.) Def: Making

object/ animal act like a HUMAN Ex: Pillsbury Dough BoyHe laughs, he cooks, he shops, he talks, he acts entirely human. Def: question asked merely for effect, NOT expected to be

answered "Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who would want to live in an institution?" (H. L. Mencken) Def: Usually hurtful or personally attacking. Such as CRITICAL PRAISE. Def: human failings/ negative

societal attitudes are RIDICULED, sometimes by false agreement or praise. Def: comparison using LIKE OR AS He is as pretty as your mom.

Def: person, place, or thing that REPRESEN TSsomethin g Ex: Golden Arches

represent McDonalds Def: PART of an object represents the WHOLE I GOT NEW WHEELS

I GOT A NEW CAR The way words and sentences are arranged. Sentences can be short and choppy or long and flowing. Pay close attention to the punctuation.

Def: authors FEELINGS/ Tone of voice in his piece of writing

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