Oceans Reach Annual Meeting WELCOME AGENDA WELCOME ...................

Oceans Reach Annual Meeting WELCOME AGENDA WELCOME ...................

Oceans Reach Annual Meeting WELCOME AGENDA WELCOME ................... Alison Warren FINANCE Doris Vigliotti


Alison Warren Doris Vigliotti David Herrick Dru Doyle Judy Jaastad .. Stepping down Stuart Proctor ... New board member STAFF:

Andy Boyle Dina Craig BALLOTS Owners Ballot Results Approved 2013 Reserve 2013 Budget 2013 Excess Income Reporting OCEANS REACH CONDOMINIUMS ASSOCIATION FISCAL 2013 AND 2012 FINANCIAL SUMMARY OPERATING FUND 2013

2012 % Change INCOME: Maintenance Fees & Rental Commissions 728,971 684,013 6.6%

21,433 13,531 58.4% 697,544 7.6% 207,246 62,760

203,875 54,765 1.7% 14.6% 270,006 258,640 4.4%

Marketing 51,486 37,596 36.9% All Other 25,765 37,025

-30.4% 77,251 74,621 3.5% All Other income TOTAL INCOME $

750,404 $ EXPENSES: Employee expenses: Salaries/Wages All Other General & Administrative expenses: OCEANS REACH CONDOMINIUMS ASSOCIATION

FISCAL 2013 AND 2012 FINANCIAL SUMMARY OPERATING FUND 2013 2012 % Change Cable & Disposal 43,381 45,704

-5.1% Repairs & Maintenance 94,265 84,753 11.2% Insurance

90,836 81,613 11.3% Utilities & telephone 85,555 83,094 3.0%

All Other 20,514 25,460 -19.4% 334,551 320,624

4.3% Operating Expenses: TOTAL EXPENSES INCOME OVER EXPENSES $ 681,808 $

653,885 4.3% $ 68,596 $ 43,659

57.1% Site Improvements NET INCOME AFTER SITE IMPROVEMENTS $ 2013 2012 20,093

40,121 48,503 $ 3,538 SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Osprey Cam 4,952

Fences 2,824 (Recycle & cleaning shed areas) Pond Area-Clean & Plantings 2,335 Bike Platform & Pads

2,172 Apartment Improvements 1,769 Lock Boxes for Units 1,647 Office Concept Plan Master Site Plan Elevator Tiles

Pressure Washer & Signs Satellite TV Video Cameras Window Screens Entry Door Lights 1,500 1,000 900 994 1,027

18,722 6,547 3,070 3,164 Grove Furniture Others 20,093 2,523 5,068 40,121

% Change OCEANS REACH CONDOMINIUMS ASSOCIATION FISCAL 2013 AND 2012 FINANCIAL SUMMARY RESERVE FUND 2013 Assessments Income Interest Income Site Improvements** NET INCOME (LOSS) 2012

75,376 75,376 504 578 (169,702) $ (93,822) (38,094)

$ 37,860 **Site Improvements: New Sewer Station Pumps Gutters Paint Corridor Windows Tennis Court Repair and Resurface Pavers Repair & Sealing Painting Project 18,285 12,364 4,835

2,610 26,275 134,487 Lanai Screens 4,494 Plantings 3,122 Seal Carport Seams

1,324 169,702 38,094 FY 2012 2013 HIGHLIGHTS Strong Rental Growth: Gross rental income up 9.79% $3,672,241 this year vs. $3,346,183 last year

FY 2012 2013 HIGHLIGHTS Occupancy: One-Bedroom Units: 86% this year vs. 79% last year (74% 2011) Two-Bedroom Units: 83% this year vs. 75% last year (67% 2011) HISTORY OF RENTAL PROGRAM

Occupancy through the years: YEAR BEDROOM 1-BEDROOM__ 2006 57% 49% 2007

64% 70% 2008 68% 78% 2009 75%

2- HISTORY OF RENTAL PROGRAM Rental Income through the years: YEAR Gross Rental Income for Association 2006 $ 1,836,678

2007 $ 2,461,756 2008 $ 2,799,583 2009 $ 2,854,250 2010

$ 2,978,273 2011 $ 3,063,141 2012 $ 3,486,392 GENEROUS DONATIONS

Thanks to Walt McNairy: Landscaping & seed to finish new bike area New bird house for Red-Bellied Woodpeckers Bird Walks ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS MAJOR PAINTING PROJECT: Buildings painted, all lanai screens replaced and concrete repair work

completed in all areas of need ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS New Osprey Cam installed in the fall; now broadcast via Earthcam to satisfy demand Bird Walk program established during season by owner Walt McNairy ACCOMPLISHMENTS

& IMPROVEMENTS New recreational area created adjacent to pond Moved bike storage area to behind tennis court Installed new white fence around recycling containers ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS Enhanced property by replacing tiles in both elevators built new stairs

to the apartment replaced emergency lights with LED bulbs created new shuffle board signs installed woodpecker nesting box coordinated new plantings ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS Retained #1 ranking on TripAdvisor Named to exclusive Expedia Insiders Select List given

to less than 1% of properties globally only three properties in SW FL on list ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS Published an Oceans Reach guest calendar Established a Meet and Greet evening for guests during season Began work on 3-5 Year Strategic Plan

ACCOMPLISHMENTS & IMPROVEMENTS Expanded marketing efforts, including extensive redesign of OR website mobilefriendly access new room descriptions new daily blog and implementation of comprehensive Past Guest Survey A FEW CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY

Deep cleans and unit repairs difficult to schedule due to high occupancy As its been 7 years since remodeling, buildings are now needing more and more maintenance (A/C, pool, landscaping) A FEW CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY Increased time demands on staff due to increased

occupancy Units need addressing; getting worn and tired Insurance raises (15% last year) Lisa Williams Our own was honored by the county with a prestigious

E-Award honorable mention this year for exemplary customer service. Adolfo Nieto spruces up our awesome shelling station. Chamber of

Commerce The staff enjoyed their annual tour. Our guests are awfully darn wonderful! Diestal family gets ready for their annual Parade to the Parade for the islands July 4th celebration this year!

The We look forward to welcoming the Jenkins Family once again this year for an evening of joyous holiday music . Sue Webster works very closely with

our Treasurer on the reconciliation of all bank accounts. Dru meets with George Fogg and Amy Nowacki to discuss future landscaping and architectural concepts for our Master Plan. Walt McNairy put up a new bird

house where we raised a family of red bellied woodpeckers! Walt will be returning to reprise his birding trips this coming winter. John Shea works his magic at the front desk.

The Weather Channel came to town to talk about our resurgence since Hurricane Charley. Its hard to believe its been a year since Lorena Ponce proudly showed off the newest member of William, big sister Jennifer. our family,

here with Just look at our cutie now! major painting and maintenance project this summer, Our contracted through the

Elias Brothers Group, went exceptionally smoothly, with very little disruption to guests! Workers putting new Recycling Area fence. in our

Adolpho installed new rules and scoreboard signs to our shuffleboard court. Weve been very pleased with the work

Union Mechanical, our from new vendor for maintenance and A/C. John Barbour pictured. Owner A warm welcome to

Randy Blackburn, owner of lawn care service provider LandGraphics, to our vendor support team. Clearing the back side of the pond. Revamping

the pond area was hard work, but well worth it! Maintenance is always on-going! Here, were power washing to keep everything clean. Pruning trees is

just one of the many jobs that require tending to each year. Carl Webster is one of our key go to folks for important upkeep projects.

Jocelyn Lisa pose for our Expedia Award press release. and Our Osprey Cam was wonderful although, sadly, no new chicks hatched on site this past year.

We received more than 300 fabulous photos for our annual contest this year! Congrats to Joe Ebbeler! winner LOOKING AHEAD TO 2014

Analysis of long-term Strategic Action Plan Exploration of Master Plan enhancements for Common Areas and Office Redesign Update unit photos on new website Signage throughout property to be replaced MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website:

Brand new website packed w/ user-friendly features Now mobile-friendly for smartphones and tablets MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website Objectives: 1. To revitalize our website with a crisp, clean, refreshing new look MARKETING

HIGHLIGHTS New Website Objectives: 2. To improve navigation: Design site in such a way that visitors will be able to quickly and easily find the information they want MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website Objectives: 3. To take advantage of the beautiful visuals we have

that make Oceans Reach such an enticing place to visit MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website: Traffic is up 27% Guests are browsing via: Computers 70.9% Tablets 16.9%

Smartphones 12.1% To MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website: Average visit time on new site has more than tripled: 3 minutes, 21 seconds versus 58 seconds MARKETING

HIGHLIGHTS New Website: Average page views on new site have also tripled: 3.6 pages versus 1.3 pages MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS New Website: Top three pages: View Condo Interiors

Blog Rates & Reservations MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS TripAdvisor: Still #1 on Sanibel 98% Customer Satisfaction Up to 256 Five-Star Reviews -- Sandalfoot (2nd place) has 153 reviews MARKETING

HIGHLIGHTS TripAdvisor CSI: Customer Satisfaction Index of 97.6 out of 100 Overall Rating

Cleanliness Location Rooms Service Value Recommend to a friend MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS TripAdvisor: Received Certificate of Excellence award for the second year in a row Awarded to less than 10%

of the 1 million+ properties listed for 93,000 destinations MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS Expedia: Named to the Expedia Insiders Select List for 2013 Features just the top one half of one percent of 150,000 properties worldwide One of three properties in SW FL and the only one on Sanibel

MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS Expedia: Oceans Reach currently rated Exceptional 4.8 out of 5 guest rating (highest on Sanibel) 100% guest referral rate from 66 online reviews MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS

Booking.com: Oceans Reach currently rated Wonderful 9.4 out of 10 guest rating (highest on Sanibel) 38 online reviews MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS Social Media: Blog subscribers 2,200 vs. 902 (new blog subscription service)

Facebook followers 490 vs. 399 Twitter followers 449 vs. 326 MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS Beach Wrap: E-newsletter sent out every 6-8 weeks to 5,095 recipients To explore new design this upcoming year

MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS Huge thanks to Jim and Marilee McCormack for doing a phenomenal job with our website, blog and social media programs and all from Indiana, proving that it really is a small world these days! MARKETING HIGHLIGHTS

2014 Guest Calendar: Photo Contest generated over 300 amazing photos 3X as many entries as last year! Calendars to go on sale Nov 8 $15 each (plus $4.99 S&H) with convenient payment through PayPal OWNER COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS RECD FROM ANNUAL MEETING PACKET (Sept 2013):

Cleaning supplies and antibacterial soap should be part of unit inventory Coffee filters should be provided in units Is property acquisition still under consideration? Do most condos on Sanibel charge credit card fees to owners? OWNER COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS (cont) Make sure all owners keep their unit up to date

Need BeachCam (similar to OspreyCam) Provide electric car charging station Discuss raising condo dues (same for 7 years) Determine impact of unit quality on bookings CLOSING COMMENTS Please join us tonight for our Annual Owner Picnic in the Grove! 5:30 p.m.

BYOB CLOSING COMMENTS SAVE THE DATE! 2014 Annual Meeting November 5, 2014 CLOSING COMMENTS A most heartfelt Thank You to JUDY JAASTAD

You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul. Thank you for your immeasurable impact on the success of Oceans Reach! most

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