A SUPERVISED CONSUMPTION SITE FOR BARRIE Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Gilbert Centre Canadian Mental Health Association Simcoe County Downtown Barrie BIA Board Meeting February 26,2019 BACKGROUND Opioids - a public health crisis in Barrie EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT VISITS DEATHS DUE TO OPIOIDS BARRIE 50% increase Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. Opioid deaths. 2018; Available from:

http://www.simcoemuskokahealthstats.org/topics/alcohol-drugs/drugs/opioids/opioid-deaths. DEMOGRAPHICS MOST IMPACTED Males Age 25-44 Low income, and those experiencing homelessness in particular SMOS LIVED EXPERIENCE SURVEY (2018) Key problems most commonly identified by respondents as leading to opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose in the community (n=89): mental health/illness (67.4%) past and/or current trauma (67.4%) easy access to opioids (62.9%)

medical prescribing of opioids (59.6%) knowing other people who do drugs (53.9%) lack of treatment for addictions (52.8%) and pain (aside from opioids; 52.8%) 7 A CRISIS ACROSS CANADA In 2016, accidental poisoning became the leading external cause of death for adults 25-44 years Exceeding intentional self-harm and transport accidents (Statistics Canada, https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/180628/dq180628b-eng.htm) For the first time in recent decades, life expectancy in British Columbia is decreasing, due to opioid-related deaths National life expectancy of Canadians is also expected to decrease Canada 2018)

(The Chief Public Health Officers Report on the State of Public Health in COORDINATED LOCAL RESPONSE HARM REDUCTION Click icon to add picture Focuses on the prevention of harm in people who continue to use drugs, rather than on the prevention of drug use itself. SUPERVISED CONSUMPTION SITES: Key Facts Parkdale Queen West CHC

Supervised Consumption ServicesInjection Booths 1. SCS DECREASE DEATHS & HOSPITAL VISITS Ontario experience: Substantial number of overdoses reversed across Ontario Declines in calls to Paramedic Services? study ongoing 2. SCS REDUCE UNSAFE INJECTION PRACTICES Ontario experience: London: new cases of HIV decreased 52% (2016 to

2018), using HIV outreach, an OPS and other harm reduction for safer injection practices, and other initiatives Supply station at London, Ontarios SCS 3. SCS INCREASE ACCESS TO TREATMENT AND SOCIAL SERVICES lt like I can e fe v e r v

n a h e "I sion als s p fe h ro e h lt a h ta lk wit

rug use. d y t u m o ly b n a e so op other o b t

a u ta lk to b a le I am the E . . .g y fe m

li s e in u iss by m d e e e h lp y th y

e a other d tal m n h e e it m w n ti c g conne

nd a u ll ro rt A o . p p h u lt s hea ry he lpful."

e e v e b n v y e e th rvised pervised Supe lth Su ealth Hea

ic H blic Publ waa Pu ttaw Otta om O from nt fr ient Clie Cl te Site ionn Si ptio umpt

nsum Cons Co Ontario experience: Ottawa PH SCS: 3% of clients referred to addiction treatment London OPS: 12% of clients referred to addiction treatment Ottawa Inner City Health SIS: ~30 of 240 clients start treatment per month (12.5%) 4. SCS DECREASE DRUG INJECTION IN PUBLIC

Ontario experience: Ottawa PH SCS: 87% of clients surveyed reported they are injecting in public less often 5. SCS DECREASE NEEDLES DISCARDED IN PUBLIC Ontario experience: Ottawa PH SCS: slight decrease in discarded needles found by Needle Hunters program, and increase in needles recovered through drop boxes 6. SCS DO NOT

A Cause people to begin substance use or lead to riskier substance use B Discourage people who use drugs from seeking addiction treatment C Lead to an increase in thefts, drug dealing, or drug-related crimes

7. SCS ARE COST-EFFECTIVE Based on prevention of overdose deaths and new cases of HIV and Hepatitis C BARRIE SCS APPLICATION PROCESS Led by SMDHU, Gilbert Centre, & CMHA Simcoe County, on behalf of Harm Reduction Pillar of SMOS Jan Mar 2019: Consultations People with lived experience of drug use, community stakeholders, and general public April - June 2019: Report and Application Consultation report, finalize service delivery model and site selection, and seek endorsement of application by City of Barrie council Will include plan for addressing community concerns

SITE CONSIDERATIONS Location site criteria: Physical criteria: Adequate Within 1 km radius where drug space forof SCS services use occurs (see map)

and meets ministry design standards Walking distance of open drug use Meets municipal bylaws and On a bus route provincial regulations for accessibility Preferably no less than 100-200m from a child care centre/park/school Meets physical safety and security measures for client, staff and community safety Inviting physical space Sources for criteria: Consumption and Treatment Services: Application Guide, MOHLTC, October 2018; Report of the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment Study (TOSCA Study), April 11, 2012.

COMMUNITY EXAMPLE: London, Ontario Improving the Health of Clients From mid-Feb to mid-Dec 2018: Nearly 11,000 visits by ~2,000 unique clients 65 overdose reversals 237 referrals to addiction treatment 159 referrals to medical supports Wrap-around services: London Ontario Overdose Prevention Site Addiction counselling and referral, HIV testing, healthcare system navigation, Indigenous counselling,

and housing supports. COMMUNITY EXAMPLE: London, Ontario Seeking a positive impact on neighbourhood safety and business environment Key facility and service design elements include: Waiting room and aftercare room to help avoid loitering Security staff and cameras Strong client code of conduct London Ontario Overdose Prevention Site, waiting room

DOWNTOWN BARRIE BIA: Opportunities to collaborate? Community Building as a Goal of BIAs Source: OBIAAs Return on Investment of BIAs Report, 2017 Consultations Overall, and site-specific Long-term engagement Participation in ongoing community engagement mechanisms, to keep SCS working for the whole community Responding to needs SCS as a community resource

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