Open up your laptops, go to, and

Open up your laptops, go to, and

Open up your laptops, go to, and do todays bell work Scale Description Scale 4

Through independent work beyond what was taught in class, students could (examples include, but are not limited to): research current and past earth and sun conditions. investigate causes and possible solutions for global climate change. compare and contrast the patterns in the organization and distribution of matter in the sun, earth, moon system. compare and contrast different solar events and their impact on earth. 3

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understand how the motions of the sun, stars and planets as observed from Earth relate to the motions of the Earth and other planets in space. understand how the movement and position of Earth influences life on Earth. be able to differentiate between astronomy and astrology. determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other astronomy specific

words and phrases relating to the Earth, Sun and Moon illustrate the patterns of distribution of matter in the sun, earth, moon system. list the physical properties of the Earth, Sun and Moon. describe the key parts of the Earth, Sun and Moon System show the patterns of distribution of matter in the sun, earth, moon system.

select from a list the physical properties of the sun, earth and moon. list the key parts of the structure of earth, sun and moon. Grab your astrolabe and take a measurement of the suns altitude. Precession What is it? Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body.

In astronomy, precession refers to gravityinduced, slow and continuous changes in an astronomical body's rotational axis. Pole Stars are Transient Polaris will not always be the Pole Star or North Star. The Earth's rotation axis happens to be pointing almost exactly at Polaris now. In 13,000 years the precession of the rotation axis will mean that the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra will be approximately at the North

Celestial Pole. In 26,000 more years Polaris will once again be the Pole Star. Precession of the Equinoxes Since the rotation axis is precessing in space, the orientation of the Celestial Equator also precesses with the same period. The position of the equinoxes is changing slowly with respect to the background stars.

Right now, the vernal equinox happens in the constellation Pisces, soon it will move to Aquarius (1,000 years) On average, it takes 2,000 years for the vernal equinox to precess from one constellation to the next. Quiz! Unless otherwise stated, questions are in relation to us here in the Northern Hemisphere Questions of the week

What is a leap year? Why do we have a leap year? Solar vs. Sidereal Days 1.4 Earths Orbital Motion Daily cycle, noon to noon, is a solar day What our clocks use Stars arent in quite the same place 24 hours later, though, due to Earths rotation

around Sun; when they are once again in the same place, one sidereal day has passed What astronomers use Right Now! Turn to page 12 of this book Or page 114 of this book Sidereal Day. Solar Day.

What is it? Draw a sketch What is it? Draw a sketch Sidereal Day. Solar Day. What is it?

What is it? Compare and Contrast on the left side.. Sidereal Day Solar Day 1.

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