Serial Killers Forensic Psychology Role of the Forensic

Serial Killers Forensic Psychology Role of the Forensic

Serial Killers Forensic Psychology Role of the Forensic Psychologist Assessment of mental state for insanity plea Competency to stand trial Sentencing recommendations Evaluations of the risk of reoffending Testimony as an expert witness Child custody evaluations Types of Murderers 1.Mass Murderer 2.Spree Murderer

3.Serial Killer Types of Murderers Mass Murderer kill 4 or more people in one place at one time. Have clear agenda know why No cooling-off period May want to send a message. Higher the death toll better the job done Typically ends with death of perpetrator suicide or killed by law enforcement Some Famous Mass Murderers

August 1, 1966 Charles Whitman Killed 14 people and injured dozens in shooting from the top of a tower on the campus of the University of Texas. Entire episode lasted 90 minutes. July 20, 2012 James Eagan Holmes Killed 12 and injured 58 in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Entire episode lasted 7 minutes. Some Famous Mass Murderers April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murder 13 and

injure 21 in a high school in Columbine, Colorado. Entire episode lasted an estimated 90 minutes September 15, 1963 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed by 4 KKK members killing 4 children and injuring 22. http:// n/mass-killings/index.html#title Spree Murderers A spree killer is much like a serial killer. CHARACTERISTICS

Kills more than one person at two or more locations. Happens quickly with no cooling off period. Killer is constantly movinghiding, running, 1957-1958 planning. Charles Starkweather 1997 Often end with suicide. and Caril Fugate. Andrew Cunanan Killed 5 men in 4 states (Mn, Il. NJ, Fl) Time: 3 months

Committed suicide Murdered 11 people in 6 weeks Nebraska Starkweather got the chair 1959. Fugate.. Paroled in 1977 The Serial Killer

Kill three or more people over a period of more than a month Cooling off time in between.may be as long as 3 months Uses the time to unwindcome down off the killing high Motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification Rarely display a clearly define or rational motive WARNING This unit can become very disturbing. Please be considerate of those around you. Please do not make comments that may make others feel

uneasy. Criminal Profiling Possible solution to battling serial offences A behavioral and investigative tool that is intended to help investigators to accurately predict and profile the characteristics of unknown criminal subjects or offenders. Criminal Profiling Some Assumptions of the Profiling Process 1. The Crime Scene reflects the personality. Manner of death

Organized or disorganized crime scene 2. Methods of operation remain similar. - Clues left could be a signature of the killer. 3. The signature will remain the same. - Unique manner in which a crime is committed. Manner, words used, something left at the scene.

4. The criminals personality will F.B.I. Crime Scene Analysis Distinguishes two types of crime scenes as the basis of psychological profiling: Organized Offender

High intelligence Socially adequate Sexually competent Lives with a partner High birth order status Father had/has stable work Childhood discipline inconsistent Situational stress causes crime Charming Is mobile

Follows crime in media TED BUNDY Disorganized Offender

Below average intelligence Socially inadequate Sexually incompetent Works at unskilled labor Low birth order status Father had/has unstable work Received harsh discipline as child Mood is anxious during crime Stress not a factor in causing crime Lives alone/does not date

Poor personal hygiene Not interested in media Nocturnal A Comparison of Crime Scenes Organized

Planned Victim targeted Personalizes victim Controlled conversations Controlled crime scene Submissive victim Restraints used Aggressive acts Body is moved Weapon taken Disorganized

Spontaneous event Victim unknown Depersonalizes victim Minimal conversation Chaotic crime scene Sudden violence No restraints Sex after death Body not moved Weapon left Physical evidence Serial Murderer - Types Visionary sees things; psychopathic, directed by another

being Missionary need to eradicate a certain group, not psychotic. Hedonistic seeks thrill and derives pleasure from killing. Power/Control sexual gratification from dominance of victimpower of life and death. What is a serial killer? What characteristics come to mind? Misconception #1 Serial killers are the same as mass murderers Serial killers kill several people over a series of

days, weeks, months, or even years. Active period and cooling off period Mass murderers kill a number of people within a few hours Murder in an outburst with no cooling off period Ex Columbine shootings Misconception #2 Serial killers are complete losers who cannot function normally in society. Its more common for serial killers to live normal lives this is part of the reason why they are successful in their

killings Ex: Ted Bundy considered Common Characteristics of Serial Killers White male Age 25-35 Intelligence ranges from low to very high From all walks of life May be the married man next door with kids OR Socially inept/unable to maintain relationship/ loner Kill for sex, power, manipulation,

domination and control Common Characteristics of Victims Usually kill within ethnic group Age of victims varies greatly (depending on murder) Usually no prior contact/hatred for victim Victims may be symbolic in some way Socially Difficult to Accept Psychopaths/sociopaths Self-centered (egocentric and narcissistic) Manipulative

Emotionally shallow Devoid of empathy/remorse Fantasy All humans fantasize about their dreams and futures usually very detailed Serial killers have detailed fantasies Specific victims Repetitive Reveals modus operandi (MO method of operation)/ signature Helps Forensic psychiatrists develop profiles of the killers Trophies or Souvenirs

Criminals Money, jewels, electronics Incriminating evidence (weapon) Serial killers Take objects with no monetary value Holds value to perpetrator Use it to relive crime later Ex: jewelry, clothing, drivers license, even body parts Childhood Many come from physical, psychological, and sexual abuse Insulate self by creating protective world rich in fantasy Fantasy includes sexual and violent

characteristics Themes commingle until they are inseparable Offenders seek victims that fulfill their fantasy Ex: Ted Bundy women with dark hair parted in middle Nature vs. Nurture Neuroscientist Jim Fallon Looks at brain scans and genetic analysis Can it be explained why serial killers are usually males? Listen and take notes! Exploring the Mind of a Killer Serial Killer Project

David Berkowitz Ian Brady Myra Hindley Ted Bundy Albert Fish John Wayne Gacy Ed Kemper Charles Manson Richard Ramirez Peter Kurten Henry Lee Lucas John Christie Ed Gein Jeffrey Dahmer Albert Desalvo Andrei Chikatilo Ted Kaczynski

Mary Ann Cotton Marybeth Tinning Nannie Doss Dorothea Puente Jack the Ripper Fritz Haarmann Wayne Williams Nicolas Claux Arthur Shawcross H.H Holmes Vlad Dracula Mary Bell (10yr old killer)

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