Educator Evaluation On-line Systems Training History of the

Educator Evaluation On-line Systems Training History of the

Educator Evaluation On-line Systems Training History of the Evaluation System In 2011-2012, the new Evaluation System was piloted in 25 schools.

In 2012, West Virginia House Bill 4236 mandates the establishment of an Educator Evaluation. In 2012-2013, the new Evaluation System was expanded to 136 schools. In 2013-2014, the new Evaluation System will be launched state-wide.

Evaluations that support Webinar Purpose

Online tool professional growth

The purpose of this webinar is to: Assist in the transition from paper-based evaluations to evaluations completed on-line. Highlight preparations for the new system which can begin now. Assist in familiarization of the on-line components

of the system. Evaluation System for Teachers Four Performance Levels

Advanced Progression 6+ years Emerging

Unsatisfactory Initial Progression 1-3 years

Self Reflection (standards/rubrics) Distinguished Accomplished

Intermediate Progression 4-5 years 80%

None Required* Observation

Observation (2) (4)

Evidence 15% 5% Student Academic Growth

School-wide Growth - Reading School-wide Growth - Mathematics Evaluation System for Principals/Counselors Four Performance

Levels Principals and Counselors (no progressions based on years experience) Self Reflection (standards/rubrics)

Distinguished Accomplished Emerging

Unsatisfactory 80% Observation not a required component

Evidence 15% 5%

2 Student Learning/Impact Goals School-wide Growth - Reading School-wide Growth - Mathematics Evaluation System for Educators The following components of the new

Educator Evaluation System are the same for Teachers, Counselors and Principals: The Four Performance Levels The Self-Reflection Evidence Submission Summative Evaluation

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On-line Teacher Evaluation System The Teacher Evaluation Menu Teacher Self-Reflection

Provides educators the opportunity to: Consider avenues for continued professional growth. Aspire to the highest level of achievement. Educators on all progressions complete a

self-reflection. Teacher Self-Reflection Student Academic Growth Academic growth for every student is the ultimate goal for all

educators. Goal setting for student learning is an important process for educators. All teachers of non-tested grades and subjects complete two (2) learning goals every year.

Setting Student Goals Teacher Evidence Educators provide evidence to support the determination of performance level ratings for the five professional

teaching standards. Teacher Evidence Teacher Evidence

Teacher Observations Observations provide a view of teacher practice and the opportunity to collect data to evaluate educator performance. Evidence collected during

observations may assist educators in clarifying strengths and identifying areas for growth. Teacher Observations

Teacher Observations Summative Teacher Evaluation On-line Principal Evaluation System

WOW Menu Adding Principals to Evaluation System

Principal Self-Reflection Principal Goals Principal Evidence

Principal Summative Evaluation Questions? Questions / Comments / Concerns Contact Information: The W. Va. Educator Effectiveness Team

[email protected]

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