LOCAL ISLAHI COMMITTEE Calling a Meeting (A) Alhamdolillah,

LOCAL ISLAHI COMMITTEE Calling a Meeting (A) Alhamdolillah,

LOCAL ISLAHI COMMITTEE Calling a Meeting (A) Alhamdolillah, there are no issues nor problems as such in our local jamaat. Consequently, we have not held a Local Islahi Committee meeting so far. When an issue arises, we will hold an Islahi Committee meeting. Thoughts? Pre-emptive, not Reactionary The Reformative Committee should comprise of people who are of wise and deep senses. They can sense weaknesses and inform where the weaknesses are forming despite not being able to see the weakness, but their senses should inform them that there is danger. Then, before the weaknesses become diseases, they should be removed.

(Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) We have to stop weaknesses before they happen. So, for this a wise strategy should be prepared. The important responsibility of the Committee is to identify and recommend possible solutions to prevent against every evil, weakness, or disease that we fear may come about before they actually set in. (Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) And identify various weaknesses before they become a scourgeIf, instead, you wait for any mischief, intimidation, or any killing to occur before the Reformative Committee becomes active, then this is not a Reformative Committee in practice, but instead becomes a police committeeThese Committees should keep such a vigilant eye on various weaknesses and ills that such evils are not perceptible to ordinary people

(Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) Pre-emptive, not Reactionary Meeting with Missionaries of Nigeria (May 5, 2008) Huzur e Anwar (aba) guided regarding the Islahi Committee and said It should not be that when an issue arises then you look to deal with it, there should be awareness of circumstances before the issue can arise and it should also be known where or how the issue can form It is imperative to reform the issue before it gets out of hand. (Al Fazl International July 11, 2008) Aims & Objectives: Preventive: Sniff out social ailments well before they become manifest illnesses and treat them at their root (waiting until there is a problem will turn it into a policing committee as compared to a reformative committee). Remind and Reform: Following Quranic principles of amr bil maaroof wa nahi anil munkar (enjoin good and forbid evil; Al-Imran, 3:116), and fazakkir inna faatizzikra (so keep on admonishing people, surely admonition is, indeed, profitable; AlAla, 87:10), attempt to have the majority on the path of goodness.

Calling a Meeting (B) Our President Sahib has been very busy. I have not been able to connect with him nor our local Missionary Sahib to discuss when to hold a Local Islahi Committee meeting and the agenda for the meeting. Thoughts? Composition of the LIC Pg. 115 from the updated Rules and Regulations of Tehrik-e-Jadid Composition of the LIC Meeting with National Majlis e Aamilah Jamaat Ahmadiyya Nigeria May 5, 2008 Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) said to the National Secretary Tarbiyat Make Islahi

Committees at a national level and a local level. If there is an existing Tarbiyat committee then what work is it doing? Establish a proper Islahi (Reformative) Committee; the Tarbiyat Secretary himself is the Chairman of the Committee, and the committee members include the Missionary in Charge, Sadr Ansarullah, Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, representative of Lajna, and another member of the jamaat (a member who is well suited for the task). Huzoor said to establish these committees everywhere. You can solve many issues. (Al-Fazl International July 11, 2008) Structure: LICs should be established nationwide. Local Tarbiyat secretary working under the guidance of Jamaat President will

be the chairman of the LIC. Members of the LIC include, but are not limited to: Regional Missionary, Zaim Ansarullah, Qaid Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Local Sadr Lajna or her representative, another member of the Jamaat well suited for the task. Calling a Meeting (C) We held a meeting last month. There is nothing new to discuss nor report. Lets see, InshAllah, I may schedule a meeting after Ramadan. I dont want to hold a meeting just for the sake of holding one or to repeat the same items. Comments?

Frequency of LIC meetings Guidelines for National Islahi Committee as highlighted in the booklet Islahi Committee ki Zimadariyan Meetings of the Reformative Committee must be held twice a month. (It is recommended to select two permanent days in a month) (Page 1 item (1)) Regional Secretary Tarbiyat should send a report of the Reformative Committee on the tenth day of each month. (Page 1 item (9)) Meeting with National Majlis e Aamilah Jamaat Ahmadiyya Sweden (September 13, 2005)

Huzur e Anwar (aba) said Reformation is a huge task, while reforming others there should be no exhaustion even if something has to be said four thousand times, say it; there must not be disappointment nor exhaustion. Keep on explaining softly. (Al-Fazl International October 28, 2005) Operation: At least 6 meetings should be held in a year to focus on issues identified on the National and local level. Quarterly report should be sent to the National Secretary Tarbiyat who shall submit final reports to the Khalifatul Masih.

Agenda Items The LIC has been an effective forum for the local heads of the auxiliaries to get together and resolve various administrative issues. For example, in our last meeting, we got together and came up with a schedule in which Ziafat arrangements for our monthly meetings could be allocated among Ansar, Lajna and Khuddam. There was a marital dispute in our jamaat so an LIC meeting was immediately convened to discuss the matter and to try and reconcile the husband and wife. Discuss Recommended Agenda Items Guidelines for National Islahi Committee as highlighted in the booklet Islahi Committee ki Zimadariyan (3) The agenda of the meeting should consist of all Tarbiyat Issues. Customarily, the following

matters should also be included in the meeting: (i) Congregational prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran should be assessed and surveyed. Weak and negligent/inactive members should be allocated to members of the Reformative Committee who should keep in contact with them and then with love, kindness and empathy guide those members towards Salat. The results should then be reviewed in the upcoming meeting. If one Committee members efforts are not successful, then an appropriate alternative solution should be recommended. (ii) Reformative Committees should also assess and survey the watching of MTA programs, especially the Friday Sermons of Huzur (aba). Regarding the Friday Sermons, special arrangements should be made such that every member definitely listens to the Friday Sermon. (4) The recommendations of the Majlis e Shura regarding Tarbiyat and Reformative matters should be compiled and tasks for implementation of these recommendations should be assigned to members. Just as it was recommended in the Majlis e Shura 2009 that every regional Reformative Committee and all Jamaat Reformative Committees should be vigilant regarding evil customs. To proactively safeguard against these, due emphasis should be placed on reformation.

Recommended Agenda Items (contd.) Guidelines for National Islahi Committee as highlighted in the booklet Islahi Committee ki Zimadariyan (5) Constantly inform the members of the benefits and harm of the Internet and usage of mobile/electronics. (6) It is the responsibility of the Reformative Committee to develop peace, love, and harmony, and to also address the complaints or grievances of members. If there are any disputes or grievances then they should be addressed with wisdom and efforts should be made to effect reconciliation between the two parties. It is the fundamental and important obligation of the Reformative Committee to build love and harmony. (7) The Reformative Committee must always review the personal example and behavior of all office holders which should be excellent. If there is a need to address this, then it should be reformed with wisdom. Likewise, the importance of being attached to the Nizaam-e-Jamaat should be stressed to members of the Jamaat and an awareness should be created of the blessings associated with having a deep connection with Nizaam-e-Jamaat. (8) It should also be stressed to members of the Jamaat that their behavior with one another

should be based on RUHAMA O BAINAHUM. As a result, the Jamaat would become the example of BUNYANUM MARSOUS. IC Meeting Themes mentioned by Huzoor (aba) Congregational Salat Recitation of the Holy Quran Watching Friday Sermons and MTA

Reaching out to Members who do not come to the Mosque frequently Guidelines: All tarbiyat issues. Huzoor (aba) has repeatedly reminded us towards the real purpose of the Islahi committee, which is to sniff out emerging moral challengeswhen developing and planning a reform plan for society, the more pressing and important dangers should be duly prioritized; clearly some sores will need to be addressed on a priority basiswhoever observes five daily prayers, his Tarbiyat will ensue. Whoever recites the Holy Quran, his Tarbiyat will ensue. Likewise, whoever comes to your meetings and connects himself with the Masjid, his Tarbiyat will also ensue. (Al Fazl International June 30th 2006)

Possible LIC Meeting Topics Here are a few problems which Jamaats have faced. Any of them could be used to engage the Islahi Committee: How to discourage the use of cell phones during Salat and meetings? How to attach our 15-25 year old members with the mosque? How to strengthen the culture of congregational prayers in our Jamaat? How can our local office holders lead by example? How to help our new refugee members integrate in Jamaat and society?

Creating effective programs to bring those people who are not regular in coming to the mosque. Implementation of Shura proposals How to organize Tahir Academy or SF Camps for our children? OTHER QUESTIONS APPENDIX: Sample Scenario Question There was an issue in our jamaat relating to the impropriety of certain individuals. We feel it is best not to make a big deal about it as that may cause embarrassment to these individuals; after all it is best to hide the faults of others. Our President Sahib said that as these individuals are young, he will give them a stern warning and take care of the matter. Lets discuss

Guidance from Huzoor (aba) Huzur e Anwar has stated that when someone gets reprimanded and it is announced, then it is an embarrassment for them. These are all Tarbiyat related issues which are the responsibility of the Ameer, the Missionaries and all the Tarbiyat Secretaries. If there is Tarbiyat, there will be no shortcomings nor mistakes, nor any cause for embarrassment. [Meeting with National Majlis e Aamilah Fiji (May 3rd 2006) (Al Fazl international June 16th, 2006)] Because this work is about Tarbiyat and being vigilant in monitoring, any reformative action should be approached with sympathy, love, and prayer. In those instances where, despite the Committees best efforts cooperation is not forthcoming, then the Markaz should be informed The task of the Reformative Committee is to sense and inform the Jamaat, to present these issues during Aamilah meetings, and then the Majlis Aamilah, in its collective capacity, not relying on just one office-holder but sometimes two or three office-holders will need to be tasked to address this matter. Sometimes, the Tarbiyat Secretary will be involved and in some cases the Finance Secretary will be needed In some instances, one would need to activate the Nizam (system) of

the Murabbian (Missionaries). Thus, there are many possible solutions that can be relied upon and utilized as necessary. These solutions should be periodically considered by the Majlis-e-Aamilah. (Page 3; Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (ra)) The Reformative Committee should pay attention; small conflicts become or turn into major trials. (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (ra); Letter dated September 5, 1992) Guidance from Huzoor (aba) (cont.d) Always take immediate action when identifying an ailment and right away terminate them. In every matter, officeholders should not just keep a look out, but should instead struggle to stop every disease before it starts and should never let it flourish and spread, or at least inform me of this issue, so I can try to stop the ill through my sermons. The Central Reformative Committee should pay attention and the same guidance should be sent to all local Reformative Committees, and it should be emphasized to them that in the light of this, they should survey their own Jamaats such that every matter that warrants reformatory action should receive immediate attention, and send the reports to you (the

Central Reformative Committee). Covering faults does not mean that the evil is concealed to such a degree that knowledge of the issue does not even reach me; instead the meaning is that the evil should not be commonly mentioned. If officeholders conceal an issue then they are treacherous of abdicating their own responsibility. In this regard, based on the reports that I receive, it looks like that the auxiliary organizations and the jamaat officeholders are not fulfilling their duties. This trend is visible that some elders faults are concealed or forgiven and some of the younger ones are punished immediately. Your task is that all these issues should be sent here. From thereon, it is the work of Khalifa of the time to make whatever decision he sees fit. (Letter Huzur e Anwar May 11th, 2010)

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