2019 Bismarck High Boys Soccer Player/Parent Meeting 1

2019 Bismarck High Boys Soccer Player/Parent Meeting 1

2019 Bismarck High Boys Soccer Player/Parent Meeting 1 Coaches Andy Foss Head Coach Ben Houdek Assistant Coach Matt Binegar Varsity Reserve (JV) Coach Shane Kuntz JV 2 Coach (JV Maroon) 2 Program expectations

Attitude Mental Toughness: Stay focused & finding the extra effort to succeed during the difficult times. Confidence: This is found in yourself, not in the actions of others. Program: You are playing for the school, teammates, and community; not just yourself. Character Respect: BE RESPECTFUL ALWAYS. Reliability: Be prepared and be on time. Conduct: Sportsmanship at all times (dignity in winning and defeat). 3 Program Expectations Discipline

Fitness: Acknowledging that soccer success depends on being fit Nutrition: Eat and drink with your health and fitness in mind Skills Development: Realize that being the best is always working on the basics Performance Academics: F grades are not an option Practice: We train with intensity Games: Always playing to achieve success in games and never giving up

4 Program Expectations 2 things that you can control every day: Attitude Effort Committed to the team and the program Representing entire BHS Boys soccer program think about your actions

Actions when in public and the community Social Media Bullying/Hazing Will not be tolerated Maintain good academic standing Playing soccer for BHS is a privilege, not a right 5 Lettering Play in at least 3 varsity matches

Maintain good academic standing throughout the season No violations or suspensions for off the field actions 6 Good Academic Standing Classroom attendance is mandatory Must be passing at least 5 classes Grade checks come out every 2 weeks (Monday) I work in the school and can check anyones grades at any time 7

Important information Complete before first practice (August 5th) Physical http://www.sanfordhealth.org/bismarck/sports-physicals Blitz night Wednesday, July 31 5:30 8 pm No appointment needed Sanford Childrens North Clinic

Sanford South Clinic Sanford North Mandan Clinic Pay activity fee of $50 to the office (different than the $60 booster fee) 8 Important Information Paperwork that needs to be done Medical release form Concussion sheet Code of Conduct Register on BHS Athletics webpage 9 Important Dates Online store opens today! (July 29th)

Get your gear ordered ASAP Monday, August 5 th - First Day of Tryouts 5 pm at Cottonwood Wednesday, August 7 th - ImPact concussion test date 2 pm in Library at BHS Wednesday, August 14

th Picture Day 5 pm at Cottonwood Sunday, August 25 th - Car Wash at Dans South 10 am 4 pm sign up for a shift 1 0 Important Dates

Saturday, August 17th First Varsity game Crossover in Jamestown Saturday, August 24th Varsity & JV to Williston Thursday, September 19th Senior Night vs Mandan All Seniors dress Varsity parents encouraged to walk through with Senior players Saturday, October 5th WDA Tournament in Mandan October 10-12 - State Tournament in Mandan Tuesday, October 15th Team Banquet (Elks) Players and parents of all teams are encouraged to attend! 1 1

ImPACT Concussion testing ImPACT concussion testing (August 6th at BHS - Library - 2 pm) Any player new to BPS system regardless of age Any player that may have missed the testing the previous year ALL freshman ALL juniors Any student-athlete new to the BPS district Those students that missed testing the previous year (i.e. someone who plays 10th grade football but did not play 9th grade football or any other sport 9th grade year) Those students who do not fit into one of the above categories but for some reason missed testing during the 2015-16 school year. 1 2 Tryouts

August 5 5 pm at Cottonwood Tryout process th First 3 days will be used to evaluate players and decide teams Players must complete a mandatory 9 practices prior to competing in first game Once teams are decided, teams will begin practicing together. Players may be moved depending on ability and coachs discretion Be prepared when practice begins

Bring lots of water & prepare for heat If unable to attend a day of tryouts, player can contact Coach Foss via text, phone call or email 1 3 Team Website/Communication Website: www.bhsdemonsoccer.net/boys Schedules, rosters, team news, booster news, etc. can be found here Find us on Facebook & Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/bhsboyssoccer/

@BHSDemonSoccer These will be updated frequently. Fastest way to receive practice/game time changes BHS Athletics website Rschool scheduling system 1 4 Booster Club President Becky Matthews

Secretary Tara Haberlock Treasurer Deb Aberle 1 5 Questions, comments, concerns? 1 6

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