Our Mission Appalachian Crossroads empowers people with disabilities

Our Mission Appalachian Crossroads empowers people with disabilities

Our Mission Appalachian Crossroads empowers people with disabilities to choose and self-direct lives rich with meaning, friendship, satisfying work, comfortable homes, and true community participation. Our Values Efficiency: We are a streamlined, nimble organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality of services. Honesty: We are straightforward and transparent in our dealings, respectful of others opinions, and compelled by the trust that our community has placed in us. Innovation: We are committed to creatively approaching and improving our delivery of services, our organization, and our communications.

Stewardship: We are dedicated to empowering others through our every action and interaction. We will treat all individuals with integrity, respect, and compassion. Who We Support - Garret County citizens with Disabilities - People you know - People in your family, your church - community - Generally Adults - Range of supports from drop by to 24/7

- Funding Fee for service billed by the day the hour 15 minute interval. Fee billed to different state departments depending on the service and depending on the client demographic. The Developmental Disablities Administration can inturn recoup some of the expenses from Medicaid. Thus the DDA services are dependent on Medicaid dollars. Our budget is based on a projection of billable services and we factor in non- billable time for example Cllent illness non billable : Client vacation non billable. Snow days non billable Business operations grounds custodial services must cover all operating expenses including overhead. Donations- limited Services We Offer

Community Living Day Services Employment Support Community Living Supported Living Personal Supports Recreation

Respite Number Served: 27-8-22 https://www.appalachiancrossroads.com/community-living/su pported-living/ -5 Personal Supports/ Rereation

Individual Apartment Money management Shopping Health Management Vacations Ladies night out Respite for the families

Day Services Day Habilitation Community Inclusion Based in Oakland Activity focus - fun Volunteering at the Animal Shelter Personal assistance

Nursing Supports Employment Support Customized / Supported Employment Grounds/Custodial Employment School to Work School to Work

Job Tryouts Job Shadowing Personal interest inventory Resume/ Interview Practice Planning for employment after graduation Partners

Simon Pierce Garrett Container Systems Wisp Resort Garrett Regional Medical Center Pleasant Valley Greenhouse Total Biz Heidis Bakery & Cafe Ruth Enlow Library

Grounds Maintenance Mowing Grass Mulching Raking Leaves Dock removal Plowing Snow

Commercial Contracts Custodial Services House Keeping Wisp Resort State Police Barracks DMV County Roads offices

Manpower contracts: Garrett Regional Medical Ctr Yough Glades Elementary School Employers that have hired an Individual with a disability:

Walmart HART Lowes McDonalds Smileys Naylors Dennys Simon Pearce Sams Agway

Burger King C & S Fredlock Funeral Home The Greene Turtle

Pifer & Sons Auto Repair WISP Resort Garrett Regional Medical Center Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Yough Glades Elementary School Garrett County Dept. of Public Works Processes to Placement: Discovery Meet with the individual and their natural support to identify specific vocational preferences. Identify likes and dislikes. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Dream jobs

Financial needs Process to Placement: Job Development Job Trials & Job Shadowing Develop common themes. Develop soft skills Will include: resume writing, interview training, counseling on work ethics, and Job Club

Identify Job Opportunities .Location hours fit with discovery Develop a job coaching/support plan Transportation, job accommodations, technology support, work rules/customs, health and safety, conflict resolution, identify and mitigate risks. Process: Customized Employment Meet with employers determine their needs.

Carve customized job opportunties based on the individuals Employment Discovery Profile. Match the prospective employee to the right job Assist with interview and application Job Coaching and Follow Along Supports Start up: Job coach trains the new employee on hard skills and employment routines. One to one for 2-6 weeks. Fading: As the employee gains skills and independence the job coach fades the amount of time they are directly on site. On going: The job coach does not fade completely drop by and behind the scenes support * Job Club is a peer support group that meets to share experiences, build

employment stability and receive support from job coaches. https://www.appalachiancrossroads.com/employment-support/customized-employm ent/ Success Matt Tasker was hired at Pifer & Sons Auto Repair He works from 9:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m, 4 days a week. He changes oil, tires, brakes, rotors, etc. Received additional DORS funding (tools, specialized clothing, safety gear). Success

Cody Cousins is employed at Dairy Queen. He works two days a week from 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Job duties include: cleaning tables, checking drink station, wiping pictures, dusting, etc. He job shadowed at Dairy Queen, Simon Pearce and Naylors and all three businesses offered him a job. Partnered with the Western Maryland Consortium.

Success Kelly Friend was hired at C & S Fredlock Funeral Home. She works two days a week from 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Job duties include: cleaning, stocking, vacuuming, dusting. Her employer states she goes over and above her expected job duties.

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