IDeA-CTR Program & Grant Matt Rizzo, MD Program

IDeA-CTR Program & Grant Matt Rizzo, MD Program

IDeA-CTR Program & Grant Matt Rizzo, MD Program Director/Principal investigator Howard Fox, MD, PhD Co-Director/Co-Investigator Paul Estabrooks, MD Co-Director/Co-Investigator Karla Klaus, BS Administrator Great Plains IDeA-CTR Goals GOAL 1 Infrastructure, services, resources, community GOAL 2 Key component

areas Vision: To transform and advance CTR GOAL 4 Health metrics to evaluate impact GOAL 3 Partnerships across regional IDeA states IDeA-CTR Program Grant Awarded to UNMC September 1, 2016

5-year project (renewable) $4 million per year 4 states 9 institutions 7 key components 2 major programs 100+ personnel Similar to CTSA CTSA Clinical and Translational Science Award IDeA-CTR VS. Institutional Development Award Program Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational

Research NIH / NCATS NIH / NIGMS SINGLE institution MULTI-institution Open to ALL states

Open to SELECT states What are IDeA states? What are IDeA states? Great Plains IDeA-CTR Partners UNMC Boys Town UNK UNL UND NEBRASKA NORTH DAKOTA SOUTH DAKOTA

KANSAS UNO USD NDSU KUMC Great Plains IDeA-CTR Leadership UNMC Matthew Rizzo, MD Paul Estabrooks, PhD Howard Fox, MD, PhD Mary Cramer, PhD Ted Mikuls , MD

Chi Chi Zimmerman, PhD Shelley Smith, PhD Fang Yu, PhD Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, PhD Jane Meza, PhD Risto Rautiainen, PhD Denise Britigan, PhD Dave Palm, PhD Jim McClay, MD Babu Guda, PhD Ashok Mudgapalli, PhD

Karla Klaus, BS UNO Jeffrey French, PhD Ann Fruhling, PhD Nick Stergiou, PhD UNK Kimberly Carlson, PhD UNL Melanie Simpson, PhD Boys Town Walt Jesteadt PhD Ryan McCreery, PhD USD Robin Miskimins, PhD UND Jonathan Geiger, PhD NDSU Mark McCourt, PhD What does CTR stand for? Clinical and Translational Research

T2 T1 Translation to Humans EXAMPLES Pre-clinical and animal studies Translation to Patients EXAMPLES Health services research (HSR) Dissemination and implementation Proof of Concept (POC)

Early stage clinical trials BENCH Translation to Population Health Translation to Practice EXAMPLES Later phase clinical trials T4 T3 Studies in real world settings

BEDSIDE EXAMPLES Interventions and improve population health Social determinants of health COMMUNITY IDeA-CTR Program Goals 1. Study causes of diseases that affect the medically underserved and/or are prevalent in IDeA states 2. Develop approaches for the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases to improve health/health outcomes

3. Foster collaborations across disciplines, departments and organizations among and between IDeA states 4. Administer clinical and translational research professional development activities IDeA-CTR Program Objectives 1. Support the development of infrastructure and human resources required to conduct clinical and translational research (CTR) in IDeA-eligible states 2. Enhance the ability of IDeA institutions and investigators to develop competitive CTR programs 3. Foster and sustain collaboration and coordination of CTR activities within/across IDeA institutions /organizations Great Plains IDeA-CTR Structure Great Plains IDeA-CTR Programs Focus: CTR Health disparities aging Pilot Project Program (Pilot Project Core) Eligibility

All faculty (not post docs) Priority is new collaborations CTR project Support $50,000/year research funding Research resources Educational opportunities Mock review session Scholar Program (Professional Development Core) Eligibility Early career faculty Not yet R01-funded Not on a K or COBRE grant Likely to be independent R01funded investigator in 3-5 years Support Up to .50 FTE salary support/year $50,000/year research funding Research resources Significant mentoring Educational requirements

Mock review session Great Plains IDeA-CTR Program Resources Access to unique facilities and equipment at an institutional rate UNMC Clinical Research Center UNO Biomechanics Facility Boys Town Neuroimaging Center

UNMC Mind & Brain Health Labs CON Telehealth equipment? UNL Innovation Campus clinical research facility? UNMC Magneto-encephalography Unit? Others? Possible assistance based on scientific review, availability, and feasibility

UNMC biostatistical support UNMC biomedical informatics support Regulatory review board IDeA Programs Institutional Development Award Program Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research IDeA Network of Biomedical Excellence IDeA CTR INBRE COBRE

ECHO ** NEW ** Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes Great Plains IDeA-CTR Impact More Information Web:Coming soon! Email: [email protected] Phone: 402.559.8446

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