Analyze the motion of a projectile with initial

Analyze the motion of a projectile with initial

Analyze the motion of a projectile with initial velocity at an angle A system of objects interconnected by a pulley; with one object on an angled plane and with both objects hanging with respect to Newtons laws

Analyze the forces causing centripetal acceleration of an object moving with UCM on a: banked surface, flat surface, vertical plane A car with a mass of 1.50 X 103 kg goes around a banked corner. The radius of the curve of the road is 120m. The bank is at an angle of 25 from the horizontal. (Note: Friction is neglectible.) a) Draw a FBD.

b) Calculate the centripetal force. c) What is the maximum constant speed that a car can go safely around the corner? d) What is the maximum constant speed that a 3000 kg truck car could safely go around this corner? Analyze the motion of an object where kinetic,

gravitational, elastic and thermal energies and work are exchanging energy Analyze a collision in 2-D that are elastic, inelastic and completely inelastic

In the game of curling the red teams stone is traveling at 8m/s and hits the blue teams stone (at rest) and leaves at a 300 angle while the blue teams stone leaves at 30o below the horizontal what is the final speed of each stone? Determine the gravitational energy of an object based on its motion and position in a gravitational

field How much energy do you need to escape Earths gravitational field? How about to just a distance 4re away? If an object was orbiting 4re away from the Earth, what additional energy would it need to escape? Analyze a static object which has a combination

of electric and other forces acting upon it Charge sphere X and Y are in a fixed position and have charges as shown below: d= 15.0cm d= 40.0cm qX = 5.5x10-7C

Calculate the net force on Z. qY = -3.4x10-8C Calculate how time, length and momentum are observed in a

moving frame of reference A person travels for 3.0 years at the speed 0.70c relative to a physics student on Earth. Calculate the time that has passed for the student. What thought experiment could be used to reason why time dilation occurs?

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