Brierley Primary School. Mirion Street. Crewe. Cheshire. CW1

Brierley Primary School. Mirion Street. Crewe. Cheshire. CW1

Brierley Primary School. Mirion Street. Crewe. Cheshire. CW1 2AZ Tel: 01270 685527 Email: [email protected] Find us on Facebook and Twitter Newsletter Update th 2018 19 10 October 2018 Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to everyone who attended the Macmillian Coffee Afternoon on Monday 1 st October. We raised 162.70 which is a great amount. Im sure you will agree there were some great cakes to chose from. Now that the cooler weather is upon us please can you make sure that your child brings a coat to school with them. Also, if you could send in jogging bottoms for your child to use during PE lessons, these can be left in school with their kits. From week commencing 15th October we will be collecting food donations for our Harvest Festival. Our collection will be given to the Salvation Army who will distribute the food to local families. Donations can be from any of the following: Coffee, sugar, biscuits and squash, jam and porridge oats, tinned meat, potatoes, vegetables and beans, cook in sauces for pasta and curry, pasta, rice and noodles, salt, pepper and condiments. A date reminder for Year 6 residential to Colomendy. We will hold a short meeting for parents on Friday 12th October at 2:50pm, in the mobile on the playground. There you will be given all the necessary information for the trip, and answer any questions you may have. After our successful last years Halloween Disco, it will be returning on Thursday 25th October, from 3.30 until 5pm. If your child/children would like to attend then please return the permission slip and 1.50. As usual no masks will be allowed and there will be a tuck shop with snacks and drinks available. There will be no activity clubs on this

Thursday as staff will be busy at the disco. ATTENDANCE Please can all parents be aware that Brierley does not authorise holidays during term-time, and parents/carers are liable to face a fine given by the Local Authority. This also extends to your childs attendance if they have 10 or more unauthorised absences, parents/carers are liable to face a fine given by the Local Authority. Please see the table below which provides further information. If your child is due to take a leave of absence, please write a letter to the Head teacher (ideally three weeks in advance) indicating the reasons why. In exceptional circumstances, absence may be authorised. Timeline One Child Two Children Paid Within 21 Days 60 per parent 60 per child = 120 per parent After 21 days and before 28 days 120 per parent 120 per child = 240 per parent After 28 days You will be summoned to appear before the Magistrates Court on the grounds that you have failed to secure your childs regular attendance.

You will be summoned to appear before the Magistrates Court on the grounds that you have failed to secure your childs regular attendance. If your child is going to be absent from school, please notify the school office before 9:15am by calling 01270 685527 or sending an email to [email protected] Just to keep you updated, please see below for the upcoming holiday dates for the rest of this school term. Holiday Period Date of closing Date of Re-opening Autumn Half Term 2018 Friday 26th October 2018 Monday 5th November 2018 Christmas 2018 Thursday 20th December 2018 Monday 7th January 2019 Spring Half Term 2019 Friday 15th February 2019 Monday 25th February 2019 Easter 2019 Friday 5th April 2019 Tuesday 23rd April 2019

May Day 2019 Friday 3rd May 2019 Tuesday 7th May 2019 Summer Half Term 2019 Friday 24th May 2019 Monday 3rd June 2019 Summer 2019 Wednesday 24th July 2019 INSET DAY: MONDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2018 Stars of the week Nursery: Sienna Boon, for recognising our letters of the week. Reception: Diego Lisboa, for always being sensible and trying really hard with his learning all week. Year 1: Millie Jennings, for being a positive behaviour role model and always following class and school rules. Year 2: Holly Bloor, for fantastic writing in English, remembering to use a range of conjunctions. Year 3: Toby Wood, for working really hard on his handwriting. Year 4: Lilly Holme, for her enthusiastic participation at Forest School. Year 5: Alfie Broomhall, for fantastic responses in Guided Reading. Year 6: Kasey Franklin, for a super attitude in class and excellent homework. Head Teacher Award: Alice Ashmore, having amazing handwriting and being the 1st child in Year 5 to be given a pen. Well done, keep up the good work EYFS NEWS Guess How Much We Love . Nursery? This week we have continued to look at our story Guess How Much I Love You. We

are starting to know the storyline and the characters really well. Why dont you ask us about it at home? We can tell you all about Big Nutbrown Hare and how much he loves Little Nutbrown Hare! We have used puppets from the story to help us with lots of language about the book. We have also started some super writing about what the characters are saying to each other. In our maths sessions we have been very creative this week looking at our colours and how we can sort objects into colour and size. In our outdoor area we have enjoyed exploring the shaving foam and mixing paint into it to make different colours! We have also been testing to see how much sand the different sized diggers can hold. We have been looking at our letters and numbers, we have really enjoyed using our cutting skills in the mud kitchen to create our hotdog and herb surprises. We have also enjoyed our counting especially how many teeth to put it the hippos mouth we had great fun. We have had a busy week in Reception continuing to learn our letters and sounds. This week we have focused on the letters g, o, c and k and have impressed our teachers by beginning to blend the sounds we know to read and write words. In Maths we have continued to learn our numbers and have even made our own clocks! For our All About Me topic this week the children have been busy creating 'houses' for their families. We have loved hearing about all of the special people in their lives at home. We have been practising our number recognition in Maths and the children are becoming more secure working with numbers up to 10 and beyond! In Literacy we have looked at the story of Elmer as well as continuing to practise our letter recognition. Harvest preparations are underway and Reception have been beginning to learn their special song with some fabulous actions Nursery paid us a visit and learned some of it with us - we cant wait to show you too! PHASE 2 NEWS This week our Jolly Postman story has taken us to the Three Little pigs and Goldilocks and the three bears. We have had great fun retelling these stories with story maps and pictures. In Maths, Year 1 have been looking at comparing numbers

e.g 1 more and 1 less and Year 2 have been looking at properties of shape and lines of symmetry. We have really enjoyed our PE this week learning how to be pirates, balancing on the plank and enjoyed learning our pirate song. Finally this week in curriculum we have been looking at special occasions and how we prepare for them. We really enjoyed our Phase 2 wedding where Reverend Jane came to visit us and showed us what would happen in a real wedding. We have continued our work on traditional tales which has led up to us writing our own traditional tale this week, Year 1 have written The Three Little Pigs and Year 2 have written Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have worked really hard on their stories! Year 1 have focused on using finger spaces to separate words, capital letters and full stops as well as applying their phonics sounds to help them spell words. In Year 2 the focus has built on this by using conjunctions and noun phrases. The children were all very proud of their stories and read them aloud to their peers, giving and receiving feedback. In Maths the children have been fantastic at comparing numbers. We have been using 100 squares to quickly find numbers and played quick fire games finding 1 more and 1 less. We have also been reasoning why certain numbers are more or less than each other by looking at the tens and units. In curriculum we began looking at map work in Geography. Practically we have investigated the geographical terms near, far, left, right, north, south, east and west. The children enjoyed listening to and following these directions on the playground. We will continue this work next week linking it to describing routes and features on the Jolly Postmans map. PHASE 3 NEWS We have been looking at what a settlement is and how land is used in different ways. We thought about what we might build if there was a free bit of land in Crewe and how it might support the community. We looked at trade links between countries and what food is imported and exported from Britain.

As part of our new genre of writing Non Chronological Reports, Year 3 went to the library to learn about how to find information from non-fiction books. We researched and looked at information about dinosaurs which linked to our class text Stone Girl Bone Girl. The phase are also celebrating the fantastic pieces of project homework which came in this week! The staff were absolutely amazed by the brilliant pieces of artwork, PowerPoints, necklaces and models that were made. We have been starting to learn how to write a non-chronological report in our English lessons. We are focusing on dinosaurs which the children are very interested in. On their trip to the library year 3 found out some more information about dinosaurs and year 4 completed internet research. In our curriculum lessons, we have been studying maps of the UK and looking at geographical regions such as England's counties. We have used an atlas to help us to locate information such as capital cities, rivers, and human and physical features of different regions in the UK. PHASE 4 NEWS We have been looking at Ernest Shackleton. Our homework was research based on his expedition and we have followed that up in class by writing a diary from his perspective. We have learnt all about his travels to Antarctica, as well as the troubles he faced when he arrived. In maths, we have started to look at rounding numbers, starting at rounding to the nearest 10 and getting more difficult as we go on. In shape, space and measure we have started looking at angles, including acute, obtuse and reflex angles. In year 5, we have continued our science topic of inheritance and evolution, exploring the differences Charles Darwin has made in this field. To further this, Miss OLeary taught PE this week, focusing on developing and improving our passing skills in football. The children have started a new unit of work in English, which is based on a Native American Legend: Brave Bear. Everyone has enjoyed reading the first couple of pages from the book and we have all practised how to structure dialogue including the correct punctuation. In maths, everyone has continued their work on angles where children are now drawing their own angles and exploring angles in shapes. In

number, we have moved onto Roman Numerals where we have been learning the numbers up to 3,000 and writing dates. Year 6 had a super science afternoon where they carried out group investigations based on dissolving. The children were given more independence as they were instructed to plan their investigations, collect relevant equipment and record their results in their own tables. Year 5 have started a new unit in Geography where they are comparing three different locations: Antarctica, England and Washington State. HOUSE CUP FOOTBALL The Year 5/6 girls competed with full squads for each house and great enthusiasm. There were some good games and the quality of football was fantastic. In round one, Tatton and Jodrell opened up with a 0-0 draw and Anderton scored 2 on their way to beating Delamere. In round two, Anderton squeezed past Tatton (1-0), whilst Delamere put in a strong performance to beat Jodrell 2-0. In the final round Tatton and Delamere couldnt find a winner in an end-to-end game that ended 1-1 and Anderton made it a clean sweep of wins with a 2-0 win against Jodrell. Well done to ANDERTON who get our first 4pts of the season, ahead of Delamere, Tatton and Jodrell. The winning Anderton team included Carly Taylor, Alexis Edwards, Milena Burczak and Aaliyah Wilkinson. Thanks to Ashton Degnen who helped referee the matches and well done to all that took part. It was the turn of the boys on the 13th September, where each team was well represented and we had some really tight and entertaining matches! In the first round, Tatton were straight out of the blocks and although they won 1-0, missed a number of chances to make it more. Anderton had to battle against a determined Delamere to win 1-0. Tatton and Anderton met each other in round two and both sides had chances but neither could find a winning goal in a 0-0 draw. Jodrell recovered well from their initial loss to beat Delamere 1-0. In the final round, Jodrell put in a great performance to grab a 0-0 draw against a talented Anderton side and it was left to TATTON to secure the 4pts by comfortably beating Delamere 3-0. Well done to the winning Tatton team: Ashton Degnen, Imtiyaj Ahmed, Kalem Cooper, Bartosz Babula and Gabriel Slusarczyk. Anderton scored 3pts for 2nd, Jodrell 2pts and Delamere 1pt. HOUSE CUP SPEEDY DICTIONARY On the 18th September, the Year 5/6 Speedy Dictionary Competition which took place with 20 pupils taking part. This tested their speed at identifying words from the dictionary. It was fiercely competitive and, in particular, Alfie Broomhall (Anderton), Alexis Edwards (Anderton) and Lydia McMullan (Delamere) were sensational at being the first to find the word. We played 20 rounds and we had a tie between Anderton and Delamere- a tie breaker decided that it was ANDERTON who were our winners. Delamere claim a respectable 3pts, ahead of Tatton 2pts and Jodrell 1pt. Well done to the winning team: Natan Skorek, Alexis Edwards, Alfie Broomhall and Carly Taylor. YEAR 4 DODGEBALL Each house played 3 games, with the winner being the house with the most points. In the first

round, it was Tatton who beat Anderton; Jodrell just edged Delamere. Tatton kept up their 100% record by beating Jodrell in round 2, with Delamere grabbing a win in a thriller against Anderton. It was very close going into the final round and there were wins for Delamere (who ended Tatton's run) and for Jodrell who beat Anderton. We had joint winners and a joint 3rd place in the competitionshowing how tight the games were. The joint winners were TATTON and DELAMERE who both scored 2 wins. Anderton and Jodrell get 2pts each for 3rd place. Well done to Lily May Martin, Connor Franklin, Sam Goodall, Demi Biddle, Jamie Brassington and Joshua Watling (Delamere), as well as the winning Tatton team which included Joshua Craven, Nathaniel Isiama Mba, Oliwier Pluta, Louis BRIERLEY FOOTBALL After a promising win in our first game against Gainsborough, our football team played their second fixture of the Autumn League against Underwood West. We said beforehand that Underwood were a stronger team than Gainsborough and we needed to be on our game from the off. Sadly we didn't start very convincingly, with a number of clearances being sliced or missed in defence and Matthew Thompson being called into action frequently. Fortunately Matthew was awake and he produced two stops (the first to tip the ball around the post) to keep the score level. Just as we were starting to wake up and get into the game, Underwood scored the goal they deserved to lead 1-0. We didnt have a great deal of the play in the first half and could only really count one or two half chances. Squad: Ashton Degnen (c), Matthew Thompson, Leo Jones, Lewis Plant, Harvey Lindsay, Gracjan Marcinkowski, Lucas Jones, Noah Jones and Adam Wright After the break we were a different team- competitive, strong, we worked hard for each other and created chances of our own. Ashton Degnen's shot from the edge of the box went agonisingly wide with the goalkeeper stranded and then Lewis Plant couldnt guide the ball home after another shot from Ashton was parried by the keeper. Defensively we stayed tight, with Lucas Jones and Gracjan Marcinkowski performing really well and getting stuck in. Gracjan made two last-ditch tackles to deny Underwood and Matthew Thompson was really quick off his line to thwart another attack. We searched for the equaliser and Noah Jones nearly got on the end of a goal-mouth scramble but his shot was deflected just wide and despite giving our all in the last seconds we couldnt' find a goal our effort deserved. Final Score: Underwood West 1 - BRIERLEY 0.

This was a tale of two halves, as first half we were probably lucky to only be a goal down, whereas second half we were determined and competitive. On another day one of those chances may have found its way into the goal, but we can be pleased with how we came back second half against a decent side. MOM was between Matthew Thompson and Gracjan, with Gracjan taking it for a superb display of energy, passion and determination. Matthew was outstanding though and can be really proud of his performance too. We have one final game of the group stages which is against the Dingle at the Cumberland Arena afterschool on Monday 15th October. Another big effort required boys! BRIERLEY PRIMARY HARVEST APPEAL Brierley Primary will be collecting food donations to help the needy in our local area. Our food collection will be given to the Salvation Army who will distribute the food to local families on our behalf. You can donate: Coffee, sugar, biscuits and squash Jam and porridge oats Tinned meat, potatoes, vegetables and beans Cooking sauces for pasta and curry Pasta, rice and noodles Salt, pepper and condiments Please check the expiry date before you donate! Please donate by Wednesday 24th October

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