THE CAFFEINATED MAINFRAMER About Us: Strongback Consulting IBM

THE CAFFEINATED MAINFRAMER About Us: Strongback Consulting  IBM

THE CAFFEINATED MAINFRAMER About Us: Strongback Consulting IBM Advanced Business Partner Rational, WebSphere, Lotus, Information Management SVP certified Strongly focused on Enterprise Modernization, Agile Transformations, and DevOps Key Industries Served: Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government Rational Designus Partner Discover at: for HATS and other Rational enterprise modernization technologies Subscribe to us at Socialize with us on Facebook & LinkedIn http:// www.strongback.u Your Instructor Kenny Smith Principal Consultant @ Strongback Consulting Developed courses for multiple Rational IDEs Past speaker at IBMs RSDC, Innovate, and InterConnect, and N. FL Rational User Group Major projects: Multiple RDz rollouts, several large systems modernizations, many custom development gigs Languages: Java, COBOL, VB, HTML, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Perl, Python, JACL www.strongback.u 3 What is Java? Platform neutral programming language Concurrent, class-based, and object oriented Most similar to C/C++ syntax Compiled into bytecode, which is run by a Java Virtual Machine Write once, run anywhere www.strongback.u 4 Why Java on System z?

Abundance of Java and Java skills zAAP Processors - cost effective workload management Combining of traditional batch with modern frameworks Access to MVS using the JZOS API www.strongback.u 5 Abundance of Java #1 Programming language Tiobe September 2015 C ranks #2 (frequently trades places with Java) COBOL ranks #20 Assembler ranks #11 Ubiquity of architectural frameworks Unit testing, relational object mapping, security, dependency injection,

etc. www.strongback.u 6 Java Frameworks Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it. Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book JAX-WS www.strongback.u 7

zAAP Processors Cost Effective Solution A specialty z processor engine Attractively priced execution environment for web apps Simplifies and reduces server infrastructures Maximizes the value of your mainframe investments Lowers the overall cost of computing for WebSphere Application Server and other Java JIT on the z has greatly increased performance on the z. www.strongback.u 8 Where does Java run? The JVM runs in Unix System Services (USS) Source code can be compiled anywhere Class and jar files written to USS directories for running in the JVM

Workloads on Java are qualified to run on zAAP processor www.strongback.u 9 z/OS UNIX with Open Systems Interfaces z/OS API (C Functions) www.strongback.u Language Environment (LE) Interactive Shell

(commands) HFS zFS zFS WLM UNIX System Services SMF 10 z/OS Unix Files Found in Remote Systems View z/OS Unix Files section Home = your home folder in OMVS

Typically /u/username Root = / (zFS system root folder) Filters = everything else You specify the settings for the filter z/OS Unix shells Open one or more Unix shells Each shell separate from each other www.strongback.u How do I Write Java? www.strongback.u 12 RAD And Java

Like RDz, built on Eclipse Can shell share with RDz, providing more features than either alone CICS Web Service Development Can also shell share with Data Studio Highly effective editors, wizards, and visualization tools Includes Java code review tools (Software Analyzer) Designed to handle Java EE development Wizards for web development (JSF, JSP, Struts, etc.) Database development (SQL editors, JPA wizards) WebSphere Application Server environment www.strongback.u 13 RDz Enterprise Tools: Unit Testing JUnit: A unit test framework for Java Built into RAD / Eclipse

Tests either pass or fail www.strongback.u RDz Enterprise Tools: Software Analysis Allows you to run a static analysis of the resources with which you are working to detect violations of rules and rule categories. Detects violations of specific programming rules and rule categories and generates a report in the Software Analyzer Results view Code can be viewed in a single interface to analyze each component in a multi-language application. Java, Cobol and others. www.strongback.u 15 Rational Developer for the Enterprise 9.5

Rational Developer for the Enterprise Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 9.0 Rational Developer for System z 9.5 Rational Business Developer 9.5 Rational Developer for i 9.5

Rational Developer for AIX and Linux 9.5 Rational Application Developer Rational Developer for System z Rational Business Developer RPG and COBOL Tools C/C++ Edition

RPG and COBOL + Modernization Tools, Java Edition AIX COBOL Edition RPG and COBOL + Modernization Tools, EGL Edition Rational Business Developer www.strongback.u Comparing Language Features Java COBOL

Portable write once run anywhere Syntax specific to compiler (IBM vs Microfocus, etc.) Object Oriented Procedural Connect to CICS via web services Call CICS directly No binding of DB2 required Not column sensitive (> 80 chars)

Case Sensitive Strongly typed Can be multi-threaded www.strongback.u Must bind DB2 Column sensitive Not case sensitive Considered non-typed Single threaded Unique Java Language Features Object oriented: Polymorphism, Inheritance, Composition, Encapsulation Garbage Collection: automated memory management Secure Interpreted: compiled to bytecode, and bytecode executed

by JVM Objects and Classes Case Sensitive! i.e. www.strongback.u Customer != customer 18 JAVA BASICS www.strongback.u 19 Organizing Code: Packages vs PDS Java: Packages www.strongback.u

COBOL: PDSs 20 Instantiating Variables Java public class YieldInfo(){ BigDecimal startBalance; BigDecimal yield; BigDecimal interest; int days; int years; } www.strongback.u COBOL 01 yield-info.

03 start-balance comp. pic 9(9)v9(2) 03 yield comp. pic 9(9)v9(2) 03 interest comp. pic 03 days comp. pic 9(9)

03 years comp. pic 9(2) v9(7) 21 Example Conversion COBOL Copybook www.strongback.u Java Class Java Primitive Data Types

Data Type Size (in bits for numeric) Default Value (for fields) byte 8 0 short 16 0

int 32 0 long 64 0L float 32 floating point 0.0f

double 64 floating point 0.0d char 16 (Unicode) '\u0000' boolean 1 false Anything else is considered an Object!

www.strongback.u 23 Other Common Data Types Integer object wrapper for int Long object wrapper for long Short object wrapper for short String object wrapper for char BigDecimal - complex object that handles currency NEVER EVER EVER use floating point arithmetic for currency!!! www.strongback.u 24 Typical Java Class Structure

Package (1) Import statements (3) Class declaration (5) Class variables (6-8) Constructors (10, 13) Methods (20, 28) www.strongback.u 25 General Syntax class variable calls the Team default constructor

class name Statements end in semicolon instance variable name Code blocks are surrounded by braces www.strongback.u 26 DEMO

www.strongback.u 27 Accessing Data, and Systems AIX z/OS MQ DB2 JDBC S JM Java (Batch) Web Service

CICS www.strongback.u JDBC Windows MSSQL 28 Accessing DB2 Data Accessing z/OS DB2 Data is no different than Java on distributed JPA Wizards Java Persistence Architecture Makes CRUD operations a breeze! Hardly any SQL has to be written JDBC Java Database Connectivity

Old school SQL method Other open source frameworks iBatis, Hibernate, Spring JDBC Templates, etc. www.strongback.u 29 JZOS Java API for developers API = Application Programming Interface A framework acquired by IBM & now part of the IBM JVM Preferred method for MVS file access, data type conversion, MVS Console, etc. Includes a batch launcher Uses JNI / C to access MVS datasets, VSAM files, QSAM files, etc. www.strongback.u

30 Calling JZOS Batch MVS JZOS JCL Programmer writes and submits the JCL MC PDS JZOS PROC JVMLDMxx www.strongback.u

Unix System Services JES JZOS API Java class Java Runtime JZOS JCL Skeleton Job Card Location of the JVM Proc Execute the generic proc with vars

Location of the output Java shell environment setup www.strongback.u Java Generic PROC A parameterized procedure makes it easier to standardize the environment A sample is included in the JDK for z/OS Found under /usr/lpp/java/J7.0_64/mvstools/samples/jcl Good for most usage, customize for a given specific instance www.strongback.u Approaches to Java Batch WebSphere Batch

z/OS Batch Container JZOS JVM Launcher JCL launches batch program Programmer may still need to code functions not provided by Launcher Example is z/OS Batch Container Batch Container provides useful functions Programmer may still need to code functions not provided by Container

Example is IBM WebSphere Compute Grid Provides batch programming function as services of the platform Allows programmer to focus on the business logic and not develop "custom middleware" function Robust www.strongback.u 34

Tools for Modern Java Batch (aka ComputeGrid) Workbench: Has Capability? (Y, N, Partial) RA D WD T Eclips e Y N

N Brings compute and data intensive batch processing to WAS, sharing the same business logic used by online systems. Framework and tools make writing, running and managing batch applications a snap. Java EE based packaging and deployment. Batch workspace project xJCL Projects, wizards and editors streamline the development of xJCL and batch classes. Deploy and submit to WAS, with job progress integrated into the IDEs console. www.strongback.u

Scheduler WAS App Container WAS 35 Where Can I Learn More? Strongback Consultings Course Offerings: RDz COBOL, RDz Java (JZOS), RAD, HATS Our blog All our JZOS specific links: https:// Rational software links: https:// Java generic links: https:// *** is a bookmark sharing site. It may be blocked by your IT department, but allows us to share more links than we have room to list here www.strongback.u 36 QUESTIONS? www.strongback.u 37 Subscribe to us at Discover us at:

Socialize with us on Facebook & LinkedIn http:// Watch Us at Youtube http:// Call us at: 386-232-8746 www.strongback.u BACKUP www.strongback.u 39 Class API Overview:

Access MVS Datasets thin wrapper for JNI calls to C I/O library - platform-portable file access Access HFS/zFS files, java.nio standard Java API Access the MVS Console interface to MVS console and job log Various z/OS native functions www.strongback.u Calling Java in batch BPXBATCH The original batch java caller.

Best to run non-Java shell commands on Unix System Services The STDOUT and STDERR DD names are not allocated as MVS data sets JZOS The modern batch caller Uses a specific JVM load module www.strongback.u JZOS Batch Jobs are zAAP eligible IDE Integration with RDz, RAD Can run Java based servers as started tasks Full integration into the Job Entry System Jobs run in the same address space Support for DD statements Move stdin, stdout, and stderr to an MVS Dataset

Gives a valid return code (other than just 1) www.strongback.u

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