Line of Scrimmage Break Out Session 2019 LOS

Line of Scrimmage Break Out Session 2019 LOS


Focus on Mechanics Know the Philosophies Know Your Keys Pre-Snap Checklist Own Your Position Be Perfect on LOS Infractions LOS Mechanics PRE-GAME Pre-Game Meetings / During the Week Preparation Preparation for next game begins on Monday Review previous game for learning value Spots Mechanics Philosophies

Work with your wing partner on questions/suggestions for improvement week to week Focus on LOS infractions in film session LOS Mechanics PRE-GAME At the Stadium Chain crew meeting Check chains Ball boy meeting Never inside the ten Build rapport with coach

LOS Mechanics PRE-SNAP Go through a Pre Snap checklist on EVERY Play Clock (under 1:00) Down and LTG, (box and chains correct)

Substitution L - Count Appropriate team Focus Concentrate Relax LOS Mechanics COMMON LOS FOULS False Start (FST) Abrupt movement (flinch) by a lineman. Abrupt movement (breaks knees) by a WR, Abrupt forward movement by a WR in motion. All 11 not getting set Defense Offside (DOF) In the Neutral Zone at the snap, Lined up in the Neutral Zone, Unabated to the QB (breaks the shoulder of the OT), causes the Offense to move, or makes contact with

Offense prior to the snap Illegal Formation (ILF) more than 4 players in the backfield. Can you make it legal? Illegal Shift (ISH) Not set for 1 sec. before going in motion, Two or more players in motion at the snap (or not set for 1 sec. at the snap). Illegal Motion (ILM) Shaving LOS Mechanics AT THE SNAP Focus Pre Snap Movements Legal Formation No more than 4 in the backfield Tackles in proper position, on the LOS

Legal Snap Centers movement is smooth Move to Keys Snap Back (or Wide Receiver) LOS Mechanics SCRIMMAGE PLAYS Line up with both feet on the white straddling the Line of Scrimmage Get a legal formation If WR talks to you, you can talk to the WR Warn OT if they are not lined up properly in between plays At the snap Read the play!

If it is a run play, LOS officials hold the LOS until the runner crosses the LOS If it is a pass play, L holds the LOS and H can drift down 3-5 yards. If LTG is less than 5, L and H go to LTG at the snap. End of play Blow normal whistle if you have ball Signal as soon as you have a ball down Never mirror a signal Only kill the clock LOS Mechanics RUNNING PLAY When you Read Run Check blocks in the area of point of attack for potential Holding,

etc. Follow runner after he crosses your face Cross-field mechanics with wing partner Dont signal unless you see the ball carrier down with the ball in their control. Signal the status of the ball when you reach the end of the run LOS Mechanics PASSING PLAY When you Read Pass Know your Keys, and discusses any switches with B H can move 3-5 yards downfield L stays at LOS L has all forward/backward pass decisions

L has illegal forward passes (entire body and ball past the line. This is a spot foul) L has the sack spot See ball and rule on passes. Must control ball if goes to the ground Bang Bang Not DPI Not a catch, No cheap fumbles Help R with Intentional Grounding LOS Mechanics SCRIMMAGE KICK - PUNT Count 11 as offense breaks the huddle

Get a legal formation At the snap Check for blocks by Tackle and Wing Back H has to hold the line as he is solely responsible if the ball goes beyond the LOS and makes contact with anything. L when the punter gets the snap and a kick is confirmed, move downfield to help B. After the punt, H will not go far, and watch blocks in front of the returner if coming to his side, or clean up backside if it goes away. If the punt breaks to your side, let the action pass you and follow up like any other play. Blind side blocks!! Dont try to out run them. Good Dead Ball Officiating LOS Mechanics

SCRIMMAGE KICK FG/XPT H has the LOS 100%, U and R can help on FST, especially on linemen away from H Focus on LOS infractions expand your vision to get the whole line L moves to under the upright on his side. Think mechanics if kick is blocked or bad snap. H, be aware that GL is yours L, if possible, will move back towards his SL and assist R. R, should be on Ls side and wide. U, should be ready to help with GL.

LOS Mechanics GOAL LINE H and L take the Goal Line from the 5 and in (TASO 5 Man Manual) I would suggest at least the 7 (crew decision) Move to the Goal Line immediately at the snap. Crash all spots. If there is a pile at the GL, crash in, in the field of play, and the ball is where it is. A Touchdown lasts forever! Take your time to be sure before ruling, there is no rush. LOS Mechanics

REVERSE GOAL LINE Follow the same mechanics as a scrimmage play At the snap Inside the 5 H and L should both move to the GL at the snap. 5-10 L stay on LOS and read play H read play and work back if GL is threatened, only time you will have spot behind LOS LOS Mechanics CROSS-FIELD MECHANICS

Cross field mechanics is an art form, not a science When to use cross field mechanics When runner is driven back in your zone On long passes for the L, H should be there for you On sacks for the H, L will have the spot LOS Mechanics DEAD BALL OFFICIATING If the ball is dead within two yards of your sideline

Observe the Dead Ball Spot Move slowly toward the spot while blowing your whistle Observe the surrounding action and use the wind the clock signal. Watch the players until they separate Mark the spot with your foot and place the ball If the ball is dead out of bounds on your sideline Observe the Out of Bounds / Dead Ball Spot

Move towards and watch and the action on/around the runner while killing the clock Slowly move up the sideline to mark the spot while turning to observe the action out of bounds. Continue to watch the players as they return to the field. Spot the ball on the sideline only after all players have cleared your area. Dont be in a hurry to get a ballever! LOS Mechanics PENALTY THAT KILLS CLOCK Blow Throw Kill look Clock Another flag

preliminary LOS Mechanics PENALTY REPORTING Kill clock and look to see that it is dead Get everyones attention by blowing whistle, funny whistle Take a deep breath and slow down Give a good/strong preliminary signal (if one flag) Provide information to the Referee

When What Who Result of play Stay near Referee double or multiple fouls All know clock status LOS Mechanics PENALTY ENFORCEMENT Be aware of the status of the clock at the end of the play (under 1:00) The non-calling official must be certain of the foul called before begin penalty administration 10 second subtraction, know the options to help your coach. Does your coach want to take

Does your coach want a time out to save Umpire will communicate 5, 10, or 15 yard penalty to H. L, H, and U will move to the penalty administration spot L will hold the spot until the H/U have stepped off the penalty L will then mark off the penalty and confirm with the H/U that the penalty administration and the subsequent spot are correct H will then signal the box man (and chains if needed) to move. Be ready to communicate the number of the fouling player to the Head Coach even if you didnt call the foul. LOS Mechanics COMMUNICATION ON THE SIDELINES Be yourself, be professional, but be available

Questions deserve answers, statements do not Coaches want to be acknowledged and listened to and not be ignored Coach, I dont know but I will get you the answer.and do it Dont dictate to the coach Dont put the coach down Dont let it appear that the coach is controlling you Dont be demonstrative, but have good, confident body language Choose your words carefully If necessary, bring another official over if it is a long discussion LOS Mechanics ON THE FIELD GOALS P O

I S E LOS Mechanics Pre snap checklist Officiate a play lasts 7 seconds, 150 times a game Instincts Use Them See the play-slow down, See everything you call, dont call everything you see Every play will be the highlight play on TV tonight

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