St. Augustine By: Ross Barcusky Room: 14 Dr.

St. Augustine By: Ross Barcusky Room: 14 Dr.

St. Augustine By: Ross Barcusky Room: 14 Dr. Reese When? In 1665 the Spanish founded St. Augustine Who? Spanish Pedro

Menendez de Aviles founded the city of St. Augustine Where? St. Augustine lies on the Northeastern coast of Florida off of the Atlantic Ocean Then What Happened? St Augustine was very successful.

Today many people vacation and live there. Other facts Oldest house in Florida is found in St. Augustine it dates back to the early 1700s More facts The oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the U.S.

is St. Augustine. St. Augustine was founded 42 years before Jamestown. Even More Facts British forces destroyed the settlement but St. Augustine still stood. During the War During the Civil War St. Augustine was occupied by Union forces even though

Florida was a southern state. CONFEDERATE SOLDERS UNION SOLDERS St. Augustine Today St. Augustine is a very educational place to visit. Many historic sites are located in

the city. One is the Fountain of Youth. Legend has it that Ponce de Leon came to the shore of St. Augustine seeking the fountain of youth, anyone who drank from it never grew old. Ponce de Leon

Castillo de San Marcos In St. Augustine there is a fort called Castillo de San Marcos. It was built to protect St. Augustine from assault. Indians of St. Augustine In St. Augustine today there is a park where the ancient Indian Village of Seloy used to be

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