CSE 143 Goodbye, world! Major themes Abstraction Leverage

CSE 143 Goodbye, world! Major themes  Abstraction  Leverage

CSE 143 Goodbye, world! Major themes Abstraction Leverage existing components without understanding details Create components that can be used as black boxes Algorithm analysis Scalability and growth Tradeoffs between implementations Recursion Reason about problems in terms of self-similarity

Write very short code to achieve complex behaviors Beauty 2 Beyond programming Mind-controlled robots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ7EOpPNQyw Muscle-controlled interfaces http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pktVSTwC8qo

3D models from pictures http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Yifq70elY Face aging http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLQtssJDMMc Animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4kkPlLdMvI Security 3 Computing for good Foldit

Open Data Kit Mobile Midwives Ultrasound MobileASL Tactile Graphics 4 Courses? CSE non-majors CSE 154: Web Programming

CSE 373: Data Structures and Algorithms CSE 374: Programming Concepts and Tools (C/C++, Linux, ...) CSE 131: Digital Photography CSE 460: Animation Capstone (open to all majors) INFO, AMATH, DXARTS, ... CSE majors CSE 311: (Mathematical) Foundations of Computing

CSE 332: Data Abstractions (Data Structures and Algorithms) CSE 331: Software Design and Implementation CSE 341: Programming Languages CSE 344: Intro to Data Management (and databases) CSE 351: Hardware/Software Interface 5 Explore Big Ideas Historical context Key algorithms Privacy

Automate all the things 6 Do a project! Little text-processing applications identify lines above 100 remove line-breaks Add a GUI to the random sentence generator Automate chemistry, physics, calculus problems, etc Find quotes by keyword in books What are you currently doing that a computer could do? 7

Other languages? Expanding your Java knowledge with a project is valuable Pick a project, see what language is most appropriate iOS: Objective-C or Swift Android: Java Client-side web: Javascript Beautiful visuals: Processing Quick data processing: Python

Embedded systems: C/C++ Learn a new paradigm Functional languages: Racket, Haskell 8 Leveraging existing code Accessing Facebook data http://restfb.com/ Processing language http://nlp.stanford.edu/software/ Building games with physics http://jbox2d.org/

Processing biological data http://biojava.org/wiki/Main_Page 9 Weekly meetings Change technologies for low-income regions http://change.washington.edu/ Dub human-computer interaction and design http://dub.washington.edu/ 10

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    Avoid using this phrase as a synonym of "annoy." ... Anxiousmeans "worried," "uneasy," or "fearful." Do not use it as a substitute for "eager." CORRECT: I am anxious about the upcoming unit exam. AMBIGUOUS: I am anxiousto meet new people.
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