CS6361 Project, Part 1 Fall 2006 The Design

CS6361 Project, Part 1 Fall 2006 The Design

CS6361 Project, Part 1 Fall 2006 The Design Firm of Bouchier, Fischer, Herschbach, & Nina Agenda Vision & Scope Requirements Process Use Cases Requirements Dependency Analysis Example Requirements Tracing UI Design Next Steps Team Roles Paul

Bouchier: System World rep Jon Fischer: User World rep Shaun Herschbach: Domain rep Chris Nina: Developer rep Vision & Scope A web-based tool that eases meeting scheduling activities between participants who have previously entered their availability data Usability goal: effort for each user to maintain availability is substantially less than effort to schedule meetings without this system System is self-contained no external calendar, email or other interfaces Process Incremental lifecycle

Each increment goes through phases: Visioning based on customer requirements Elicitation with World representatives Use case analysis UI design Requirements specification Validation (with class) Software design Use Case Analysis Goal: Understand the functional aspects of the enterprise requirements in order to understand the stated requirements (the why) 1st Iteration: analyzed 2 use cases

1. 2. Respond to meeting invitations Create meeting invitation Respond to meeting invitation Most common use case described by fullydressed use case description: User goal: respond to meeting notification by accepting or denying an invitation (if one has been sent) and potentially to update their preference and/or exclusion-set 1. 2. 3.

4. System shows outstanding invitations + calendar User accepts/declines outstanding invitations System shows calendar & allows modifying exclusion/prefs User updates exclusion/prefs. System returns to step 3 Preliminary Semiformal Definition Enterprise ? Active Participants Requirements ? Important

Participants Initiator Conflict Resolution Potential Attendees Minimal Interaction Performed Quickly Legend Equipment

Location Preference Exclusion Set Inclusion Set Date Range Functional Requirement A NonFunctional Requirement B A Depends on B

Meeting Room Meeting Location Meeting Date Date Conflict Preliminary Semiformal Definition Functional Requirements Meeting Monitoring ?

Meeting Date Meeting Request Iniator Participants ? Bounds on Replanning Client Resolution Policies

Meeting Replanning Meeting Location Participant Constraints Changing User Constraints Conflict Resolution Legend Functional

Requirement A B A Depends on B Preliminary Semiformal Definition Non-Functional Requirements Accurate Decentralized Meeting Monitoring

User Friendly Minimal Interaction Initiate a Meeting Customizable Reduced Overhead Flexible to changing Data Respond to an Invitation

Privacy Extensible Quick Communication to Participants Legend Functional Requirement Use Case NonFunctional Requirement A A Depends on B

Meeting Calculation Convenient Meetings Minimal Time to determine Meeting Info B Appropriate Level of Performance Lower Bound on time between calculation and meeting date Physical Constraints Not

Broken Dynamic Replanning Flexible Replanning Issues - Preliminary Requirements Conflicts and Resolutions Admin Functionality Distribution Interaction and Interfacing Scheduler Home My Schedule

My Preferences Next Steps Analyze requirements for inconsistencies & resolve. Update requirements database. References Alistair Cockburn Writing effective use cases Summer project: pk-wp-iw.ppt

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