Annual MyCare Model of Care Training Learning Objectives

Annual MyCare Model of Care Training Learning Objectives

Annual MyCare Model of Care Training Learning Objectives Participants will be able to: Describe My Care populations Identify 3 benefits available to meet the unique needs of the population Understand the important components of the Trans-disciplinary Care team and Individualized Care Plan to improve the care coordination of My Care members Name 2 principles of the Transitions program Identify 3 outcomes measured by the Model of Care evaluation 2 CareSource

Non-profit, mission driven Ohios first mandatory Medicaid MCP in 1989 Second largest Medicaid HMO in US Medicaid 1 Million+ Ohio members Medicare Advantage Plans HCBS Waivers Multiple States URAC and NCQA accreditation Headquarters Based in Dayton, Ohio with regional offices in Cleveland,

Columbus, Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN., New Contract awarded in Georgia The CareSource Heartbeat: To make a lasting difference in our members lives by improving their health and well-being. 3 What is MyCare? Ohios Integrated Care Delivery System MyCare Ohio is a demonstration project that integrates Medicare and Medicaid services into one program, operated by a Managed Care Plan. A new coordinated approach to providing health care and long-term services and supports Requirements are based on 3 way agreement with CMS and ODM and the CareSource provider agreement with ODM

4 Advantages to MyCare One point of contact for care Care Management Support 24/7 A team of professionals to coordinate care One ID card(for Opt-In members) Focus on prevention and wellness Nurse Advice Line

Better coordination= Better health outcomes Providers will submit claims to only 1 place (for Opt-In members) 5 MyCare Target Populations Eligible for Medicare (Parts A, B and D) and FULLY eligible for Medicaid; Low Income Elderly Over the age of 18 Living in one of the demonstration counties. Home and Community Based Services Waiver members, Long

Term Care Residents, and Community Well Members Under 65 Disabled 6 Waiver Service Coordination Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) Internal Waiver within the Northeast region Care Source providing Care Management services for the under 60 population Services & supports provided in the home and community Personal Care Services Home Delivered Meals Home Making Services Adult Day Care Emergency response system Non emergency transportation

7 MyCare Team Care Management- CM, Assessors, Navigators, Team Leads Claims Enrollment

Pharmacy Service Operations Customer Care Services Health Partners Services Marketing Grievance and Appeals Quality Improvement 8 Medical Director Behavioral

Health Core Team VPs, Directors, Managers Transition Coordinators Utilization Management Goals of MyCare Improve member access to Medical, Behavioral Health, Long Term Services & Support, and Social Services Improve member access to affordable care-single point of contact Seamless transitions across Health Care settings Medication Therapy Management Ensure appropriate utilization of services Improve members health outcomes with MemberCentered Care

9 Stratification 834 enrollment file from ODM Predictive Modeling Software Claims Stratification level is our starting point for care management; it is never changed Confirmed through Assessment-Acuity 10

Care Management Visit Schedule All members must have a face to face visits. Assessment and visit requirements Intensive High Medium Low Monitor 15 days / 30 days / 60 days / 75 days / 75 days / monthly visit for life of demo monthly visit for 6 months visit 1st 2 months, then quarterly

visit 1st 4 months, then biannually visit 1st 6 months, then annually Initial and ongoing (event based) assessments, as well as annual reassessment. Reassessment must occur within 365 days of last assessment. 11 MyCare Model of Care Our tailored approach to care coordination enables our staff to build an individualized, comprehensive plan of care that can adapt based on a Members developing needs and personal goals. Stratify Enrollee Assess

needs & Personal Goals Develop Confirm Strat/ Acuity Member Centered Care Plan & Service Plan 12 Implement new plan

with member Monitor & reassess Care Plan Trans-Disciplinary Care Team 13 Transitions of Care & Post Discharge Coordination Transition Coordinator Role

Goals ER visits Hospital admits/ readmits Compliance w/ MD discharge coordination plan Use of appropriate med choices/combos Use of appropriate Community Referrals Member Satisfaction & Health Outcomes Level of Care requests for

Nursing Facility & Waiver will be sent to Transition Coordinator Level of Care for Waiver will be sent to the local AAA by the Transition Coordinator CareSource Transition Coordinator will determine Level of Care for long term care members 14 Care Treatment Plan

Individualized & Personalized Prioritized Actions with timeframes for completion Developed on assessment findings, member preferences & input from the TDCT PCP involvement is necessary 15 Other Care Management Interventions

Medication Reviews Treatment Plan Support Care Transitions Post Discharge Support Self-Care Management Independence at Home Intrapersonal & Social Relationships Care Coordination Decision Coaching Connections to Community Resources Preventative & Screening Services Health Education

Knowledge of when to call physician 16 CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management Appropriate member identification and selection Assessment & problem identification Development of case management plan & goal establishment Implementation & coordination of care activities Evaluation of case management plan & follow up Termination of the case management process resulting in optimal member health (if applicable) 17

Member and TDCT Available Resources Provider Portal Member Portal CareSource Website CareSource Call Center Secure Email Employee Connectivity- Laptops, iPhones, iPads 24 hour Nurse Advise Line 24 hour Behavioral Health Line

18 Consumer Advisory Councils Occurs quarterly In Cleveland, Youngstown & Akron Forum for members to come and discuss successes, suggestions, and struggles with CareSource CareSource staff presentConsumer Experience, Care Management Leadership Member Advocates invited (i.e. Ombudsman) 19 Model of Care Evaluation Monitor and analyze Utilization Management data, Waiver service utilization, HEDIS

(encounters & claims), Part D Pharmacy utilization, and other financial data. CMS and state reports Effectiveness of Case management model including, HRA, Care Plans, TDCT and transitions Member health and outcomes 20 Model of Care evaluation Updates to Model of Care throughout the year Reviewed annually by: Executive Council Quality Enterprise Committee Operational Enterprise Committee Care Management Quality Improvement Committee

21 Health Partner network Comprehensive network of primary care providers, specialists, such as cardiologist, neurologist, and behavioral health specialists to meet the complex health needs of the My Care and Medicare Advantage population My Care has specialized Long Term Services and Support provider that specialize in services for complex Nursing Facility and Waiver members. 22 Quality Improvement CareSource has a Quality Improvement program that monitors

the health outcomes and implementation of the My Care Model of Care (MOC) by: Identifying and defining measurable MOC goals Collecting HEDIS, STARS and quality with hold measures Conducting a Quality Improvement Project (QIP) annually that is relevant to improving Long term care rebalancing to the My Care. Chronic Care Improvement Program (CCIP) Communicating goal outcomes to stake holders 23 Updates to this training (ad hoc training/education required) Updates will be provided when changes to the 3 way agreement and or the provider agreement Incorporation of NCQA standards and

Managed Long Term Services and Support standards 24

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