Change Management: How to Achieve a Culture of

Change Management: How to Achieve a Culture of

Change Management: How to Achieve a Culture of Safety Change Management Objectives List the Eight Steps of Change Identify errors common to organizational change Discuss what is involved in creating a new culture Begin planning your nursing homes change strategy Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 2 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change

Management 8 Steps of Change John Kotter Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 3 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Set the Stage and Create a Sense of Urgency Get peoples attention! Sell the need for change describe the consequences of not changing Immerse people in information about the change Discuss ways to solve the problems people identify with the change

Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 4 Empower people to solve the problem TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Pull Together the Guiding Team Choose key players, especially staff-level managers Identify a Guiding Team that is multidisciplinary Consider the credibility and integrity of change leaders Choose proven leaders who can drive the change process Strong position power, broad expertise, and high credibility Ensure the Guiding Team has both management and leadership skills

Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 5 Management skills control the process Leadership skills drive the change TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Develop the Change Vision and Strategy Senior Leadership is responsible for: Establishing the definition of a culture of safety aligned with expectations, core values, and shared beliefs Informing the nursing home of these values and evaluating the culture Leading the process of:

Translating values into expected behaviors Establishing trust and accountability Communicating a commitment to shaping the culture Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 6 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Communicate for Understanding and Buy-In Provide supportive actions for fear, anger, and resistance Encourage discussion, dissent, disagreement, debate

keep people talking Tell people what you knowand what you dont know Acknowledge concerns, perceived losses, and anger Model the expected behaviors Value resisters Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 7 They clarify the problem and identify other problems that need to be solved first Their tough questions can strengthen and improve the change They may be rightit is a dumb idea! TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management

Empower Others to Act Provide direction Allow others to find their own team-driven solutions Encourage others to speak up and take risks Share the information you know Encourage teamwork and collaboration Encourage personal reflection and learning Train employees so they have the desired skills and attitudes Track activities and progress Set short-term goals Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 8 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Produce Short-Term Wins Show visible success; further impetus for change Provide positive feedback; recognize and reward

contributions to wins Further builds morale and motivation Leverage lessons learned to help plan next goal Create greater difficulty for resisters to block further change Provide leadership with evidence of success Build momentum Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 9 Helps draw in neutral or reluctant supporters TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Dont Let Up Acknowledge hard work

Celebrate successes and accomplishments Reaffirm the vision Bring people together toward the vision Acknowledge what people have left behind Develop long-term goals and plans Provide tools and training to reinforce new behaviors Reinforce and reward the new behaviors Create systems and structures that reinforce new behaviors Prepare people for the next change Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 10 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Create a New Culture Develop action steps for stabilizing, reinforcing, and sustaining the change:

Give people time to mourn their actual losses Provide skill and knowledge training Develop new reward systems Recognize and celebrate accomplishments Develop performance measures to continually monitor the results from the change and to identify opportunities for further improvements Make adjustments to the change vision and strategy to reflect new learning and insights Encourage people to be open to new challenges, forces, and pressures for the next change Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 11 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2

Change Management Errors Common to Organizational Change Allowing for complacency Failing to create a sufficiently powerful Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 12 Guiding Coalition and Change Team Not truly integrating the vision Allowing obstacles to block change Not celebrating short-term wins Declaring victory too soon Neglecting to anchor changes firmly in the culture TEAMSTEPPS 05.2

Change Management Culture Change Comes Last, Not First! Most alterations in norms and shared values Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 13 come at the end of the transformation process New approaches sink in after success is shown Feedback and reinforcement are crucial to buy-in Sometimes the only way to change culture is to change key people Individuals in leadership positions need to be on board, or the old culture will reassert itself TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change

Management TeamSTEPPS Change Model Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 14 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Change Management Models PDSA: Plan, Do (TeamSTEPPS), Study, Act DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve (TeamSTEPPS), Control IHI Model for Improvement: Forming the Team, Setting Aims, Establishing Measures, Selecting Changes, Testing Changes, Implementing Changes (TeamSTEPPS), Spreading Changes CUSP: Assemble the Team, Engage the Senior Executive, Understand the Science of Safety, Identify Defects through Sensemaking, Implement Teamwork and Communication

(TeamSTEPPS) https:// index.html Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 15 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management On-Time Quality Improvement Model Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 16 TEAMSTEPPS 05.2 Change Management Monitor, Integrate, Continuous Process Improvement

Celebrate Wins! Staying the Course Sustaining Roadmap to a Culture of Safety Implement Action Plan, Train, Empower Others Test Intervention (Outcomes) Im staying right here. Yeah, theyll be back. t Join io miss Com

n Status QUO FUTURE rville Erro What are they doing? Why do we need change? Develop Action Plan Prepare the Climate Build Team, Strategy, Buy-In, Establish Goals

Catalytic Event Drives Need For Change Mod 8 LTC 2.0 Page 17 TeamSTEPPS Change Coaching TEAMSTEPPS 05.2

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