Red Hook Homeowners Plan NOW for a More

Red Hook Homeowners Plan NOW for a More

Red Hook Homeowners Plan NOW for a More Energy Efficient Winter Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities Patrice Courtney Strong, Coordinator 3 Field Court Kingston, NY 12401 845-331-2238

A Partnership NYSERDA Community coordinators Contractors Municipalities, businesses, schools, chambers, home owners Goal: Help YOU save energy & $$$

Renewed $$$ for Energy Saving New Yorkers In 2006, Public Service Commission extended New York Energy $mart for 5 years with $875 million available. NYS GOALS:

Energy efficiency Economic development MORE AFFORDABLE UTILITIES for SMALL BUSINESS Renewable energy solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal New jobs for New Yorkers [home energy auditors, HERS raters, solar/wind installers]

Courtney Strong Inc. Promoting Energy $mart Communities in: Mid-Hudson Capital/Saratoga Bronx/Westchester ENERGY STAR New Homes Energy Star Labeled Homes are

performance-tested by a Home Energy Rater Each home must pass a computerbased energy analysis, inspection and testing Only homes that meet highefficiency guidelines are certified as ENERGY STAR Home Energy Rating System Provides energy-efficiency strategies and tests for new construction

Plays key part in ENERGY STAR process Offers two services: Review construction practices and recommend how to reach ENERGY STAR compliance Conduct HERS ratings HERS = evaluation of energy efficiency of new home Rates energy usage of home compared with

requirements of national Model Energy Code To qualify for ENERGY STAR label, home must score minimum HERS rating of 86 Uses at least 30% less energy than reference house Home Performance w/ENERGY STAR

Energy efficiency through certified contractors for 1 4 unit family homes $$$ available thru low-interest loans or 10% cash back or income-eligible

grants. Comprehensive Home Assessment Looks at the house as a system: Health & Safety Shell Measures Air Sealing and Insulation

Heating/Cooling System Efficiency Lighting Major Appliances Whole House Approach Whole house approach to home improvement Requires understanding of dynamic interaction among home systems

Heating and cooling systems Water heaters and other combustion appliances Ventilation Shell features Energy $martsm loans Through participating NYS banks Rate buy-down: 4% for 10-year maximum

term 10% homeowner financing incentive Reimbursement check from NYSERDAcovering 10% of eligible costs, up to $3,000 incentive Assisted Home Performance Adds grant up to $5,000 for

owners/renters below 80% State Median Income. Plus low-interest financing Qualified contractors: Assisted Home Performance

For households with income less than 80% of State Median Income NYSERDA pays for 50% of cost of eligible measures, up to $5,000 subsidy for single-family home This is not a loan it doesnt have to be paid back!!

Building Performance Institute (BPI) National accrediting agency used by HPwES program. BPI establishes testing

procedures; safety guidelines for building performance work. Hudson Valley Community College Provides technical

training to current and future program participants NYSERDA 8.16 kw system Amawalk, NY This system provides 72% of this homes electricity needs and avoids over 14,000 pounds of CO2 emissions every year!

A 5 kw solar electric system might cost $41,500, but it will cost you far less NYSERDA $3/watt rebate = $15,000 NYS tax credit = $ 5,000 Federal Tax Credit = $ 7,950

Final** System Cost = $13,550 Most solar modules feature a 25 year warranty Electric Bills for 25 Years = $25,500 **Plus NYSERDA Energy $mart Loans of Up To $20,000* Patrice Courtney Strong - Coordinator [email protected] Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities (845) 331-2238

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