CITB Health & Safety Strategy and Industry support

CITB Health & Safety Strategy and Industry support Presentation by Lee Fisk Health, Safety and Environment Strategy Manager CITB Health and Safety Strategy team Industry

Products, services and support Strategy Engage Intelligence

and Insights Industry Engagement CITB External CONIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Committee) CONIAC Working Groups Asbestos Liaison Group Safety Working Group Health Risks Working Group

Working Well Together Steering Group (CDM Industry Guidance Group) Industry Engagement CITB External Construction Health Leadership Group primary aim is to be a catalyst for change (Health Summit proposed early 2016) Construction Industry Council Health and Safety Panel BIM 4 H&S Working Group

IOSH - Construction Group Construction Dust Partnership Industry Engagement CITB External Industry Engagement CITB Internal Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSEC) - to seek input to CITBs strategic response to HSEs CONIAC agenda, to inform and gain support and input from members of

CITBs HS&E strategic and operational intent HSEC - HS&E Test Question Sub-committee - to set, review and monitor the question bank for the HS&E test, that supports card schemes such as CPCS and CSCS HSEC Product Review Working Group Internal HS&E Strategy Meeting with product developers Training Committee - to set CITBs response to the industrys training needs (some H&S input)

CITB Health, Safety and Environment Strategy Essence of the strategy: CITB will support the construction industry to deliver a workforce that has the right skills, knowledge, training and experience to prevent injury and ill-health, and minimise its impact on the environment. CITB Health, Safety and Environment Strategy Through:

Maintaining effective relationships with industry and regulatory and bodies to enable the identification of HS&E skills, knowledge and training needs. Promoting and supporting appropriate industry HS&E working groups, innovation, good practice and advice. Developing and delivering a HS&E product portfolio that both meets the skills, knowledge and training needs of industry and responds to regulatory requirements and industry priorities. Refreshing the way in which HS&E content is developed and

delivered to take into account the concept of life long learning and the preferred consumption styles in the digital era CITB Health, Safety and Environment Strategy By: encouraging strong leadership to promote and drive a positive health and safety culture. reinforcing the need and benefits of worker involvement and consultation in health, safety and environmental risks throughout

construction workplaces. helping the industry develop a capable and competent workforce that has the right blend of skills, knowledge, training (attitude and experience). developing, adapting and customising HS&E approaches to help SMEs and small sites in different sectors (including refurbishment, repair and maintenance). helping all who work in the industry recognise and prioritise real health and safety risks and to be able to manage and control them.

Cont CITB Health, Safety and Environment Strategy By: having a continual increased emphasis on promoting the prevention of occupational diseases (such as silicosis and occupational cancers), managing health risks, as well as general health and well being. Maintaining the focus on approaches that reduce the environmental

impact of the construction process. Increasing the focus on approaches that reduce emissions and natural resource usage in the built environment (mitigation), and lead to more a resilient built environment through adaption strategies for future climate change and extreme weather events (adaptation). Embedding the Energy Efficiency Curriculum into existing products and services. CITB Health and safety support

What we have done? What we are doing? What is on the horizon? CDM 2105 (over 340,000 visits) CDM 2015 Industry Guidance Supports HSE legal series guidance - L153 Managing

health and safety in construction - CDM 2015 Developed by CONIAC Written for SME audience All follow a similar format (120,000 downloads) CDM 2015 Infographics CDM Working Well Together presentations and

explainer video Protecting the Worker with CDM Regs 2015 FREE CITB CDM Wizard app Android 29,000 downloads iOS / apple Developing browser version for lap

tops and windows phones by end of the year Working on updates including facility to add jobs less than 1 day, improved asbestos content, new fire and hot-works and some basic environmental guidance Also looking at a similar app for designers.

CDM Wizard testimonials It makes a tough looking task straightforward and achievable in the right hands. Professor Iain Cameron BSc MSc PhD FCMI FCIOB CFIOSH FHEA FRSA It is excellent. This App is ideal.

Well done on a simple but invaluable innovation. I love it. Should win an award. Dr Billy Hare PhD, BSc (Hon), BA, MCIOB, Reader in Construction Management, Glasgow Caledonian University CDM Wizard Input drop down menu selection

CDM Wizard - Contains risk and control advice Construction Dust Partnership Fragile Roofs Fragile lives Training

Courses Site Safety Plus SEATS Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme SEATS Plus online programme Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course Temporary Works Supervisor Course (Developing Temporary Works Awareness Course) SITE SAFETY PLUS REVIEW NCC

CDM - General Awareness CDM for Clients CDM for Principal Designers and Designers CDM for Principal Contractors and Contractors Occupational Health Stay Well At Work 6 modules Training - Safe Use of Petrol Driven Cut-Off Saws Collaboration between Stihl, Skanska and CITB

Half day course Free to view accompanying video available on YouTube Updated the course to include all content for Abrasive Wheels certification. We have produced an FAQ (47KB, PDF) which should answer all your questions around the updates, Training - Interactive learner support CSA 360

What is it? A suite of FREE interactive 360 hazard perception and best practice scenarios. The environments have been filmed on a live site to help immerse learners into a construction environment, enabling them to identify hazards or points of interest

Demo Site for Managers Site for Supervisors Working at height Occupational health and welfare

Groundworks Sensory Kinesthetic Interactive Simulations (SKINS) Zero Carbon Hub Builders Book (free pdf) CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test HS&E TEST QUESTION SUB COMMITTEE MEETING JULY 2015

Operative Test - pass marks remained stable at 75-81% The Management and Professional (MAP) test 75% Voiceovers had shown; 45% no voiceover, 45% English voiceovers, 10% foreign language voiceovers (mainly Bulgarian, Polish and Romanian). English voiceovers were higher for operatives than for the MAP test. Cost of the HS&E test increased from 17.50 to 19.50 from 1st September 2015.

On the horizon HS&E Test Behavioural case studies looking at renewing for 2017/18 (visualisation) Site Safety Plus review phase 2 CONIAC Safety Group Guidance on constructing Tall Buildings Fragile roof week CITB RAMS Manager CD-rom developing a new product

Health toolkit developing for customer facing staff and industry use Mental health Mates in Construction / Mental Health First Aid - TUC Good practice in workplace mental health Health, Hygiene and Well being Well-being, Occupational Health and Hygiene relationship (BOHS) Worker health risks (Physical, chemical, biological) Non-preventative

Assess, minimise and monitor Work place health risks (Physical, chemical, biological) Assess, prevent and control Fit for work

Medicine Life style Thank you [email protected] [email protected]

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