CIPD Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management Developing

CIPD Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management Developing

CIPD Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management Developing Professional Practice 5DVP 02/12/2020 5DVP Objectives Be able to perform efficiently and effectively Building and sustaining positive relationships Interpersonal effectiveness Managing key relationships

Coping with difficult people related situations Techniques for influence, persuasion and negotiation 02/12/2020 5DVP Assignments and access Example assignments

02/12/2020 5DVP Activity 3 As an HR professional its important that I am able to manage specific projects, Taylor & Woodhams (2016) identify some important steps to follow: Initiation, planning and design, execution, monitoring and controlling, completion. Or Project management is something a professional HR manager would do and there are five basic steps or phases that must be completed: Initiation

Planning and design Execution Monitoring and controlling Completion (Taylor & Woodhams 2016:79) 02/12/2020 5DVP Citation In text: Taylor & Woodhams (2016) (Taylor & Woodhams 2016:79) (Taylor & Woodhams 2016)

In bibliography: Taylor, S. Woodhams, C. (2016) Studying Human Resource Management 2nd edtion CIPD 02/12/2020 5DVP Group dynamics Processes that occur between group members Affected by each members internal thoughts and feelings expressed thoughts and feelings non verbal communications and the

relationship between group members 02/12/2020 5DVP Defining a work group a definable membership group consciousness a sense of shared purpose interdependence interaction; and ability to act in a unitary manner.

02/12/2020 Adair, J (1986) 7 Adjournin g Tuckman (1965) How they would perform Tuckman (1965 / 1977)

Hawthorne experiments Bank wiring room Not to be a rate buster Not to be a chiseller Not to be a squealer Not to be officious Factors which can help cohesiveness to develop What do you think?

Conflict A process which begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something the first party cares about (Buchanan & Huczynski 2004:791) What do you think? Can you think of any examples of when you would have a conflict situation? Have you got any examples of how you have dealt with conflict? 02/12/2020 5DVP


ACCOMMODATING Low Low 02/12/2020 High Co-operativeness DHRM DPP 13

What different strategies might sound like: Accommodating Avoiding 02/12/2020 Competing

Compromising DHRM DPP Collaborating 14 When to use the different strategies Uses of Competing Strategy Uses of Accommodating Strategy

Uses of Compromising Strategy Uses of Avoiding Strategy Uses of Collaborating Strategy 02/12/2020 DHRM DPP 15 Skills and behaviors Assertiveness Othercentredness being able to see from the other persons point of view.

Key Personal Skills presenting facts, arguments, views clearly. using questions effectively. listening actively. perceiving other peoples behavior accurately. 02/12/2020 DHRM DPP 16 Negotiation linked to conflict

Kennedy (1992) defines negotiation as: a process for resolving conflict between two parties whereby both modify their demands to achieve a mutually acceptable compromise Win/win situation 02/12/2020 17 Principled Negotiation Rules Principled negotiation follows four basic rules:

1. Separate the people from the problem 2. Focus on interests, not on positions 3. Generate a number of options before making a final decision 4. make sure the result is based on objective criteria (Jackman 2004) Have a go at the negotiation activity in your groups 02/12/2020 DHRM DPP 18

Alternative models of negotiations Coercive A senior manager uses their position in on organisation to gain a negotiating advantage the other party is given no choice but to agree to the proposed course of action Manipulative negotiation - based on tricking and sometimes charming the other party into agreeing to a course of action that may seem to be a good way forward Im-not-shifting-an inch negotiation Progress cant be made Quick-fix negotiation - In less formal negotiations one party can sometimes agree to a proposal quickly as a

way to avoid dealing with a difficult situation. Preparing to negotiate Research builds confidence as well as knowledge and information. Research questions the other person knowing your opponent the history avoiding trouble the context understanding the bigger picture the environment/culture how do they do things over there? 02/12/2020

DHRM DPP 20 Management Development Management development Good managers Successful performance of managers Success in organisations Success of organisations National economic success

rlin gt on. ac. uk rlin gt on. ac. uk Continuous Professional

Development Five key components of CPD (The CPD process) Purpose and goals (what) Sense of self (how you learn best, what is important to you) Plan (how) Action Reflection Personal development plan Complete your personal development plan Assignment workshop individual

tutorials 02/12/2020 DHRM Useful websites www.directgov.cuk Any questions further guidance? References

Buzan, T. (2004) Mind Maps at Work. Thorsons, London. Cole, G. (2004) Management Theory & Practice. 6th edn., Thomson, London. Jackman, A. (2004) How to Negotiate. Hamlyn, London. Kennedy, G. (1992) The Perfect Negotiation, New York Wings books Taylor, S. Woodhams, C. (2016) Studying Human Resource Management 2nd edition CiPD CMI guide (2007) Effective negotiation. Professional Manager article (2004) Getting people to playing ball. 02/12/2020

DHRM DPP 25 References Adair, J. (1986) Effective teambuilding, Gower. Belbin, M. (2000) Beyond the team, Elsevier ButterworthHeinemann, Oxford. Cole, G.A. (2004) Management Theory and Practice, 6th edn., Thomson, London. Mullins, L. (2005) Management and organisational behaviour, 7th edn., Prentice-Hall, Harlow. Schein, E.H. (1970) Organisational Psychology, 2nd edn., Prentice-Hall. Tuckman, B. (1965) Developmental sequence in small groups,

in Psychological Bulletin, 63, 384-399 Tuckman, B. & Jensen, N. (1977), Stages of Small Group development Revisited, in Group and Organisational Studies, (Vol 2) Woodcock, M. (1979), Team Development Manual, Gower. 02/12/2020 5DVP References Armstrong, M. (2000) Performance Management. Kogan Page. Beardwell, J. Claydon T. (2010) A Contemporary Approach. 6th edition Prentice Hall

Cole, G. (2004) Management Theory & Practice. 6th edn., Thomson, London. Kepner, C.H., Tregoe, B.B. (1981) The New Rational Manager London: John Martin Maylor, H. 2010 Project Management Pearson Education 02/12/2020 5DVP

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