STUDYING BUSINESS Juliette Stephenson - Senior Lecturer in

STUDYING BUSINESS Juliette Stephenson - Senior Lecturer in

STUDYING BUSINESS Juliette Stephenson - Senior Lecturer in Economics Jane Knox - Admissions Officer BUSINESS DEGREE PROGRAMMES Accounting: such as Accounting and Finance, Business & Accounting, or Sponsored degrees such as the KPMG School Leavers Programme Economics: such as Economics, Economics and Finance, Economics and Econometrics, Business Economics, Economics and Politics, Economics and International Relations

Management: such as Business, Business and Management, Management with Marketing/Tourism/ Language/IT/Human Resources, Marketing Whats the Difference? Accounting: BA Accounting and Finance ideal for wanabee accountants structured degree to meet ACCA or similar Professional Body accreditation BA Business & Accounting a specialist understand of accounting with a little more flexibility and general introduction to a broad range of business subjects Sponsored degrees - follow a degree programme with built in work experience fees paid by sponsor but usually require a return of service period of 4-6 years including the degree

Whats the Difference? Economics: BA Economics, BA Economics and Finance, BA Economics and Econometrics offers wide-ranging economics grounding with opportunity to apply to financial techniques or statistical concepts - requires good quantitative skills BA Business Economics very flexible programme that provides theoretical and practical understanding of economics decisions faced by business - less Maths and includes Management and Accounting modules Whats the Difference? Economics: Types of combined honours degree:

Economics and Politics Economics and International Development Applicants to Economics programmes usually need to have Maths GCSE grade A or offer at AS/A level, many Universities will require A level Mathematics Whats the difference? Management: BA Business and Management ideal preparation for general management role in industry, commerce or the public sector

BA Management with Marketing/Tourism/Language/IT/Human Resources offers opportunity to study a specialist area whilst still providing the general management background in management theory and operations such as accounting Marketing an emphasis on vocationally relevant Marketing skills Whats the difference? Management: Types of specialist programme Sustainability: such as the new BSc Business programme to be launched in 2015 on the Penryn campus

BSc I T for Management and Business: offered jointly with the Department of Computing is an initiative by the e-skills council of the UK aimed at providing training for IT managers working in Business BSc BUSINESS PENRYN CAMPUS Launching 2015 A distinctive programme embracing the spirit of Cornwall Core business with. A spine of sustainability, social responsibility and innovation Interdisciplinary in nature

Progressive employability /application of theory to practice: Volunteering, industrial placement, management consultancy Career route examples: E-commerce, Marketing, Environmental consultancy, Social enterprise, Procurement/Logistics, Public Sector management Extras: Summer internships, overseas summer schools, competitions Volunteering, Students Unions, clubs and sport

Industrial Placement for a year either Sandwich year (compulsory) or optional Study abroad, elsewhere in the EU or beyond APPLICATION AND OFFER We make offers based on three A-Levels, or equivalent qualifications. There are no specific subject requirements although do check other Universities particularly for Maths A level, and we will not accept General Studies as one of the 3 Required A levels: Economics A*AA to AAB

IB: 38-34 Management AAA to AAB IB: 36-34 Accounting AAA to AAB

IB: 36-34 GCSE Grade B in English language and Maths (Maths grade A for Economics) FURTHER INFORMATION AND LINKS For further information: The Russell Groups guide to A Levels and university application http:// Exeters Admissions Policy http://

The Business Schools degree programmes http:// Key Information Sets KPMG -

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