Safety Plan ALL SOULS UU CONGREGATION All Souls UU Congregation SAFETY OVERVIEW All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a liberal religious congregation that nurtures lifelong spiritual development. We covenant to create a welcoming, caring, justiceseeking community within and beyond these walls. These guidelines outline the measures

to be taken to reduce risks and to provide a secure environment for church leadership, congregants and visitors. In November of 2013, the All Souls Board of Trustees charged a Safety Task Force to identify: responsible personnel, who needs to be trained, who should respond in which situations, equipment needed

next steps This will be the first phase of the development of a Safety Committee to oversee and maintain a comprehensive safety plan for All Souls. Our Safety Plan focuses on our response to medical emergencies, fire events, and the dangers associated with disruptive persons during times of congregational gatherings such as Sunday Services, memorial services, Friday night folk, weddings, or other

events where large numbers of people are present. An Observer is a Soul who has volunteered to watch for signs of problems and is trained to communicate with others to handle situations as peacefully as possible. An observer will have a communication device

with a headset and microphone and will have a red dot on his or her name tag. This is what will be different. An Observer will be in the parking lot, at the entry door, and in Unity Hall. One of the Observers acts as Team Leader and is the decision maker

for any incident. During the service, one observer will remain in the foyer and two will move to Unity Hall. All Observers will be equipped with Communication devices. We have focused on three types of emergencies: Medical Fire Disruptive person(s)

If life threatening, dial 911 Medical Emergencies Identify location: All Souls Church, 19 Jay Street, office/room/area. Describe the type(s) of injuries Identify what kind of help is help needed. An Observer will notify the Minister or

Worship Leader by raising a card with a Red Cross on it and one with EMT on it if in-house medical personnel are needed. Family in attendance will be notified immediately. An Observer will remain in the parking lot to direct emergency personnel. Fire In the event of fire emergency during Sunday services or gatherings with large attendance, Observers will be on

duty and will initiate the evacuation to the safest location. Should a fire occur during times when a small group, office personnel, or individuals might occupy the building, the procedures followed should be based on their understanding and familiarity with the exits and others who might be occupying the building. Disruptive person(s) While it is not likely that All Souls will

be the target of a person or persons seeking to harm, it is essential that we be prepared for such an intrusion. The greatest likelihood of an intruder is during Sunday services and activities with large attendance. By using only the main entrance for admission to the building, an observer in the parking lot and one at the main door, it is possible to identify most potential intruders before they enter our building.

What is a disruptive act? Any action that can be perceived as: Dangerous: is the individual the source of a threat or perceived threat to persons or property? Disruptive: what is the level of interference with church activities? Offensive: is the behavior likely to drive existing members and visitors away

Possible actions: Evacuation Lock Down Shelter in place How long would it take to evacuate? When the Minister or Lead Observer directs an evacuation, everyone leaves the

building. The Observers will direct traffic from the building and to designated congregating areas. Children and families will evacuate separately and will be united in the congregating areas when it is safe to do so. Everyone should remain where congregated until released by the Minister or Lead Observer What is a lock down?

A Lock Down involves locking all outside doors and windows. Everyone remains in their area with doors locked. Windows and doors are covered and lights off. Cell phones should be turned off and everyone should remain quiet. Anyone in the hallways when the lock down is called should go to the nearest room with an internal lock. Shelter in place

The Minister or the Lead Observer will announce a Shelter in Place when there is something potentially dangerous happening in the parking lot or in the neighborhood. All outside doors and windows are locked and should be avoided. Movement within the building can continue as normal When its all over

Post incident needs are: accurate reporting, pastoral care and support, debriefing with all who have been involved in an incident and The UUA Trauma Response Team will be asked to provide support. It is the responsibility of the Lead Observer to be sure that these needs are met.

All photos for this presentation were taken by Sean Elliot and Jan Larson and were downloaded from the All Souls website or Facebook page. Safety Task Force members: Pat Abraham Maris Cornell, Chair Judith Crotty Lynette Gardner Sid Gardner

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